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Indykast S5:E201 - The Gold Standard

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week Chad goes all #BarbaraWalters with Barrington Hughes and Santeria Cortez of the Gold Standard! We discuss the formation of the Gold Standard. Are they more nWo or 4 Horsemen? The awesomeness that is PRINCE Barrington on MLW on BeInSports Santeria fighting back from a horrible injury Plus a whole lot more!


MOTW Ep 4 "A Creature Walks Among Us" Part 3

The gang gathers up their clues, interrogate Dr. Matos, and form a plan to trap this island's monster. However, what if the creature in the cave isn't the biggest threat? And what exactly is a "BURGER BOMB (tm)"??


IndyKast 200 - David Starr

EPISODE 200 OF THE INDYKAST! As is our tradition, once per season we bring on our official 5th host of the show, the Alec Baldwin of the Indykast, on to discuss his life in wrestling. On this version we discuss: - British food and Zac's unnatural hatred towards all of it - Wrestling globally and who is truly underrated - Opinions on Twitter and not backing down - THE REAL MEANING BEHIND "UNFOLD-SHIRT-GATE 2018" - David gives an update to his "Part Time Wrestlers kill the business"...


Wrestle Crush Whenever by Team HAMMA FIST S3:E14

Team HAMMA FIST is back and bringing some trademark HOT TAKES and a whole heaping of freudian sexual innuendo! This episode they cover: - CM Punk's legal victory - Potential MITB winners for the upcoming PPV - A proper WWE UK Division beginning to take shape - Constable Baron Corbin - The First Ever THF Fantasy Draft! Share and Spread the Word of The Wrestling Nerd! Follow us on twitter @TeamHAMMAFIST, @TheReadPile, and @JesseTHF Like us on Join the discussion and...


Indykast S5:E199 - Allens After Dark

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week the Allen's go all After Dark up in the hizzouse, and Shelli is on FIRE 🔥 we discuss CM Punk's court case to his upcoming #UFC fight to him possibly being #AllIn Gymnasty Boys are now tag team champs in 4 companies, are they the best team in wrestling?! Plus we review some of the recent movies we've seen (Avengers & Deadpool) and tell you what we are and aren't looking forward to (#FuckTomCruise?)


Golden Guys - 3 CM Punk

Golden Guys - 3 CM Punk by The Indykast & Team HAMMA FIST


MOTW Ep 3 "A Creature Walks Among Us" Part 2

The 3 members of the "Ghost-Slutsters" learn more about the mysterious disappearances on San Clemente Island, and encounter the monster for the first time! Also they roll to kick a door's ass and assault a man with a hermit crab.


Best Of Indykast Final 2 Questions Vol. 2

For 5 Years, The IndyKast has made a name by asking the questions no other show dares to ask. We've collected six of our famous guests' responses and put them together in one episode. Play along at home, and guess how many of these fantastic people would wrestle the ghost of Macho Madness!


Wrestle Crush Whenever by Team HAMMA FIST S3:E13

Ya bois Team HAMMA FIST are back to drop some wrestling HOT TAKES! This week we talk about: - The supposed Smackdown/FOX deal and the MAGA-fication of wrestling - Effy's Internet Championship Match against Stevie Fierce from the most recent Punk Pro Wrestling show - WWE's handling of Lashley since his return - Jesse's Money In The Bank theory being dead wrong - Cody Rhodes' All In event Follow us on twitter @TeamHAMMAFIST, @TheReadPile, and @JesseTHF Like us on Join the...


Indykast S5:E198 - Magnum CK

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week we geek it up with MAGNUM CK! On this episode we discuss: The best robes in wrestling Rocky Horror Show and wrestling connection Leaving wrestling and getting pulled back in The Production The impacts of JT Lightning and Chandler Biggins Plus much more! Listen now on the #WrestlingNerdsRadioNetwork


IndyKast Season 4 Finale - Punk Pro Recap

Chad, Luna, and Zac come together to discuss the details, favorite moments, and backstage antics of Punk Pro Wrestling's most recent show, TAKE THIS TO YOUR GRAVE. You can watch the show at Matches Discussed: Dynasty Open Challenge Clover Clan vs Critical Mayhem Johnathan Wolf vs Troy Hollywood Matt Knicks vs Alverado Bailey Blake vs Cody Steel GYSI Title 6-Man Match [WNRN Internet Title Match] Stevie Fierce vs Effy Eddie Kingston vs Jon Davis Aspyn Rose &...


Indykast S4:E48 - Mike Rotch

This week! A one-on-one interview between Zac Romero and the man who brought the world Inter Species Wrestling, Mike Rotch. Discussed in this sit down: - The roller coaster history of ISW - Being a Punk Rock Wrestling Company BEFORE it was cool - Insane Ponzi schemes destroying a wrestling venue - The battle to come back from a 2 year hiatus - Why Inter Species Wrestling is the Sega DREAMCAST of indy companies - AND MUCH MORE. Listen now, and support Inter Species Wrestling CHILD'S PLAY on...


Indykast S4:E47 - Lucas Calhoun

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week we get down with "That Ol Juke Joint" Lucas Calhoun! We chat about Rockabilly festivals, best places to gamble all your money away in Vegas, his history as VOLGAR, targeting the Proteus Wheel, Sheetz v. Wawa, plus the FINAL TWO questions!


Wrestle Crush Whenever by Team HAMMA FIST S3:E12

Follow us on twitter @TeamHAMMAFIST, @TheReadPile, and @JesseTHF Like us on Join the discussion and become a Professional Wrestling Nerd at Slide up over to @FullyGimmicked and and buy some sweet merch Buy some shirts at (that's the url)and follow @WrestleDotShop Drop some change in our tip jar at As always, be sure to follow our fellow Wrestling Nerds The Indykast @Indykast, and It Lives, It...


Indykast S4:E46 - Jesse Jane

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week we have new indy wrestling valet and adult film LEGEND, Jesse Jane (Twitter- @JesseJane) On this episode we discuss: - getting into both porn AND wrestling - what she is doing since retirement (music, toys, etc) -working with Joey Ryan and did she touch it? -meeting Jim Ross Plus a wild Final 2 Questions!


Indykast S4:E45 - PCO Quebecer Part 2

Greetings #DozensofDozens Part 2 of the amazing in-depth interview with PCO from the Quebecers. On this half, Chad and Shelli delve into the comeback story of PCO's huge match against WALTER this past Wrestlemania week, and how wrestling now differs from wrestling 2 decades ago. Ridiculously interesting insight, so go LISTEN! @WNRN


MOTW Ep 1 Creature 1

In the first official episode of Wrestling Nerds Radio Network Presents Monster of the Week, 3 unlikely heroes are dropped onto a military evacuated island off the coast of California to discover what presence has stolen, killed, and torn its way through the compound.


Indykast S4:E44 - PCO Quebecer

Hey #12sOfDozens! We talk this week to the amazing PCO!! Do you want old school stories about fighting with and making up with legends like Kevin Nash or Shawn Michaels? Do you want a redemption story that can't be beat? Do you want to know the story behind the AMAZING Quebecers theme song? Then you NEED to click the listen button NOW!


Wrestle Crush Whenever by Team HAMMA FIST S3:E11

Wrestlemania Weekend 2018 is in the books, and Ric & Jesse are here to give their thoughts on all the proceedings including Takeover, Wrestlemania, RawAfterMania, SmackdownAfterRawAfterMania, and The Mayor of NXT's return to Full Sail Live for a NXT taping! If you like the show, please show some love in any of the following ways: HAMMA FIST that subscribe button Follow us on twitter @TeamHAMMAFIST, @TheReadPile, and @JesseTHF Like us on Join the discussion and become a...


Indykast S4:E43 - The Coda

Kayden Greene & Ronnie Rios sit down with the Indykast to discuss real wrestling experiences, such as: - When to eat cereal out of the box with your bare hands - Greatest Universal Monsters - Which serial killer they'd want to be the little spoon for We are not a terribly wrestling focused podcast.