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This Ain't Right Movie Podcast- The Running Man

The newest This Ain't Right Movie Podcast...The Running Man How did a movie set in 1987 get so much right about 2017 Fake News Written by Stephen King under a pseudonym It predicts a future where the Media and Government work hand in hand and fool the viewers and public FAKE NEWS I can't believe Fake News is a real thing One of Schwarzeneggers finest work. I can't believe this movie had two governors in it. With Angelo, Baxter, Tom and Ashish We killed James and Derek but they will be back...


The Geeked Gods Podcast-Bad Puns 3 - Stranger Danger

The Geeked Gods Podcast-Bad Puns 3-Stranger Danger Stranger Things Season 3, Marvel Phase 4 SDCC Announcements, Walking Dead, new Streaming services Trailers dropped, TV announcements, John Wick, Watchmen, Batman Beyond News and much more… like Damian Lindeloff Watchmen said Fuck it, I'm doing it in response to Alan Moore’s objections Like Alan Moore has quit comics again…. Stay tuned for the announcement when he returns X-Men reboot started with House of X Turtles new Member Featuring...


This Ain't Right Movie Podcast-Three Ninjas

This Aint Right Movie Podcast-Three Ninjas How decided to watch this, WTF were we thinking, were we high we might have been. Maybe we wanted to see PG Kung Fu... This got a little dark... Fun Fact one of the Henchmen was on Jag the Grandpa was in Big Trouble in Little China. These kids kick ass and beat rapists allegedly..and save the FBI from embarrassment.... With Baxter, Angelo, Derek, Ashish, and James..... Michaelangelo says Cowabunga and Radical they look just like me.... Sure...


Down In The Rabbit Hole- Videogame Conspiracies

On this episode of Down In the Rabbit Hole we discuss Videogame Conspiracies.... We discuss Fatal Frame and ties to Japanese Horror Lore... Is Luigi Dead, Are Mario and Luigi actors in a play, Polybius, Sadam Hussein buying PS2 and much more. With Ashish, Chase, Angelo, Derek, Baxter and James.... Podcast.....


The Geeked Gods Podcast- Bad Puns Donkey Sauce

The Geeked Gods Podcast-Bad Puns and Donkey Sauce This Episode of the Geeked Gods Podcast brought to you by Donkey Sauce… On this Episode of the Geeked Gods Podcast Recorded June 30th 2019 We Discuss DC Comics Movies-What the F$%^ is DC Comics Doing? Vertigo Cancelled, Swamp Thing Cancelled Give our Impressions of Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing Godzilla King of Monsters-Okay for Free- Waiting for King Kong vs Godzilla Charges of Nepotism with Marvel Comics Legion/Dark Phoenix Rick Grimes is...


This Ain't Right Movie Podcast- Last Action Hero

On this Episode of The This Ain't Right Movie Podcast we watch Last Action Hero So Confession #2 I have never seen this movie as a kid no desire. I know people rip on this movie but It's ahead of its time and fun. Whiskers played by Danny Devito Arnold place movie character Jack Slatter a crazy cop who always gets his man usually with a high body count... Remember no one really dies in the movies.... The kid obsessed with movies and shitty life gets a golden ticket which transports him to...


The Geeked Gods Podcast - Batman Sparkles

The Geeked Gods Podcast-Batman Sparkles This Episode of the Geeked Gods Podcast brought to you by Nut Sauce and Baby Batter… On this Episode of the Geeked Gods Podcast Recorded May 19th 2019 We give our Predictions for the End of Game of Thrones-Everyone Dies Weird Al is an amazing performer X-Men Comic Reboot and Dark Phoenix Batman is Robert Pattinson, who we want for Villains (Danny Devito as Cat Woman) Arnold is the real life Terminator Joker theories End Game Spoilers how Captain...


This Ain't Right Movie Podcast-Godzilla

Not all Monster Movies are created equal... Here is a confession I never watched this film...because I loved the Old School Godzilla... Rumor is the ending Godzilla refused to get into the Car with Matthew Broderick I wonder why. Also, the Mayor was named Ebert an easter egg to Siskel and Ebert who gave the director bad reviews over the years.... RIP the French-Only this movie could make me feel bad for the French. Only good things about this movie Jean Reno and Led Zepplin riff from...


The Geeked Gods Podcast-End Game or how Peter Barker survived the snap

Welcome to the Geeked Gods Podcast We talk a few things Endgame, Peter Barker survives, Bucky and Cap's Happily ever after, Tony Stank, End Game going after Avatars record, James Cameron's Spiderman (Thank god it never got made) Sonic the Hedgehog, thank god there redoing it, Intellivision's new console and new Earthworm Jim, Game of Thrones Dark Battle, The next Marvel villain and how it ties to 13 going on 30 and much more... With Ashish, James, Peter Barker, Angelo and Derek Recorded at...


The Geeked Gods Interview With Sean Lewis(Thumbs)

Hello Everyone It's back the Geeked Gods Interviews. Our First Interview Relaunch-Sean Lewis about his and Hayden Sherman's New Series Thumbs Please order soon-Final Order Cutoff is May 13th go to your LCS and order now or you''ll regret it.... The first issue is in stores June 5th Sean talks about Thumbs, His motivation for the series as well as some updates on Saints, Coyotes and His first time directing the Series Adult Ed and Sean gives some great advice to writers and artists, so check...


This Ain't Right Movie Podcast-Masters Of The Universe

I Have the Power...... What a stranger Movie...Not since The Super Mario Bros movie has a movie differed greatly from the source material. Although not as off as Super Mario Bros.. The Cosmic Key is strange... Fun Fact-The Sorceress played Courtney Cox's Mom on Friends As strange as the movie was can't wait to get the Super 7 figures based on the movie. Skeletor (Frank Langella) is badass too bad no sequel... I can't wait for the new movie.... There better be a cosmic key in the new one.......


The Geeked Gods Podcast-Oh Captain, My Captain

The Geeked Gods Podcast-Oh Captain, My Captain We talk all things Captain Marvel, Shazam, Walking Dead, Disney Fox Layoffs, Google Stadia the future of Videogames? #James Gunn getting his job back, Detective Comics 1000 and more.... With Ashish, James, Angelo, Derek and Baxter... #Podcast, #Shazam, #CaptainMarvel, #Stadia, #DetectiveComics1000, #Supernatural, #Arrow, #Disney #Fox, #DisneyFoxLayoffs, #DisneyFoxMerger, #TheWalkingDead #JamesGunn, #DCComics, #GuardiansoftheGalaxy, #BillyBatson...


This Ain't Right Movie Podcast-Big Trouble In Little China

Can Jack Burton beat a god and save his friends fiance... Does Jack Burton look good with Lipstick? What is the 3 Ninja's grandpa doing in this? How kick ass is John Carpenters Soundtrack? Why did I get the urge to play Mortal Kombat? Is this the Raiden Origin story? Find the Answers to these and other questions by listening to this podcast Disclaimer all questions may not be answered but you might laugh.. With Angelo, Ashish, Derek and James Recorded at the House Carbone.... #Podcast...


The This Aint Right Movie Podcast-No Holds Barred

What you gonna do brother when the Ripster goes wild on you. Does Rip(Hulk Hogan) have what it takes to win the Battle of the Tough Guys beat Zeus and the World Television Network. Can Rip Beat Vince Mc I mean Brell at his own game... Deebo.... I mean Zeus is coming for you is Rip (Hulk Hogan) man enough..


The Geeked Gods - Most Anticipated for 2019

First Geeked Gods Podcast Episode of 2019 Most Anticipated First Ghostbusters Sequel Were excited 10:50-Movies were hyped for It 2 John Wick 3 Alex Summer or Alex Winters or Marc Summers Winters why isn't this a buddy cop comedy. Bellboy the Hellboy reboot US by Jordan Peele Shazam New Mutants Dark Phoenix Detective Pikachu Looks like a big year for Disney 29:01 Most Anticipated TV Bandersnatch-Black Mirror Stranger Things 3 Doom Patrol Watchmen Deadly Class Nos4atu Twilight Zone Reboot Good...


Rank This Podcast Sports Scapegoats

Latest Episode of the Rank This Podcast... Sports Scapegoats Majority of the people on this list don't deserve the hate they got except Cody Parkey Double Dink is his new nickname.... In this episode, we talk Steve Bartman with the Cubs Jeffrey Maier with the Yankees Scott Norwood and how he was the basis for Ray Finkle. as well as some Hockey and Football I mean Soccer scapegoats #ScottNorwood, #DoubleDoink, #Hockey, #Basketball, #Baseball, #Football,#Aceventura, #FinkleisEinhorn,...


Rank This Podcast- The Worst Trades In NY Sports

New Podcast Alert, New Podcast Alert The Rank This Podcast will be focused on sports, ranking various events in sports. In our inaugural episode, we look at the Worst Trades in New York Sports History... So whats #1 The Ewing Trade The Nets giving away the farm to the Celtics The Many Islander Mike Milbury Trades like the one that brought the Islanders the Dipietro era.... The Midnight Massacre The Seaver Trade The Jay Buhner trade or is it something else...... Find out how we rank em and...


The Rank This Podcast-Brooklyn 99 Tribute-Best Cop Comedy Movies

Bing Pot Here is a bonus episode of our new podcast Rank This.... We are excited cause January 10 on NBC our favorite show returns.... Nine Nine, If you haven't checked it out watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu its fantastic. In honor of Brooklyn Nine-Nine we countdown our favorite cop comedy movies.... Go to 39:22 to find our rankings.... did #HotFuzz #LethalWeapon #Badboys #NakedGun #SuperTroopers get #1 find out Let us know in the comments what are you favorite Cop Comedies. On this episode...


The Geeked Gods Podcast - Rap Feuds, Dick Jokes -The Cluster F Podcast

Its the Rap Feuds, Alex Jones, Dick Jokes Podcast or The Cluster F Podcast... On this episode we talk Rap Feuds Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly Drake and Pusha T Beyonce being accused of Black Magic Dick Jokes Deviant Art- Sexy M & M's is a thing? WTF Sexy Aunt May Trump Penis being compared to Toad from Mario Kart Poor Toad and more dick jokes..... With Ashish, Angelo, Derek, James, Chase and special guest James as Alex Jones.... Recorded at Castle Carbone...


The Geeked Gods Podcast-Tech Stuff, Spidernado and 5 cents a bag podcast

Its a new year new us... So here is a bonus episode from November that never got released.... In this episode we discuss -if Technology is making us dumb -How to buy a Television -Last of Us Movie -Red Dead Redemption 2 -Spider-Man game -Which is the best chicken nuggets in fast food? Hint....Pig tails We also pitch Sharknado but with Spiders-----SciFI pay us.... Also the 5Cents plastic bag fee and how it annoys us all.... With Ashish, Chase, Derek, Angelo and James aka Baxter...... Recorded...