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Here at The Firepit, Dan, Josh, and Tom pick a destination movie, then pick six movies to GET to that destination; then do it all over again, until the Heat Death of the Universe! What movie will they watch? What movies will they USE to get there? Join us every Tuesday at to find out. Until then, we‘ll keep the Firepit burning for ya!

Here at The Firepit, Dan, Josh, and Tom pick a destination movie, then pick six movies to GET to that destination; then do it all over again, until the Heat Death of the Universe! What movie will they watch? What movies will they USE to get there? Join us every Tuesday at to find out. Until then, we‘ll keep the Firepit burning for ya!


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Here at The Firepit, Dan, Josh, and Tom pick a destination movie, then pick six movies to GET to that destination; then do it all over again, until the Heat Death of the Universe! What movie will they watch? What movies will they USE to get there? Join us every Tuesday at to find out. Until then, we‘ll keep the Firepit burning for ya!




Firepit - E91 - [M3N2A pt.6] - Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)

Connection from Previous Film: Ernie Hudson! It's the final stomp of the MARSHMALLOW-MAN MARCH TO THE AFTERLIFE, and The Team is taking this review ON-SITE, ON THE ROAD, and into the AFTERLIFE -- Ghostbusters: Afterlife, that is! When there's a strange Finn Wolfhard and McKenna Grace in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Paul Rudd, of course! Barring that, there's also The Ghostbusters! Some things, you have to see to believe; and to believe, you just have to be there to see! Josh gives...


Firepit - E90 - [M3N2A pt.5] - The Crow (1994)

Connection from Previous Film: Jon Polito! The Team is digging themselves from their graves and taking to the rooftops with Brandon Lee on their MARSHMALLOW-MAN MARCH TO THE AFTERLIFE, as they get some revenge and shred some wicked guitar solos along the way to Ghostbusters: Afterlife! Tom chokes up; Josh catches on; Dan just got here! Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E89 - [M3N2A pt.4] - The Rocketeer (1991)

Connection from Previous Film: Timothy Dalton! After a brief Thanksgiving break, The Team is LITERALLY burning off those calories as they rocket back into the MARSHMALLOW-MAN MARCH INTO THE AFTERLIFE -- getting in some cardio with Jennifer Connelly and practicing those high-impact exercises with Billy Campbell as they get back into shape for Ghostbusters: Afterlife! Dan looks to the skies; Tom splashes around a bit; Josh boosts some rockets! Website: Twitter:...


Firepit - E88 - [M3N2A pt.3] - Licence to Kill (1989)

Connection from Previous Film: Robert Davi! The team renews their license to RAMPAGE on the third leg of the MARSHMALLOW-MAN MARCH INTO THE AFTERLIFE -- shaking up the status quo with Timothy Dalton, and stirring up some trouble with Benicio Del Toro; all to get their revenge on Ghostbusters: Afterlife! Tom confirms the requirements; Josh pads his resume; Dan checks his references! Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E87 - [M3N2A pt.2] - Maniac Cop 3 (1992)

Connection from Previous Film: Grand L. Bush! The team has the right to remain silent...DEAD silent (how was this not the tagline for the movie!?) as they walk the thin DEAD line (ooo! -- another good one!) on their MARSHMALLOW-MAN MARCH INTO THE AFTERLIFE and towards Ghostbusters: Afterlife! Dan lets out his inner demon; Tom makes the delivery; Josh wonders how it all started. Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E86 - [M3N2A pt.1] - Demolition Man (1993)

Connection from Previous Film: Sylvester Stallone! Moderate your calm -- it's the MARSHMALLOW-MAN MARCH INTO THE AFTERLIFE! The Team is getting frosty as they make a quick 21st-Century Taco Bell run on their way to the final movie of the season: Ghostbusters: Afterlife! Josh pushes Dan's buttons; Dan brings everyone up to speed; Tom grabs lunch! Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Facebook:...


Firepit - E85 - Selection Section 12

Things are getting chilly outside, but The Firepit is heating things up with Selection Section 12 -- the sixth and last Selection Section of their second season! Just because they've gone the distance doesn't mean they've given up the ghost! Tom takes you to Hell; Josh brings home the bacon; Dan looks for a place to trade! Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E84 - [M2PT pt.6] - Rocky (1976)

Connection from Previous Film: Joe Spinell! Guest Hosts: Danielle and Matt! It's the Main Event for The Team's MARATHON TO POUND TOWN -- the Philadelphia heavyweight and patron saint of underdogs: Rocky! Neither mafioso, bank robbers, small towns, aliens, nor taxi drivers could stop them from stepping into the ring; but will Technical Difficulties keep them down for the count? Luckily they have two friends in their corner to keep them on their feet! Josh gets heavy; Dan spits it out; Tom...


Firepit - E83 - [M2PT pt.5] - Taxi Driver (1976)

Connection from Previous Film: Cybill Shepherd! What's the fastest way to win a marathon? That's right -- you hail a taxi! And the team is taking a ride in the checkered cab with Cybill S and Bobby-D, and making up for lost time on their MARATHON TO POUND-TOWN, as they race to the finish line -- Rocky! Tom takes up the oldest profession; Josh hits the bar; Dan helps bring in some bacon! Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord:...


Firepit - E82 - [PIT STOP!] - Journey 10: The Vacation 2 Termination Saga!

It was bound to happen: After almost two full seasons without missing a week, The Firepit has run over a figurative nail and blown a proverbial tire -- aka Technical Difficulties! Thankfully, we have an actual spare in the trunk: The full VACATION 2 TERMINATION SAGA -- a compilation of all of the skits from The Vacation 2 Termination journey, complete with additional pre-skit commentary! We should be back to our regularly scheduled Firepit by next week. Until then, top off the tank, get...


Firepit - E81 - [M2PT pt.4] - The Last Picture Show (1971)

Connection from Previous Film: Jeff Bridges! Whoever said "These are the best years of your life" never had to run a MARATHON TO POUND-TOWN through a horror-movie Texas town in the 1950s -- but hey, we all gotta do what we gotta do if we wanna get to Rocky! Dan is here for the free stuff; Tom gets some "stuff" from the closet; Josh finally earns his Letterman jacket! Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E80 - [M2PT pt.3] - Starman (1984)

Connection from Previous Film: Charles Martin Smith! "Aim for the Moon -- even if you miss, you can become a!" That's the Team's mantra as they reach towards the heavens with Charles Martin Smith on their MARATHON TO POUND-TOWN and the ultimate destination -- Rocky! Josh leaps to conclusions; Dan gets in touch with his feelings; Tom takes inventory. Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E79 - [M2PT pt.2] - The Untouchables (1987)

Connection from Previous Film: Robert De Niro! The Team quenches their thirst with Robert De Niro and Sean Connery before they get back to their MARATHON TO POUND-TOWN -- making sure to stay hydrated so they can be in top shape when they finally go against Rocky! Tom brings in a pro; Josh sticks around; Dan has to deal with a familiar pain-in-the-ass. Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E78 - [M2PT pt.1] - Heat (1995)

Connection from Previous Film: Xander Berkeley! Time to dust off that gym membership, because The Team starts training for the MARATHON TO POUND-TOWN -- feeling the heat with Al Pacino and Ashley Judd as they work their core for the big score against Rocky! Dan gets sweet; Tom pays for someone else's mistake; Josh mixes it up! Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E77 - Selection Section 11

It's the season for picking apples AND journeys at The Firepit, and The Team is ready to take on Selection Section 11! To be the best, they gotta BEAT the best; but first, they gotta MEET the best! Dan blows his top; Tom goes with a classic; Josh gets original! Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube: Facebook:


Firepit - E76 - [V2T pt.6] - Terminator II: Judgement Day (1991)

Connection from Previous Film: Janette Goldstein! It's beach blankets, bongos, and BOMBS at the end of the VACATION 2 TERMINATION, as the team take the "Sun's out; guns out!" mantra LITERALLY with Janette Goldstein and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the final film of the journey -- Terminator 2: Judgement Day! Josh keeps count; Dan sneaks out; Tom enjoys the scenery! Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:


Firepit - E75 - [V2T pt.5] - Aliens (1986)

Connection from Previous Film: Michael Biehn! It's the last stop before Terminator 2: Judgement Day, but the games have only just started for the VACATION 2 TERMINATION as the team sprays for bugs and nukes some hotdogs from orbit with Michael Biehn -- just to be sure! Tom tries out a catch phrase; Josh bursts at the seams; Dan has the worst day! Website: Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E74 - [V2T pt.4] - The Art of War (2000)

Connection from Previous Film: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa! Sun Tzu once wrote, "Always wear your sunscreen!" And the team is taking that to heart as they get a base-tan going for their VACATION 2 TERMINATION -- evading Triad hit-men and the IRS with Wesley Snipes as they parkour towards Terminator 2: Judgement Day! Dan notices something familiar; Tom leads the way; Josh finds his mantra! Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...


Firepit - E73 - [V2T pt.3] - Mortal Kombat (1995)

Connection from Previous Film: Christopher Lambert! There doesn't have to be just one when when the fun in the Sun has begun with Chris Lambert, and the team is going out-of-this-world in the Outworld towards Terminator 2: Judgement Day, as they VACATION 2 TERMINATION! Josh sticks to the point; Dan does some gardening; Tom literally takes acid to the face! Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube: Facebook:...


Firepit - E72 - [V2T pt.2] - Highlander (1986)

Connection from Previous Film: Clancy Brown! Special Guest: Peggy! Getting all the way to Terminator 2: Judgement Day calls for a margarita; but you can't make a good margarita without limes, so the team is sharpening their wits and their blades with Clancy Brown as they continue the VACATION 2 TERMINATION! Tom brings the drinks; Josh brings the stick; Dan brings a guest! Twitter: @FirepitCCE Discord: Youtube:...