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The Gemma Collins Podcast is a no-holds barred look inside the life of The GC, with plenty of candid chat, laughs and insider gossip direct from the diva herself.

The Gemma Collins Podcast is a no-holds barred look inside the life of The GC, with plenty of candid chat, laughs and insider gossip direct from the diva herself.


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The Gemma Collins Podcast is a no-holds barred look inside the life of The GC, with plenty of candid chat, laughs and insider gossip direct from the diva herself.




Summer break

Gemma’s more than ready for her summer break. But first she’s got to sort out the roses in her garden – or her ‘children’ as she now calls them. She’s also got advice for two listeners and for musician Holly Humberstone. It’s the last podcast for a few weeks, but you can still get in touch by emailing


Costa del Essex

It’s been a busy week for Gemma. One minute she’s out with drag queen Tayce, the next she’s turning her garden into a wild meadow. She’s had one eye on the summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the other on the finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. How she’s got time to also advise comedian and YouTuber Amelia Dimoldenberg on hats is anyone’s guess!


Are flamingos pink dinosaurs?

It’s all go this week, as Gemma takes us from the nail salon to her bedroom, via a broken-down car. Along the way, we hear how she’s coping with not being able to visit Mykonos, how her BBQ season is off with a bang and why she’s still on course for a hot girl summer. She’s also got tips and advice from the Natural History Museum’s Professor Paul Barrett on how to become a dinosaur expert.


Big-up to the universe!

One week after admitting she has a soft spot for Fred Sirieix, who does Gemma find herself sitting next to at a TV shoot? No wonder she’s happy with the universe! With Father’s Day approaching, Gemma shares just how much she loves her dad and makes a promise to spoil him rotten. In the Celebrity Dilemma Hotseat this week, Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac has a question about chafing thighs… and Gemma has the perfect solution.


Friend or fake?

This week Gemma is thinking all about her friendships, thanks to National Best Friends Day. She offers a peek into her friendship with her celebrity bestie, Dawn Ward, after a weekend visit to ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’ star’s mansion. Gemma’s also got advice from body language expert Judi James to help listeners spot fake friends. In the listeners’ dilemmas section, she has advice on wedding hairdos and how to deal with a tricky best friend – plus she hears an update from one...


The GC’s Eurovision dreams

Gemma throws down the gauntlet and reveals her 2022 UK Eurovision dance track entry - and calls on Scott Mills to play it on his Radio 1 Chart Show. Our diva also reveals why she’s been having a rough time, as well as her new obsession with elephants. Plus, this week’s dilemmas sees The GC helping a listener suffering with acne and another who feels like Lockdown has robbed her of kicking off her 18th year in style. Finally, BRIT winner Mabel turns to Gemma for some dating advice.


A special message from Gemma

The GC has some news about this week’s podcast and Love Lounge.


The GC’s BRITs backstage secrets

Gemma’s got the BRIT Awards gossip: from partying in the box to the story behind her bling outfit and the megastar she took inspiration from. She also has a sock drama and spends the day on her own in town. Gemma offers advice to a listener who’s an aspiring singer and offers her self-care tips to a wellbeing group. Meanwhile, rising star Jade Bird turns to The GC for some emergency friend advice.


Joe Wicks gives The GC a boost

Gemma reveals how The Body Coach Joe Wicks has made her week. She also shares her day out at the farm, reveals her self-care tips, and is excited about being invited to this year’s BRIT Awards. Gemma gives her beans on toast tips to a listener who is struggling to make her big dreams become a reality, and advises another who is addicted to fizzy drinks. Finally, Mollie King asks Gemma for some urgent boyfriend advice.


Unleash the sequins!

Gemma dresses up for a day in town to cheer herself up and reveals a garlic bread/paparazzi dilemma. She also shares some sad news with her ‘podcast family’ and how her spirits are raised by news from a listener, along with offering top tips to another looking to start their own podcast. Meanwhile, Jordan North turns to Gemma with his celebrity ‘happy place’ dilemma. --- If you’ve been affected by bereavement - help and support is available. Details of organisations offering information and...


At home with The GC: a virtual tour

This week, Gemma shares her post-lockdown adventures and reveals much more than she intended during a virtual tour of her Alice in Wonderland style-garden. Our podcast queen also challenges Chelsea Flower Show organisers to allow her to do a fabulous GC display and chats to a ‘tree whisperer’ to discover how she can talk to her own trees. Plus, Gemma gives her no-nonsense advice to a listener who’s having best-friend troubles, and helps another who’s a wannabe actress but is scared of making...


“The name’s Bond, Gemma Bond”

This week, Gemma is thinking about the world of ‘fabulous secrets’ and decides she wants to become the first female Bond super-spy, including having her own 007 gadget for dealing with boring boyfriends. The GC also reveals some surprise secrets about her own real-life - including her special code language, her secret names, and a very unusual skill involving a tea towel. Plus, Gemma answers listener dilemmas around work/life balance and PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome), giving her...


Mind-blown Gemma

The GC reveals her plan to meet her idol Rebel Wilson, while her mind is blown by some of the universe’s amazing discoveries hitting the headlines. Gemma reveals her mission to Mars and why she’s planning her own Jurassic Park in her garden. Plus, Greg James turns to The GC to solve his sticky dilemma regarding friends’ social media.


Gemma’s fabulous fitness secrets

The GC gives us a peek into her healthy new regime, including her motivational mottos to get her up early and exercising, as well as creative ways to keep fit without going to the gym. Plus, Gemma answers listener dilemmas about body confidence and offers advice to an aspiring actress, while comedian Joe Lycett is the latest star name in The GC’s Celebrity Dilemma hotseat.


Through the keyhole of The GC's palace

With the clocks going forward, it’s got Gemma excited about the start of spring and thinking all about new beginnings - including her new pink house. Plus, The GC answers listener dilemmas around dealing with anxiety and is invited to give her ultimate iconic diva quote for a school yearbook. And Radio 1’s very own Rickie, Melvin and Charlie are in the Celebrity Dilemma hot seat this week with a rather cheeky question for Gemma.


“I want a job as a Panda Cuddler”

National Panda Day has got Gemma thinking about how she can land a job as a Panda Cuddler (it’s a real job) and she turns to an expert for advice. Plus, The GC answers listener dilemmas around peer pressure and her tips for being a top auntie, while DJ Trevor Nelson is in her Celebrity Dilemma hotseat this week - and turns to Gemma with a pooch problem.


Celebs ask for The GC’s help!

Gemma answers celebrity dilemmas ahead of Red Nose Day on March 19 and reveals the fabulous women who inspire her in honour of International Women’s Day. What advice will The GC give to one of Radio 1’s queens of the airwaves, a well-known comedian and her daughter, and a king of daytime TV? Don’t forgot to head to BBC Sounds to hear more from the GC on the Love Lounge – only available on BBC Sounds.


Self-love for Valentine’s Day.

Gemma wants you to love yourself this Valentine’s Day. She also wants to run a ‘glam campaign’ to get everyone dressing up and feeling fabulous this weekend!


Dream homes vs haunted houses

As Gemma moves into her dream home, she's telling us some stories about haunted houses. Why is one room in particular in her new house giving her a strange but nice feeling?


The Big 4-0

Gemma’s about to turn 40, and here’s how she’s going to celebrate. It’s made her think about how quickly time goes and how she just wants everything to slow down.