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Episode 42: When Mike and Sabine Became Super-Villains

Mike the RebelSpy just won a Store Championship with Solo Sabine. Yes, you read that correctly...just Sabine and a plot. Hear how he did it, what he played, and most importantly, why he did it. We also make some predictions for GenCon and debate the Kylo effect. Be sure to check out our podcast at Support us on Patreon at Like us on Facebook at Subscribe on YouTube at...


Episode 41: Tier Jar Jar

This week Mike plays Jar Jar competively yet again while DHaus tries to make Master of the Council relevant. Tune in for some discussion of the new set Across the Galaxy spoilers as well. Be sure to check out our podcast at Support us on Patreon at Like us on Facebook at Subscribe on YouTube at


Episode 40: Drafting with Zach Bunn

This week Zach Bunn from Team Covenant joins DHaus and Mike the RebelSpy to talk about drafting Destiny. We take a look at how Covenant Masters went and spend a short amount of time talking about the Store Championship that DHaus won last weekend. Bring on Way of the Force! Be sure to like and subscribe for future content! Be sure to check out our podcast at Support us on Patreon at Like us on Facebook at...


Episode 39: Way of the Spoilers

The spoiler extravaganza continues with our own exclusive spoilers for Jedi Trials, including the card after which this set is named! But will it ever be played? We talk about these and Mike's trip to Covenant Masters in Tulsa this past weekend. Be sure to like and subscribe for future content! Be sure to check out our podcast at Support us on Patreon at Like us on Facebook at Subscribe on...


Episode 38: The Pryce is Wrong, Bob

Governor Pryce has been spoiled and she looks to be a beast. Is the hype for real? Is she Yoda tiger? Or will she be a bust? Join DHaus and Mike the RebelSpy for this week's episode following one of the busiest spoiler weeks we've seen so far! If you'd like to support us, check out! Big thank you to those of you who have already pledged support to the show!


Episode 36: Red Heroes FTW

It's happening...Rex is coming to Destiny! Is he the red hero DHaus has always dreamed of? Is Mike still a dirty mill player? Will Way of the Force ever be released? All these questions and more as we talk about the newest spoilers! If you'd like to support us, check out! Big thank you to those of you who have already pledged support to the show!


Episode 34: All Aboard the Worlds Hype Train

It's been a minute, but the Jedi Trials is back with some Pre-Worlds hype! We dive deep into speculation about what could be announced at the Hyperspace Report on Tuesday. Plus, Mike talks way too much about his favorite restaurant in Minnesota. Let us know what you think!


Episode 32: In Honor of Rebels

In this week's episode we honor the great show that has been Star Wars Rebels as the series just ended this week. We take a moment to highlight our favorite cards inspired by Rebels, some Rebels cards that have impacted the competitive meta, and some Rebels-themed cards we'd like to see come to Destiny. Dont' forget to send us a response to our Question of the Week on our Facebook page as well.


Episode 31: The One Where Mike Isn't So Childish

In this week's episode we hit all the formats: draft, standard, and trilogy! Mike won a draft. DHaus got a Worlds ticket. Can the Jedha Partisan find a place in damage decks? Is mill really a negative play experience? You tell us! Thanks for listening!


Episode 30: In Thirty Minutes of Less

On this week's shorter episode, we discuss Mike's experience going 5-1 at the first ever Trilogy-format Galactic Qualifier. (Of course he played Jar Jar...). We also talk about a couple drafts DHaus participated in and how Mike's influence is negatively impacting him. Enjoy the ride!


Episode 29: The Day Jar Jar Binks Almost Won a Regional

This week is a special regionals recap with DHaus and Mike the RebelSpy. After going over a few regionals winners, we go into a deep analysis of Mike's top 8 regional run with a Jar Jar Binks mill deck. Yes, you read that correctly. Is Jar Jar the Sith Lord he's always been rumored to be?


Episode 28: So Palpatine and a Jawa walk into a bar together...

What do you get when two hosts of a podcast are sick at the same time? A shorter episode! We talk about some fun decks we are trying, the first couple regionals where Legacies was legal, and another round of Draft It or Pass It.


Episode 27: Talzin, Mother of all Drafts

This week DHaus and Mike are joined by Jay from Double Blanks to talk about their experiences with the limited release of Legacies this past weekend. From single box sealed, to draft, to normal 8 pack sealed, we did it all! Stick around for another round of 'Draft It or Pass It" too!


Episode 26: Come On, Man!

We made it to Legacies week! This week DHaus and Mike have fun with some new segments like Wish List, Make It or Break It, Draft It or Pass It, and a personal new favorite, "Come On, Man". If you plan on opening any Legacies packs, doing some trading, or running a draft, make sure you listen to this episode first!


Episode 25: The Post-Christmas Legacies Special with Belsnickel

This week DHaus is joined by Logan Mack AKA Belsnickel (Top 16 @ GenCon, Bluegrass Open) to break down some Legacies cards that are intriguing. They talk about dice cards and non-dice cards from the new set that could surprise you both in constructed and in draft.


Episode 24: The Return of the Command Shuttle

On one of the most exciting Star Wars weeks of the year, DHaus and Mike are joined by guest Jonathan Magnuson, member of the Destiny Council and a deck building evil genius. We talk about a regional DHaus went to, the draft set release announcement and half of the 4 billion spoilers we got this week!


Episode 23: Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes

It's a little slower of a news week, but we do have a few regionals results to talk about! We also tackle some listener questions that ultimately prove that Mike is a better nerd than DHaus. Cantina Band FTW!


Episode 22: Mike is a Real Jedi

This week we start with a fun announcement: Mike is a real Jedi! We also talk about a booster draft DHaus participated in and the results of PAX Galactic Qualifiers.


Episode 21: C-3PO, The Droid We're All Looking For

In this week's episode DHaus, Mike and guest Derrick Marsh have a discussion about the new formats and rotation announced by FFG. They also drool over all the new blue spoilers for Legacies and discuss all the beautiful ways C-3PO just wins games for you.


Episode 20: Luminara is the New Meta

This week DHaus and Mike are joined by Sir Christopher from Double Blanks Gaming to talk about some new Legacies spoilers and answer listener questions from Twitter and Facebook.