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Gaming Podcast hosted by Fines Dabbs, Justin Reed, & friends.

Gaming Podcast hosted by Fines Dabbs, Justin Reed, & friends.
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Gaming Podcast hosted by Fines Dabbs, Justin Reed, & friends.






Episode 32 (Xbox One S.A.D. & PS5 Details

Busy week in the world of gaming. Along with a bunch of smaller stories the big ones are us going inside the Xbox One S All Digital or (S.A.D.) and with the price it is pretty sad. And we also talk about the specs behind the PS5. All that and more on this edition of the Game N' Watch Podcast. Here's how to connect with us: The Game N' Watch Podcast: rss feed:...


Episode 31 (Nintendo, Sony, & Microsoft Investigaged over video game practices, and you can finally change your PSN ID)

In this episode we are joined by our friends Chris Bravo, and Yovan Padilla. We start off this episode with a riddle and then we introduce a new segment called Crunch Time News. As for the main topics this episode we talk about Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft's business practices. We also discuss the Xbox Ultimate Game pass, if video games are too hard, and Sony finally allowing gamers to change their PSN IDs. All that plus what we are playing this week. Here's how to connect with us. The...


Episode 30 (Pax East Announcements & The Sega Genesis Mini)

In this episode we discuss what went on at Pax East. PlayStation Plus has some new games for the month and a new refund policy. We also discuss the world's biggest gaming collection. With April here you know April Fool's jokes are going up all over the internet. We discuss the video IGN put out. A Genesis/Megadrive Mini has been unveiled. We talk about if it is worth the investment. All that plus the games coming out this month on this episode. Here's how to connect with us. The Game N'...


Episode 29.5 (Walmart is trying to get into the streaming service & New Nintendo Switch Systems coming out later this year)

Two episodes in one week. We warned you. In this episode on air personality and gamer Ted Edwards makes his Game N' Watch debut. We discuss the state of Stadia and Walmart potentially getting its own streaming service. We also speculate if the Nintendo rumors about two new Switch models coming out later this year is true or not. The specs of the Microsoft's all new digital system has been leaked. And Xbox has its own Direct of indie games coming to its platform. All that and more in this...


Episode 29 (Apple's Streaming Service, PlayStation Direct)

In this episode we talk Cuphead coming to the Switch, and we got more news on Cyberpunk 2077. Our big stories however is Apple's new streaming service, and we break down the first ever PlayStation Direct. Plus what we've been playing this week. All that and more on today's show! Here's how to connect with us. The Game N' Watch Podcast: rss feed:...


Episode 28 (Google Stadia & Disappointing Games So Far This Year)

We're back! In this episode we discuss Sony's current deal and E3 information you need to know. We also get into the Nintendo Switch Labo VR, Turok The Dinosaur Hunter being ported to the Switch and Xbox making a fourth iteration of their console. We then get into the big news of the episode and that was the big announcement at GDC which is Google's Stadia. And we talk about games that have under performed this year. All that and more on this episode of the Game N' Watch Podcast. Be sure to...


Episode 27 (Pokemon Sword & Shield Announced, EA & Respawn has a new Star Wars game)

Today on the show Ramon Benton and Angela Alvarez make their return to the show to fill in for Fines Dabbs. A big special thanks to them for stepping in and filling the role as co-hosts. In terms of topics the new Pokemon Sword & Shield along with EA & Respawn's new Star Wars game go in as our top stories. In other news Cybrerpunk 2077 is going to be at E3 this year, the PS Vita is ending production in Japan, we talk a bit of the Division 2 open beta, PlayStation only has two games a month...


Episode 26 (Xbox Game Pass On The Nintendo Switch & Google Gearing Up For GDC Next Month)

In this episode we talk about the things Microsoft and Nintendo are doing together. The Xbox Game is reportedly coming to the Switch. Google is ready to announce Project Yeti at the GDC next month. What will this do to Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring from Nintendo. Android is running on the Nintendo Switch. Will there be a new Fallout game in 2019. Some Twitchcon information and a NBA Player has to get off a Twitch stream because his wife said. We have Chad making...


Episode 25 (Shawn Layden Interviews & Crackdown 3)

In this episode the boys discuss what Shawn Layden says in a series of interviews he had. How did he have time for all of them? From the future of gaming, to VR, to crossplay they dissect as much as they can on his comments. The boys also discuss the latest triple-A from Microsoft which is Crackdown 3. Is it going to push Xbox One's off the shelves? Plus flash news and Fines has a game in store for Justin. A one time only game. LOL! Here's how to connect with us. The Game N' Watch...


Special Episode 1 (Nintendo Direct Feb. 2019 Recap)

This is a special episode we did on the latest Nintendo Direct. We plan on doing more special episodes such as these and roundtables in the near future. It was a blast and we went 2 hrs. on this one. Hope you all enjoy. Nintendo had so much info we had to give this one its own special episode. Check out the direct if you haven't yet. Link to the Nintendo Direct: Here's how to connect with us. The Game N' Watch...


Episode 24 (Proposed Tax in Pennsylvania & Nintendo Direct Speculation)

In this episode we talk about proposed tax on M rated and Adult Only violent games in the state of Pennsylvania. This proposed tax would go on to fund school safety in the state. We speculate what will be talked about in the upcoming Nintendo Direct. We talk about GameStop's new refund policy on pre-ordered games. And we talk about the new hottest game that is out which is Apex Legends. And Justin introduces a new game "Identify The Lie". Here's how to connect with us. The Game N' Watch...


Episode 23 (Xbox Live On The Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Online Surpasses 8 Million Users)

In this episode Jet from In Third Person makes his Game N' Watch Podcast debut. We chat with him on topics going on with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony generated over 12.5 billion USD in 2018. On the Xbox front Xbox Live is going to Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. And Nintendo has 8 million subscribers for its online service. Plus a bit of flash news and more of the RDF. Here's how to connect with...


Episode 22 (Metroid Prime 4 Delayed, Interview with Alf, and Kingdom Hearts 3 News)

In this episode Alf Bamford and Stephen Wright make their Game N' Watch debut. For this episode we go into what is going on Metroid Prime 4. We talk numbers with the Nintendo Switch being the best selling console of 2018. We also review the top 20 games of the year and discuss why video game sells are up. We interview Alf who is the composer of our new theme song. And we talk Kingdom Hearts 3 with the game leaking, how it affects the worldwide release, and Gamestop running out of PS4 Pro...


Episode 21 (GameStop Potential Buyout & Mortal Kombat 11 Revealed)

In today's episode we go a bit all over the place. Our hosts play a new game that Fines came up with. You get a quick run down of the flash news and then we talk more Fortnite news. GameStop and a potential buyout. A bit of Cyberpunk 2077 news and Mortal Kombat 11 is revealed. Plus some of the latest and upcoming games we think you should check out. Here's how to connect with us. The Game N' Watch...


Episode 20 (Activision & Bungie Split and Amazon's Potential Streaming Gaming Service)

We are 20 episodes in and hopefully we have way more than 20 episodes to go. LOL! Today we have special guest Cameron Perry making his Game N' Watch debut. We talk about Activision's split from Bungie and their allegations of fraud. CES happened last week and we talk about Sega controllers that were showed their from Retro-bit. We discuss the Nintendo Switch Online Service and the possibility of them adding SNES games to the service..... finally. And we talk about the future of cloud gaming...


Episode 19 (New Console On The Horizon & Smash DLC Characters Potentially Leaked)

Happy New Year folks! Back with a new attitude and we are ready to rock n' roll. We have new music from Technikore. If you want to check him here's a link to his Soundcloud. Today on the show we discuss how Elle isn't real. We will have a new console in 3-4 years. We'll see how it works out for Slighty Mad Studios. P.T. is back and fans are excited. And the remaining four DLC Characters have been reportedly leaked. Plus what we are playing and we...


Episode 18 (Soulja Boy Game Consoles & PS1 Classic Price drop)

Happy New Year folks! Today we talk about Soulja Boy and all of the stuff he's been up in the world gaming. We also talk about how actors are trying to sue Epic Games (makers of Fortnite) for stealing their dances. The PS1 Classic gets a significant price drop and it ain't been out a month yet. We discuss which 4 DLC characters we think will be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Then we talk about some of our Christmas memories discussing video games and what we would like to see going into the...


Episode 17 (What the big 3 need to do to be on top for 2019)

In this episode we go all over the place. We go from discussing free games that are out there besides Fortnite, to great gift ideas you can for that gamer in your life. But the main topics of this episode is our reaction to the Sonic The Hedgehog movie poster, three games we are definitely playing in 2019 and what Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony need to do to dominate 2019. Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to reach out to us. The Game N' Watch...


Episode 16 (Game Awards Recap & What we would add to the PS1 Classic)

In today's episode we recap some of our favorite moments from the Game Awards. This includes us discussing the big winning games and some of our favorite World Premiere moments. We also talk about the PS1 Classic being hacked and if we were to buy one and hack what games we would add to it. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms. The Game N' Watch Podcast: rss feed:...


Episode 15 (The Game Awards)

In this episode Ramon Benton and Angela Alvarez make a return to the podcast. And we talk about The Video Game Awards. We go into some of the more popular categories and give our take on who we think will win each category including game of the year. It's a fun episode and we hope you enjoy it. Here's how you can interact with us. The Game N' Watch Podcast: rss feed: email:...