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Week 28: July 10–16, 1993

What’s your MacGuffin? We start the week with filthy idioms involving pants and complicated insults involving pets. Little Torrey learns the limits of sarcasm. Little Jed skips and swims. Then: the demise of AJ’s World, the desire for time travel powers, and lots of self reflection. A lot of apologies. And TWO sexy movies.


Week 27: July 3–9, 1993

It's Torrey's birthday week! In the present, Jedediah & Torrey discuss mortality, depression, Ozymandias, and journaling by way of Gchat. But back in 1993 it was rollerblading (disappointing), presents (for which insufficient gratitude was shown), pizza (pepperoni), and staying up all night (until 6 AM). And fireworks (for America's birthday). This week features a clip from this month's episode of Lily Sloane's podcast “A Therapist Walks Into a Bar” featuring Jed! Go and give it a listen...


Week 26: June 26–July 2, 1993

Did YOU solve the riddle of the Green Glass Doors? Jedediah & Torrey explain the answer once they get through contemplating the mystery of the alphabet. ALSO: WOW: WE’RE HALFWAY THOUGH THE DIARY and halfway through 2018. Remarkable. Once the boys get through a slow week in 1993 (video games, Bodie, TKD, you know the drill), they reflect and reminisce on what doing The Jedediaries has meant to them. Jed’s mom, dad, brother, friend Matt, and 6th grade teacher also share their thoughts. And...


Week 25: June 19–25, 1993

After sweating and complaining about the heat for a bit, Jedediah & Torrey get into the diary where, this week, Little Jed is at CIRCUS CAMP. Torrey wasn’t there, so details are scant, but Jedediah does manage to pull some memories up from the depths: David Copperfield, Vinne & Phil, clowning, and the wonderful dreams & disappointing reality of flight. And finally… can YOU solve the riddle of the Green Glass Doors?? If so, call the tipline: 802-851-9578.


Week 24: June 12–June 18, 1993

Whether it’s your teeth, your chest hair, or your inexplicable swanitude, what seems like a deficiency can end up being your biggest strength. Seems we’re all Ugly Ducklings, in the end. But back in 1993, the boys graduate from 6th grade, get some awards, go to the beach, watch the news, and see a movie about dinosaurs. Jedediah’s Mom talks about Alabama, Jedediah’s Dad talks about fatherhood, and Torrey’s Mom talks about his awards.


Week 23: June 5–June 11, 1993

Super annoying baby talk and Super Bodie Man are but two of the super things in this week’s episode. Jedediah & Torrey talk about fame, empathy, and the aftermath of last week’s Talent Show, while Little Jed is distressed by fictional death, excited by the impending end of the school year, and defeated by a wooden board. And, he gets (and we have) his yearbook. Guest starring Lily Sloane of (super) podcast A Therapist Walks Into a Bar!


Week 22: May 29–June 4, 1993

IT’S TALENT SHOW WEEK. Jedediah & Torrey are joined once again by Matt. Together, they relive the week leading up to the finest performance of their little lives, as well as the performance itself, thanks to an amazing historical find...


Week 21: May 22–28, 1993

It’s Memorial Day, so Jedediah & Torrey talk about what it is to be brave. Meru, Achilles, and a pair of 4F-ings lead the boys into this week in 1993, where Little Jed & co. get up to their most disturbing shenanigans yet. Additionally: the creative process, the crushing crush of crushes, and another unresolved mystery. (Our tipline: 802-851-9578)


Week 20: May 15–21, 1993

We start off the week by wondering if Jedediah is betraying Little Jed by doing this podcast, while Torrey admits to feelings of jealousy and wonder, 25 years later. This is followed by dying dialects, defense mechanisms over pet death, a 2-year-old eating avocado toast, the pleasures and sorrows of work, [ENTRY REDACTED], and a sleepover that the boys will never forget.


Week 19: May 8-May 14, 1993

Jedediah & Torrey cover it all, from pivotal moments to alternate dimensions, from math champions to spelling redemption, from a Happy Day of the Mother to a beloved and mysterious gel pen. Call the tipline at 802-851-9578 if you have information to share about plaques or “lots of killing” from 1993.


Week 18: May 1-May 7, 1993

How do we make memories? Can one tell a lie in order to tell the truth? And did Donny REALLY have the power of telekinesis? This week, Jedediah makes Torrey say something in French, calls his brother to reminisce about their treehouse (more of a tree platform), and feels bad about a disaster of a concert 25 years ago. Meanwhile in 1993, Little Jed employs sarcasm and hates everything.


Week 17: April 24-April 30, 1993

How do we know what we know of the past? And what if we’re totally wrong? This week, last week’s cliffhanger is immediately resolved. Aunt Annie shares her perspective on life in 1993. Jedediah & Torrey take on archaeology, baseball, polygons, and destiny, while Little Jed takes on heartache, longing, and a book about hatching dragons.


Week 16: April 17-April 23, 1993

Set some reasonable expectations and lay on the floor with Jedediah & Torrey as they debate creativity and getting past the most obvious idea, the weather and whether to talk about it, wild rice, arrogance, and shame, while Little Jed rents, like, five videos games while on vacation.


Week 15: April 10-April 16, 1993

Torrey & Jedediah issue some corrections, explore the nature of truth, and reveal the identity of the Bookworm. And that’s not the only mystery solved! Thanks to our listeners, the boys discover the meaning of ADITLOACA and it takes them (and you) on an educational journey back in time. Meanwhile, in 1993, Little Jed goes to church, becomes a card-carrying babysitter, does not have Divorce Group, witnesses a suspicious character, and insults two video games and his brother. As always, call...


Week 14: April 3-April 9, 1993

Whips & (fake) baby chicks. Fighting techniques & caregiving tips. New baffling acronyms & old codes cracked. All examples of… the darkness & the light. And all talked about this week on… The Jedediaries. #whowasthebookworm #whatwasthebookworm


Week 13: March 27-April 2, 1993

Put on your red dress and join us for the Baker’s Dozenth episode of The Jedediaries. In 2018, Jedediah and Torrey sing some songs for each other. Torrey tells a tale of an attempt to ingratiate. Jedediah comes up with a bunch of bad metaphors for how we’re dealing with the diary. And in 1993, Little Jed upsets modern day Jed a bunch. Please, if you can help us solve any of our mysteries, call the tip line: 802-851-9578.


Week 12: March 20-March 26, 1993

Gather round the campfire and listen to Torrey tell The Tale of the Terrible DJ. After discussing Storms and Trials (and Podcasts) of the Century, and introducing themselves thrice, the boys get into the diary where: Little Jed makes a TV, engages in self-censorship, is the most tired he has ever been, thinks the milk tastes like water, and plays a story-telling game. Meanwhile in 2018: cereal subterfuge, flour-babies, baby chicks, and Toys v Games.


Week 09: February 27-March 5, 1993

Get ready for a wide-ranging discussion this week, covering topics as diverse as the birth and death of cells, the creation and loss of teeth, millennials, the Pinewood Derby, self-loathing, the number 13, and a new #1 song in America. A classmate of Jedediah & Torrey’s calls in to shed some light on a question from last week, and Little Jed wastes the rest of his Winter Break before heading back to school and taking a bath.


Week 08: February 20-26, 1993

It’s Winter Break in 1993, and Little Jed isn’t dealing with it well. Torrey’s mom Sandy calls in to corroborate Torrey’s theory, and Jedediah calls his brother Josey to corroborate farts.


Week 07: February 13-19, 1993

We finally make contact with the elusive Mrs. Waring! She gives us some insights into the mind and motivations of a 12-year-old. Joining Jedediah and Torrey for this episode is the oft-mentioned Matt, and together they tackle topics like sleepovers (which there’s a lot of talk about this week), alarm clocks (are red or blue ones more disruptive?), The Incredible Crash Dummies (the toys, not the band), Little Jed’s 12th birthday party (which happened 25 years ago today despite it being...