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Gaming With Scissors - Games Were Terrible in 2017 (EP20)

We return from our Winter vacation to start Season 2 with a bang. This week Mat and Piper discuss losing monetization on YouTube, Mat buying WWE 2k18 and love/hating it, Super Famicom pick-ups, and being interested in Hyper Universe. The guys also go in-depth into the games and gaming moments from 2017 that really made a mark. They also look back at all of the massive fails that were experienced as well. IndieMouse VRChat Video: Hyper Universe:...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Year End "Best" Of 2017

Since Piper, Mat, and Ricky-ticky-tovie are on break for Christmas, lets take a look back on the year? We explore all the wonderful games the guys played, all the experience that they shared, and all of the hilarious antics that they took part in. The normal show will return in January so don't forget about us. Don't forget to keep in contact with us via social media and have a great Winter. To all of our awesome fans and their families have a happy holidays and Merry Christmas (or your...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Net Neutrality is dying and EA is GARBAGE

On this week's episode, we have a very serious discussion about Net Neutrality and the potential repercussions for the gaming industry as well as the NerdLife website. Later we continue the ongoing temper tantrum that is the EA and now Activision's slow and steady death. Don't forget that if you want to contribute to the Net Neutrality fight check out ( Everything that you can do to help will benefit the US as a whole. Follow...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Geeky Gamer Wishlist

On this episode of the podcast the guys come together as brothers in arms to spread the word about EA's rabbit trail of horrible decisions and their dastardly schemes to steal all of your hard hearned money. Mat, Piper, and Ricky also discuss all of the Black Friday deals. Some of them are pretty damn good, some are a waste of your time, and somewhere there were Skylanders buy 1 get 3 FREE for some reason. Follow Us At:


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Blizzcon Breakdown

Mat and Piper are all alone this week on the podcast. This week we talk about Gigantic being reduced to almost nothing. Runic officially dies and takes Hob and Torchlight with it. Destiny 2 is all the rage for some reason. Piper starts playing the closed beta for Dauntless. Our main topic this week is everything Blizzcon. We analyze all of th major announcements. Overwatch's new hero Moira and Blizzardworld map. The announcement of Hanzo in Heroes of the Storm. Finally we discuss World of...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Spooky Scary Game Time

Mat and Piper are joined, again, this week by Ricky from Astro Panda Productions ( The guys make fun of Ricky because he like Fifa games, second summer, spooky skeletons, X-Com, Atlus Reactor, WWE 2K18, Sky Hill, and Mat being unhappy about the world. Our main topic this week fits the season, Halloween Time Games. Some of the games we look at are horror games, some of the games are creepy, and some of the games that are just fall-time ritual games. Don't...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Gamble Boxes and DLC

Mat and PIper are joined this week by Ricky from Astro Panda Productions ( The guys look at Destiny 2, management simulators, Cuphead, Hob, and a crazy typing game that is "radical". Our main topic this week is about loot boxes and dlc. How far is too far with DLC? Are loot boxes gambling? Why do we even care about Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War. Don't forget to rate and follow us on your favorite podcast listneing device. Follow Us At:...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - When Dumpster Fires Git Gud

Mat, Piper and Nick take this week to talk about the sketchy game store closing, Final Fantay, The Last of Us, Rocket League, Dark Souls, God of War, and other weird games we played this week. Also Piper has never played Silent Hill for some reason. Our main topic this week is all about terrible games. Not just any terrible game, but games that were terrible when they came out but the developer got their stuff together and made the game fun later on down the road. Don't forget to rate and...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - GeekFest 2017 LIVE!

Piper, NitroWeasel3k, and GWS veteran Davobanjo bring the NerdLife brand of idiocy to the stage at GeekFest 2017 for their first ever live show! In this episode the guys talk bad about games universally loved by the gaming community. Get your Twitter, Facebook, and E-mail ready to send all the hatemail as we talk Mario 64, Mat's hatred for WoW, and Piper’s continued anger at Police Quest. Joins us as our live audience uncovers Davo's first "experiences" at 16, how Piper's daughter made a...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, PAY-to-WIN!

Mat and Piper are going Nick free this week due to his illness. Instead, they are joined by the one and only Wolfman Muscleford. The guys talk DRM, downloadable content, Oxygen Not Included, 7 Days to Die, Artemis Boring Spaceship Simulator, Rust stories, and Yakuza 0. Our main topic this week is all about how crappy the new Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Is this going to be a Pay-to-Win situation or is the new marketplace acceptable? CTC GeekFest August 18-20 Follow Us At:...


The Gaming With Scissors Podcast - What Even Is A GeekFest

Mat, Nick, and Piper sit down to discuss how awesome Devolver Digital is, Mario coming to board up your windows, committing murder at parties, Gigantic, Depth, and point and click horror games. Our man topic is all about CTC GeekFest. What is CTC GeekFest? Why are we doing it, what are we doing, and why you need to join us for a great time. Special thanks to Wolfman Muscleford for the new AstroPanda Productions bumper and guest hosting this week's show. Check out his album:...


The Gaming With Scissors Podcast - The Muscleford Experience

Join the Gaming With Scissors Podcast as we explore the majesty of a lost gneration. This week we have special guest Wolfman Muscle Ford aka Dj Metroid. Join us as we explore the recent Steam game sale and Wolfman Muscleford's new album. Our man topic this week is all about Nintendo. We love Nintendo can't you tell? We discuss the impact of the SNES Classic console, why Nintendo does Nintendo things, and what they could do to fix their current situation. Special thanks to Wolfman...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - E3 Bonanza

On this week's episode of the Gaming With Scissors Podcast Mat, Nick, and Piper return with even more shenanigans from their boring adult lives. Piper plays a bunch of MMOs with Mat and most of them are terrible. Mat searches for a game that's better than World of Warcraft. Nick finally returns from his vacation a better and more mature old man. This episode of the podcast was recorded during E3 and there is plenty to discuss. The guys pick some of the most popular games shown at the...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Did Friday the 13th Fail or did Kickstarter?

This week Piper and Mat are joined by Cory, writer for Piper didn't play enough games, specifically not Minecraft. Cory played TOO MUCH Minecraft and made a triumphant post-apocalyptic return to his Fallout Shelter. Mat finally experiences vanilla WoW and plays a game based on a non-canon book from the bible. This week’s topic: The rough launch of Friday the 13th and weak Kickstarter accountability. Mat breaks down the issues with Friday the 13th as a “finished product”....


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - What makes a good game?

This week Mat, Nick, and Piper explore all the wonderful games they played this week. Mat talks about Ballistic Overkill. Nick talks about his experiences with The Last of Us (finally). Piper played a bunch of Indie platforming games. Mat and Piper then discuss the beta for the new Nexon game, LawBreakers. For this week's topic the GWS crew sit down and discuss a very personal topic: what makes a good game? We always point out really good games and really bad games that we play. They step...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - E3 Insight and Xbox Ones Are Stupid

This week Mat, Nick, and Piper sit down together to talk about what they are playing this week, memories of terrible consoles, experiences with current terrible consoles, sniper games, and all their expectations for life. Our main topic for this episode is E3 announcements. With many titles for the 3 console manufacturers already anounced, we take a look at what games are we excited about, what games are we hoping to see, and what could we care less about? Special thanks to DJ Metroid for...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Gearbox Makes a Deal With the Devil

This time on the Gaming With Scissors Podcast (episode 5), the guys talk about Warhammer 40k Dawn of War III, Player Unknown BattleGrounds, and gaming companies that make questionable decisions, and Nick returns from his old man hiatus. Our main topic for this time is going to be the recent actions of Gearbox Software and the re-release of BulletStorm. Why would Gearbox Software make the decision to partner up with G2A, a grey-market steam key site with a rather questionable past? Is...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Atlus Hates Gamers

Mat and Piper are joined by the newest writer for, Cory, to discuss games we love, games we hate, and why Piper's dad is the Tetris King of Africa (not a joke). The main topic of discussion this week is the controversy stirred up by developer Atlus in regards to their newest release, Persona 5. Why does Atlus along with other Japanese developers like Capcom, Sega, and Nintendo insist on insulting and crippling their fanbase? Listen to our take on the situation as we explore...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast EP3 - The End of GameStop

Join Mat, Piper, and Nick for this episode of the Gaming with Scissors Pocast. This week we discuss StarCraft Remastered, Diablo 3, and the potential downfall of GameStop. The group shares their thoughts on why GameStop is in their current position, what could have caused their issues, and why some sales associates keep trying to hold Piper's hand. StarCraft 2 Remastered was also announced. The guys weigh in on why Blizzard is doing things right and how they could address other remastered...


Gaming With Scissors Podcast 202

This time on the GwS podcast we talk Overwatch’s new character, Sean and Mat make fun of Breath of the Wild, and Conan Exiles gets a 14 GB update. This week the guys tried out Attack on Titan on PS4, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on Switch, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth on 3DS, and Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4. Hopefully you guys still like us after Sean and Mat rant about how garbage a few classic game franchises are. Make sure to listen to the whole podcast for a chance to win a...