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Jon "JAG" Gay creates podcasts for businesses and nonprofits through his company, JAG in Detroit. A 15 year radio veteran, he brings a decade and a half of audio experience and perspective to the podcasting world. Once a week, this podcast will cover industry news and tips to make your show sound better.

Jon "JAG" Gay creates podcasts for businesses and nonprofits through his company, JAG in Detroit. A 15 year radio veteran, he brings a decade and a half of audio experience and perspective to the podcasting world. Once a week, this podcast will cover industry news and tips to make your show sound better.


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Jon "JAG" Gay creates podcasts for businesses and nonprofits through his company, JAG in Detroit. A 15 year radio veteran, he brings a decade and a half of audio experience and perspective to the podcasting world. Once a week, this podcast will cover industry news and tips to make your show sound better.






Is iHeart Scamming the Podcasting Industry?

Is iHeart scamming the podcasting industry? That's the implication of an article this week that was widely discussed in the podcasting world. The story is from Bloomberg and written by Ashley Carman, one of the most respected reporters in our industry. Advertising buys in podcasting are based on audience size - downloads and streams. According to Carman, publishers are buying ads inside mobile...


When Should I Release My Podcast?

Yesterday, I went to the North American International Auto Show, known to locals here as the Detroit Auto Show, or just the Auto Show. And it reminded me of a common question I get from podcasters - when should I release my new episodes? Now, whether you release, weekly, biweekly, monthly, whatever, the key to growing your show is consistency. As your show grows, your listeners will learn when to expect new content - whether that's the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month, or every Wednesday...


What Shane Hawkins Can Teach Us About Podcasting

Did you see 16 year old Shane Hawkins pay tribute to his dad at the recent Foo Fighters tribute to Taylor Hawkins? Well, turns out how you heard about it and how you watched and reacted to it - can teach us a lot about podcasting. How did you hear about it? For me, it was a combination of social media post after social media post, and hearing friends talk about it. Was it the same for you? Did you run to YouTube to see it? Or did you actually pull up the Paramount Plus app to watch the one...


Lessons from Podcast Movement 2022

Welcome to Season 4 of the Jag Show. We're going to start with what I learned this year at Podcast Movement, and how you can improve your show. The first thing you should know about is video. Your show needs to be on YouTube. According to Edison Research, 48% of the podcast audience has consumed a show on YouTube. So even if your show is audio only, put a graphic, or an audiogram with a moving waveform up, and upload that audio to YouTube. OK, what about short-form video? One of my big...


Podfade Happened To Me Too

You may have noticed that it's been awhile since I've come out with a new episode of this podcast. And for that, I apologize. I've often talked about "PodFade" in this show - it's when after a certain number of episodes, a podcast falls down your priority list. Well, it happened to me. Today, I'm going to tell you how it happened, and what I'm doing about it. My wife and I are doing a lot of traveling this year - call it pent up wanderlust from COVID, scratching an itch, whatever. Well, as...


How Matt Got to Episode 300 (Podcast Superfriends)

In our May 2022 livestream, the 5 "Podcast Superfriends" assembled to talk about how Matt Cundill pushed through the usual podcast obstacles to get to the 300th episode of The Sound Off Podcast. We cover lessons learned, and how they can apply to our clients. What's changed since the show started? Should you "batch record" or do one episode at a time? What about live vs recorded? The five podcast "Superfriends" are: Johnny "Podcasts" Peterson of Straight Up Podcasts in Fort Worth:...


JAG on The ROCC Pod - Royal Oak Chamber

For over a year now, three co-hosts and I have been working on a podcast for the Royal Oak Michigan Chamber of Commerce. We interview various members of the Chamber about themselves and their businesses. Once a quarter, we turn the tables on one of our co-hosts. This week, it's yours truly in the hot seat. Show Notes: Today, we turn the tables on our co-host, Jon Gay of JAG in Detroit Podcasts, and put him in the hot seat. We talk about his radio-turned-podcasting career and get some...


What Can Elon Musk and Twitter Do For Podcasting?

To watch this podcast as a video, you can do so here: Elon Musk is buying Twitter for $44 billion. And while much has been discussed about the political and free speech ramifications of this move, the podcasting piece has largely been overlooked. Earlier this week, I asked, via Twitter of course, what this move would mean for podcasting. My good friend, colleague, and collaborator Johnny Peterson suggested we have a conversation about it. That's what you'll find...


Repurposing Webinars as Podcasts

I joined Brenda Meller of Meller Marketing on Tuesday for a presentation on how to repurpose LinkedIn Live videos as podcasts. While Brenda works mostly with LinkedIn, the tips here are applicable to video webinars of all kinds. After a brief intro on how important podcasts have become and the power of audio, we broke the presentation down into three key areas: We talked about microphones and equipment, recording environment, recording software, and how to handle visuals in your...


iHeart, Podcasting, and NFT's

iHeart has launched a podcasting network for NFT's. More on that later. Here are this week's podcasting headlines: Wanna know which advertisers are investing in the top 5,000 podcasts? Podchaser has a new tool to track that. There's a new service to rate podcasts for kids - it's from Common Sense media and will let you rate shows for audiences 17 and under: Old school journalists will remember the...


New Podcasting Stats and Tools

Some hand wringing over Infinite Dial 2022 - a slight dropoff in podcasting. Monthly listeners went from 41% of the population to 38%. My take: it's nothing to worry about. The pandemic turbo-charged podcasting growth, and people are settling back in to routines. 109 million Americans still listen to shows every month, and that's more than pre-pandemic. Further, podcasting awareness continues to grow - now up to 226 million, or 79% of US Adutls. Deep Dive from Tom...


I'm a Radio DJ Again...Sort Of

I've decided to try being a music radio DJ again - except in the podcast world. I read about Amazon's new "Amp" project that lets you create audio shows with music from Amazon's library. But when I tried it, I couldn't play music until I had live viewers/listeners. Not an easy ask for a program that's still in beta. Then I remembered that Anchor allows you to create shows using Spotify's music library. This is content that's available on demand as a podcast. So I decided to create the Jag...


Find Out How Many Followers Your Show Has

One of the biggest frustrations for podcasters has always been NOT knowing how many people follow, or subscribe to, their show. Finally, that's about to change... James Cridland broke this in PodNews this morning. Next month, Apple will begin to add follower counts to your Apple Podcasts Connect Dashboard. (Remember, podcasting switched from "subscribers" to "followers" because susbscriptions often cost money.) Previously you had to guess at your number of followers, based on how many...


Being Good Beats Being a Celebrity

Being good at your craft is better than being a big name celebrity. This was confirmed to us by no less than Beata Murphy, Program Director of KIIS Los Angeles. She keynoted our WJPZ Syracuse Alumni Banquet earlier this month and offered fantastic insight. A programming note: a student at the conference told me TikTok is allowing you to upload videos longer than 3 minutes. So this podcast may get a little bit longer, but not by too much. Amazon is rolling out an App called "Amp" that will...


Can I Find Your Podcast?

Jag: Can I find your podcast? First off happy Mardi Gras to everybody in Louisiana, I may be a native of Massachusetts and an adopted Michigander. But I really do miss y'all around this time of year. Laissez le bon temps rouler! Okay. Back to my main point of today's podcast. Can your podcast be found? Now what the word podcast is, can be different things to different people. For the OG crowd that's been in a podcasting for 10, 15 years they may feel that it has to technically be a...


Should My podcast Have A QR Code?

Do I need a QR Code for my podcast? Yes, it's a great idea to promote your show. For example, did you see the "bouncing QR code" commercial during the Super Bowl? It was for Coinbase, the Cryptocurrency exchange. The ad was a huge success - in fact, the website crashed when I tried to sign up. The pandemic has resurrected QR codes, which were dead before 2019. Now it's how you read a restaurant menu, it's how I host bar trivia, and there are a number of other applications. Today, I explain...


Can I Use Commercial Music in My Podcast? (2022)

Can you use commercial music in your podcast? Or movie clips? Or other snippets that are commercially licensed? No. You can't, and you shouldn't. This is a question I'm frequently asked by clients and potential clients. And I've heard every excuse in the book. Oh, it's only a few seconds, so it falls under "fair use." Oh come on, are Guns N Roses really gonna sue me? Well, remember when Metallica did sue Napster back in the day.? So let's dive a little deeper. The bottom line is, when it...


Spotify's Biggest Problem Isn't Joe Rogan

Spotify has been all over the news in the last week because of Joe Rogan, but Rogan is a symptom of a much bigger problem. If you haven't heard, the Joe Rogan Experience, one of the biggest podcasts in the world, has come under heavy scrutiny for promoting COVID misinformation. Several artists, led by Neil Young, have pulled, or are in the process of trying to pull, their music off of Spotify. And while we still don't have hard numbers, the hashtag "Delete Spotify" has been trending. The...


How to Start a Podcast in 2022

On Thursday, January 13th, I was thrilled to present a podcasting "Professional Edge Workshop" to the Birmingham Bloomfield (Michigan) Chamber of Commerce. It was supposed to be an in-person workshop, but you know, Omicron. The good news is, we recorded it, and I'm presenting the audio here. If you'd like to watch the video of the presentation or download my PowerPoint slides as a PDF, you can do so here: We covered three main topics:


Start Your Podcast for Under $100

As I ate healthy breakfast and got on my exercise bike today, I thought about resolutions. You may have a 2022 New Year's Resolution to start - or even restart- a podcast. Today I'll tell you how to start your podcast for under $100. The first thing you need to do is plan. Plan out a limited number of episodes. If you don't have a goal in mind, you'll do a bunch, then fall off - same as going to the gym or losing weight. Your process has to have an end point. Whenever I bring on a new...