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Jon "JAG" Gay creates podcasts for businesses and nonprofits through his company, JAG in Detroit. A 15 year radio veteran, he brings a decade and a half of audio experience and perspective to the podcasting world. Once a week, this podcast will cover industry news and tips to make your show sound better.

Jon "JAG" Gay creates podcasts for businesses and nonprofits through his company, JAG in Detroit. A 15 year radio veteran, he brings a decade and a half of audio experience and perspective to the podcasting world. Once a week, this podcast will cover industry news and tips to make your show sound better.


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Jon "JAG" Gay creates podcasts for businesses and nonprofits through his company, JAG in Detroit. A 15 year radio veteran, he brings a decade and a half of audio experience and perspective to the podcasting world. Once a week, this podcast will cover industry news and tips to make your show sound better.






What Should I Charge for Ads on My Podcast

What Should I Charge for Ads on My Podcast? How much should you charge advertiser in your podcast? Libsyn and AdvertiseCast have crunched the numbers, and average CPM for a one minute ad is $23.57. That means podcasters are charging $23.57 for every thousand listeners to their podcast. So if you want a statistic, there it is. But here's the thing - every podcast is different, and your listeners are valuable to advertisers in your space. So I say, charge whatever you think you can get. But...


How Ted Lasso Can Help Your Podcast

Book a podcast discovery call with Jag here: After countless recommendations, I subscribed to Apple TV and started watching Ted Lasso. I'm just into Season 2 of Ted Lasso, and I figured out why it's so popular. In a world of political divisiveness, climate disasters, and general ugliness, Ted Lasso is a show of, as my friend put it, relentless positivity. Now I'm not saying your podcast needs to be all sunshine, rainbow, and homemade biscuits, but Ted...


Are Show Notes Important?

Website Link: Are Show Notes Important? YES! Your show notes are important to the success of your podcast. Why Show Notes Are Important: Google Search is still one of the top ways people find podcasts. And, at least for now, Google can't search audio - it can only search text. So if you write show notes with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, you can get help your ranking in Google Search. Think about your title, and how that relates to questions,...


Is Apple Finally Getting Its Act Together?

Turns out, Apple Podcasts may finally be getting it's act together. I have not been shy in recent weeks about sharing my dismay at Apple Podcasts' new updates. Starting in May, shows weren't updating, new shows were taking forever to be approved, and people who make money off of their podcasts were getting hit hard. Well, there's good news. James Cridland of PodNews says Apple seems to have fixed their bugs by the end of July, and numbers are coming back up. Here's what I've seen. The most...


Your Podcast Needs To Be Everywhere

Your podcast needs to be everywhere - or at least in as many places as it can be. In 2007, I was working for a radio station in Vermont, where (fun fact) billboards are illegal. I was trying to convince my boss that the station needed a page on this new thing called Facebook. "Ben," I asked him, "if you could have a billboard in South Burlington in Interstate 89 with your morning show on it, would you do it?" "Of course," he said. "That's why we need to be on Facebook," I said. "We need...


What I Learned At Podcast Movement

As always, I learned a lot at this year's Podcast Movement convention, and I'm going to share it with you today. (NEW OPEN) Welcome in, I'm Jon Gay. You'll notice I shortened the intro. I talked to some listeners at Podcast Movement, and the consensus was that while a bunch of artists saying my name sounds cool, it has nothing to do with podcast news. It was great for my ego, but that's about it. Also, after a week of networking and socializing, my voice isn't 100%, but here goes. Podcast...


Podcast Movement 2021 Day 1 Recap

Hello from my hotel room at Nashville's Opryland Resort, where the first full day of Podcast Movement wrapped up. Some highlights from sessions I attended today. The first keynote was from Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire - she spoke to the importance of systems, workflows, plans, and accountability. Another nugget: if you're out of ideas for episodes, set up Google Alerts for keywords in your niche. Here's a link to her slides: The star of the...


Is Your Content Worth Paying For?

Have you seen Ted Lasso? Well, I haven't, but everyone I know keeps telling me I need to. But I'm not a soccer fan. You'll still love it. I don't have Apple TV. Get it! So I finally decided yesterday to drop the five dollars a month so I can watch it, plus The Morning Show, and some other stuff. I really didn't want to add another monthly bill - even $5 - on top of Netflix, Disney Plus, and YouTube TV. In fact, I just decided to drop an extra $10 a month so I can get 4K channels. I figure I...


More Steps Forward - and Back - For Radio

I've long said the only way for music radio to survive is by bringing personality back and differentiating itself from Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming services. We've actually seen some movement on this front, with some stations going back to two-person afternoon shows. Even SiriusXM seems to be adding more DJ's to their Pop2K, Pop Rocks, and other channels. Sadly, Audacy, the second biggest radio company in the country, seems to be doing the opposite. They eliminated a boat-load of...


Is Your Audacity App Spyware?

Audacy vs Audacity.. Audacity is a free audio editing software with 100 million users worldwide, according to the BBC. Recently, they were purchased by a company called Muse, headquartered in Cyprus. A future software update will have users connect to the web, and as a result, they've had to put out a statement confirming to European and other privacy laws. They are going to collect your IP address, but it's unclear what else. No don't freak out - almost every site you visit collects your IP...


How to Record Your Podcast Over Zoom - If You Have To

The last 18 months has taught all of us how to use Zoom. It's great if you need to do a face to face meeting with someone who may not be great with technology, as most people have learned it by now. Up until recently, however, I told my podcast clients to avoid it. It can be glitchy over a bad internet connection, causing you to lose words and phrases, and if two people talk at the same time, it can be a nightmare. While those things are still technically true, Zoom HAS addressed its biggest...


Facebook Launches Podcasts - Sort of?

Editor's note: No video this week due to me breaking my foot and my studio not being super accessible. More on that later. The big news in podcasting this week was the launch of Facebook's new podcasting feature. Problem is, it's only available in the US, and by invite only. So to learn more about this new Facebook feature, I went to - you guessed it- Twitter. Buzzsprout's Head of Marketing, Alban Brooke, has a great Twitter thread about the features of Facebook...


A Lesson from Wheel of Fortune

Welcome in, I'm Jon Gay. We start with a great point from Amplifi Media's Steve Goldstein. Watch any episode of Wheel of Fortune, and the game starts within the first FORTY FIVE SECONDS of the show. Take that approach with your podcast. Lose excessively long intros, and endless banter, and hit the ground running. I'll try to do that here. (Link: Apple Podcasts released their...


The 7 Deadly Sins of Podcasting

Editor's note: This podcast was recorded just before Apple emailed all podcast creators about the launch of subscriptions. 99% of podcasts should not charge a subscription, so in most cases this won't affect you. Just be sure to say "follow" my podcast as opposed to "subscribe" to avoid any confusion. There are many "sins" of podcasting. Some you can get away with, but there are 7 that will sink your show and turn listeners away before you even get going. We examine them today. Thanks to...


Will Celebrities Ruin Podcasting?

Are celebrities ruining podcasting? The great Tom Webster says no. In fact, celebrities (and their social media followings) will help get eyes and ears on the industry. But the proverbial cream will rise to the top, and only well executed podcasts will stick around. Celebrities have long failed at hosting TV shows (and radio shows I might add). It's nice to get people's attention, but in the end - good content will win out. Here's the link to Tom's piece:...


Don't Be A Jerk

For this week's advice, I'm shipping up to my home town of Boston, Massachusetts. Matt Siegel, aka Matty In the Morning, has been the morning show host at Kiss 108 since January 1981. He's literally been doing the show since I was ONE MONTH old. Generations of Bostonians grew up with him and love him. Many folks have aged out of pop radio but still listen to him - he pulls in ratings and revenue like crazy. Full disclosure he's never been my cup of tea, but I know many folks that have...


Your Podcast Isn't About You

My advice to you this week is that if you want your podcast to grow, it's NOT ABOUT YOU. Many people start a podcast because they feel it's the "in" thing to do, or "my friends say I'm funny," or a myriad of other reasons. But if you want people to listen to your podcast, if you want to grow your audience, if you even want to MONETIZE your has to be about your listeners. What is a LISTENER getting out of your show? Are they informed, entertained, or educated? Have you been able to...


Make Changes To Your Podcast - It's Not Too Late!

Welcome in, I'm Jon Gay. There are typically two types of people that start a podcast Some throw caution to the wind and just go for it. Others meticulously plan every detail before they start. Now, there's probably a happy medium between those two extremes. But too often, folks think once they start the show, it has to stay the same format. So my advice to you this week is that it's ok to make changes to your podcast. For example, take the two biggest podcasts I listen to. The Daily from...


Apple Podcasts Drama Continues

Welcome in, I'm Jon Gay. I try not to cover the same topic in consecutive weeks, but I had to start with an update on the biggest story in podcasting right now - the disastrous rollout of the changes to Apple Podcasts. And just to check....yup.... you can STILL hear Steve Jobs rolling over in his grave. Personally, I've had no issues with the Apple Podcasts Connect dashboard - under either of the two accounts I use it with. But I think I'm one of the lucky ones - every podcast newsletter I...


Will Apple Podcasts Changes Affect Me?

Back from vacation last week, but as I tell all my clients, that's the kind of stuff to save for the END of your podcast, so more on that later. Naturally, the biggest podcast news of the year came while I was away, so let's get to it. Apple is revamping their Podcasts platform. As always, James Cridland of PodNews did an excellent job of breaking it down: Here are the key takeaways. For podcast listeners, you'll be able to...