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Wasted Talent vs Hoisted Talent ep. 8

With my new book “Not Afraid To Be First” coming in May 2018 I thought I would get a copy of my high school transcript to show people that I really did graduate at the bottom of my class. Now I am living at the top of my potential! Listen to this Podcast and gain just a little perspective on the difference between wasted talent and hoisted talent. Share this with young adults and adults alike. Be sure to grab your free copy of Chapter 1 of my new book right now. Go HERE! Follow me on...


Exposing Yourself Is Vital To Becoming Wealthy

On this episode, we talk about how important it is to expose yourself to different environments, people, and situations in life. If you aspire to be a wealthy person then you have to expose yourself to wealthy things. Wealthy things aren’t possessions in this context either. Wealthy things are the things that bring value to you as a person and to those around you. This is one of my favorite episodes. This episode is sponsored by Set Tv start you Set Tv trial today!...


Dreams Have No Age Limit - Dorothy Steel

This episode is sponsored by Set Tv start you Set Tv trial today! Dorothy started pursuing her acting career at the age of 88 years young. At 91 she landed a major role in the Marvel hit film Black Panther! There is a huge life lesson in Dorothy Steel’s story. You’re never too old to dream It’s never too late to dream a dream Keep your creativity and imagination young and fresh. Follow me on the...


The Champion Mindset with Deontay Wilder

Today we dive into the Champion Mindset and how this mindset is developed with future boxing legend Deontay Wilder. We will take an in-depth look into the mind of this champion who has overcome physical pain to be constantly victorious. Just a few days before this podcast recording Deontay was in the fight of his life of which he credited his mindset as the key component in his victorious fight. In this episode you will learn: Follow me on the socials


Execution Is Worshipped. You’re Studying Too Much!

Did you get your First Generation Millionaire T-Shirt yet?!?!? Grab one right now for 30% off! Order A Tee! In this episode, we discuss how most people are overstudying and under executing in life and in business. A lot of people are using school and studying as their safe haven to avoid the experiencing the ups and downs of the real world, but we’re here to tell you that the best way to learn in life is to simply do it! Be sure to Subscribe, Rate and Review the podcast before you...