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Three guys from Texas discuss all things horror!

Three guys from Texas discuss all things horror!


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Three guys from Texas discuss all things horror!






Hellraiser: Inferno

Wrapping up the final week of the GraveTalk's Worst In Show series we present Hellraiser: Inferno [2000]! This old dog was bred from the loins of the late 90's direct to video horror gene pool. Will this story of a failed magician turned human garbage detective have us wishing for our flesh to be flayed by Pinhead himself? Press play & find out.


Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

The third contestant on the GraveTalk's Worst In Show is the one & only Halloween: the Curse of Michael Myers [1995]. While it is said you can't teach an old dog new tricks you can clearly teach an old franchise new plot holes. Can a fresh faced Paul Rudd & a finely aged Donald Pleasence convince us to give this one a blue ribbon? Press play & find out!


Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Our second entry for the GraveTalk's Worst In Show is none other than Friday the 13th pt.8: Jason Takes Manhattan [1989]. But don't let the title fool you, the only thing Jason takes in this film is an hour long boat trip to Canada! Did this film have us searching for a plot like a dog chasing a tennis ball that was fake thrown? Press play & find out!


Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

The inaugural entry for the GraveTalk's Worst In Show series is here! And our first contestant is Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare [1991]. Being the 6th chapter in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, this flick is sitting pretty at a 20% Rotten Tomatoes score. Was this entry bred to fail or does it beg for an honorable mention? Press play to find out!


It's All Fun & Games Until One of Us Dies: A Horror RPG Adventure

Occasionally here at The GraveTalk we must hone our podcast survival skills & to do that we test ourselves with games of gore, chance, & full on nerdiness. In this side episode listeners Jordan & Kim stopped by to put us to the test with a horror themed tabletop RPG campaign [created by Jordans creative writing class]. Will the GraveTalk crew be able to make it until the end or will they find out that sometimes luck just makes surviving impossible? Press play & find out!


Chopping Mall

Grab your credit cards because we're going to the mall! This week The GraveTalk crew watched the cult classic Chopping Mall [1986]. A film that begs the question: "Is a mall party truly a party if murderous robots aren't invited?" Press play as we find out.



This week The GraveTalk goes unda da sea with Underwater [2020]. A riveting tale of an underwater speed walking teams preparation for the Olympics [or something like that]. Did this one drill its way into our hearts or did it sink to the depths of obscurity? Press play & find out!


Last Shift

Your worst day on the job couldn't possibly go as poorly as Officer Jessica Loren's first day on the force. Tasked to babysit leftover evidence all alone, she finds herself in the center of a good old fashioned haunting. Does this independent horror bring the scares or should we issue it a pink slip? Hit play to find out.


Ready Or Not

We counted to a hundred, & crammed ourselves into our best hiding spot for this weeks episode, Ready Or Not [2019]. A modern black comedy of traditions, in-laws, games, & dinosaurs (wait... no dinosaurs). Was this one able to hide its way onto our must watch list or were we left seeking more. Press play & find out.


Doom Annihilation

Just when we thought we could escape the bowels of Hell the GraveTalk crew is sucked right back down with Doom: Annihilation [2019]. Joined by our guest Doom expert we see if this classic video game property can finally make the jump to film after its first damned attempt. *In this episode we continued to encounter a minor audio issue where Jon sounds like we dumped him in a well during recording. This was not a design choice & are happy to announced that we have fixed the issue.


Christmas Evil

Its that time of year again! This year Santa gifted the GraveTalk crew the holiday classic Christmas Evil [1980]. Did this holiday X-Mas flick make the naughty or nice list? Press play & find out. *In this episode we encountered a minor audio issue where Jon sounds like we dumped him in a well during recording. This was not a design choice & are working to excise this audio demon for future episodes.


You're Next

On this episode The GraveTalk loaded up our animal masks & watched You're Next [2011]. A charming tale of family, survival & murderers obsessed with petting zoo animals... we think. Did this one go to plan or did it all go to smash?! Press play & find out.


Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2

This episode the GraveTalk boys put on their rented tuxes & went to prom with Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 [1987]! Even though none of us are Canadian "bad boys", a computer themed prom was just too good to pass up. Was watching this flick a night to remember or would we have preferred it just went up in flames? Press play to find out!



Grab your grease paint & join The GraveTalk as this week we discuss the modern cult hit Terrifier [2016]. With its insane kills & Art the clowns psychotic antics did this one entertain us or have us crying behind our painted on smiles? Press play to find out!


Maniac Cop

This week The GraveTalk goes for a ride along with Maniac Cop [1988]. While we had the right to remain silent, we just couldn't help ourselves & had to discuss this flick. Did this one have us asking for our lawyers or did it lock up our hearts? Press play to find out.


Death Spa

After a long week The GraveTalk decided to treat ourselves to a spa day & watch Death Spa [1989]. A timeless 80's tale of possession? AI run amok? Sexy asparagus? We're not really sure what the plot is, but press play & give us a spot as we attempt to find out!


The Cabin In The Woods

On this episode the GraveTalk crew load up the RV & head out to our cousins cabin in the woods to discuss... well... The Cabin In The Woods [2011]. Full of twists, monsters galore, & the Odinson himself Chris Hemsworth, does this flick still hold up? Press play & find out.


Night Of The Demons

This week The GraveTalk ditched our Halloween party plans & opted for a night out with Kevin Tenney's Night Of The Demons [1988]. A movie that seems only possible in the 1980's horror renaissance. Was this night one to remember? Press play to find out!



This week The GraveTalk decided to log on to this new thing called the internets & watch Pulse [2001]. Did we find soul crushing loneliness within or a gateway to an overcrowded afterlife? Press play & find out.



This week The GraveTalk put on our frocks & sat down to watch Midsommar [2019]. The second film from director Ari Aster that turns on the daylight & tells the Wicker Man to hold its beer. Where did we rate this flick on the 5 out of 5/10 out of 10 scale? Press play to find out.