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Melding The Past Present and Future of Geekiness

Melding The Past Present and Future of Geekiness


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Melding The Past Present and Future of Geekiness






The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue 56 - The Re-Opening

Jade is joined by Choco and Tony the Photographer talking about how the Covid lifestyle is ending and everything is reopening. Join us for the fun!


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue 55 - Why Is It Spicy?

The Feinics Gate is BACK! Jade is now a one woman show again so she invited two guests to join her talking about spicy things like sex toys, stripping, Only fans and more! Join her as she is joined by Nasty Nandy and Cinnamon! BUT WHY IS IT SPICY?!


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue 54 - The Dos and Donts of Cosplay

Lithys last episode with the Gate. We wish her well on her future endeavors. New content coming soon


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #53 - Originals Vs Sequels Movie Edition

Jade and Lithy are joined by DigiNan and Shaggy and the 4 of them talk about a few original movies vs their sequels. Its a fun filled episode and there will definitely be a sequel!!


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #52 - Digital Vs Hardcopy

Jade and Lithy are talking Digital Vs Hardcopy this episode. they are joined by DigiNan aka Nasty Nandy and we introduce our newest segment: Lithy's Scrolls, where we give you glorious Travelers some book options to read and talk about with us at the end of the month. Enjoy this hot and fresh Issue of the Feinics Gate!


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #51 - The Video Games that Made Us

Jade and Lithy are back and we apologize NOW for the technical difficulties. Chocobobutt cosplay returns with special guests ScottysOnFire and Nasty Nandy and we are talking all about the games we love, hate, and what made us gamers. Join us and give our Twitch a follow @thefeinicsgate, as well as Scottys @scottysonfireee and Chocobos @chocobobutt


The Feinics GatePodcast - Issue #50 - Shark Week 2020

Jade and Lithy are talking bout SHARKS! with special guests ChocoboButt Cosplay, Mr. Oh So Smooth and Mista Malave of the 2nd Rounds On Us Podcast, we are chatting ocean conservation and Shark facts. Please donate to to help out OCEARCH which is a small fundraiser created by ChocoboButt to help ocean conservation and shark conservation.


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #49 - Its Corona Time

After a forced 5 month hiatus Jade and Lithy are back with some very special guests! They are joined by Mr. Tommy James AKA Mr. Oh So Smooth and Mista Malave of the 2nd Rounds on Us Podcast and RedFury Cosplay! The Gates have reopened practicing social distancing and safety for all involved so join us once again for the insanity


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #48 - Pandemic At The Disco

Hey travelers! we havent been able to get into the Nest to produce another live Episode so heres the last one we did before the mandated Quarantine of NYC began. Yes its about the CoronaVirus and yes this was BEFORE it started to hit such epic levels of destruction. So please if your easily triggered....go watch Netflix instead. We Love You All Stay Safe and SOCIAL DISTANCING SAVES LIFES. #washyourhands


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #47 - 2020 Flare!

After a super long hiatus, THE GATE HAS REOPENED! we made some big changes and were hoping you'll join us for all the new shenanigans!! Welcome our new voice Lithy!


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #45 - DeCONpression

Jade and josh are doing their annual post NYCC wrap up episode! we are tired but happy.


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #44 - The Final Con Crunch NYCC 2019

ITS THE LAST SLEEP BEFORE NYCC 2019!!! Jade and Josh are headed to Nerd Christmas and their Cosplay SuperBowl! Join the twins as they chitchat bout everything NYCC, Epic Beer Snobbery, and all sorts of other shenanigans


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #43 - Summer 2019 Was No Bummer

After a small summer break, the Feinics Twins are back recapping their summer shenanigans.


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #42 - Jade Vs Lex On Decks of the 2nd Rounds

Jade and Josh are back and are joining the gentlemen of the 2nd Rounds On Us: NYC Edition Podcast, and since our Jade is the First Lady of the 2nd Rounds, shes been asked back to participate in a very special Who You Got Challenge where she takes on the current champion: Lex On Decks! this special crossover episode is her Who You Got Champion Bracket where we find out who she will be taking to LI Tropic Con where she will battle the champ himself for the belt! Can she get a strong champion?...


The Feinics Gate Issue #41 - Feinics Fireworks

Its all about some Feinics Fire and fireworks on this episode of The Feinics Gate Podcast We have 2 special travelers with us as well as guests who weigh in on the rant of the Josh Feinics about FanFest: Heroes and Villians, some Epic Beer Snobbery and of course your favorite Twins. Join us travelers!


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #40 Hero or Villian? The Eternal Question

Jade and Josh are back after attending Eternal Con 2019, meeting so many wonderful people and learning about some important charities. Join the Twins as they review this years convention, talk about whats coming up for the gate,and of course some Epic Beer Snobbery Please give some love to these very special and important charities: Pets4Luv Killer Pillows &...


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #39 Eternally Blessed Litha

The Twins are back and they are talking about pokemon gofest, eternal con, and serving some knowledge on Litha the upcoming Midsummer sabbat aka The Summer Equinox. Find us at Eternal Con in long island this weekend! come say hello and get some swag


The Feinics Gate Podcast - Issue #38 We're Halfway There

Jade and Josh have another fun filled episode to grace your earholes! Join our twins!


The Feinics Gate Issue #37 - The Enemy Within Part 4 - Borderline Personality Disorder

Jade and Josh conclude Mental Health Awareness Month with part 4 in their series The Enemy Within. This week they talk about Borderline Personality Disorder which their own Jade Feinics suffers from. As we have every episode this month, if you need help or are in crisis reach out to either us on all of our social media or call the Suicide Prevention Hotline (800)273 - TALK(8255) reach us at or on or our social media...