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Fandom meets fun in episode when the Kinda Nerdy Girls get together! KJ is a passionate fan of Marvel, Doctor Who & cats while Katie spends her time gaming & watching serial murder documentaries. Each episode includes another Kinda Nerdy Girl talking behind the scenes of the comic con world to the paranormal! Fun, fast-paced & full of laughs!

Fandom meets fun in episode when the Kinda Nerdy Girls get together! KJ is a passionate fan of Marvel, Doctor Who & cats while Katie spends her time gaming & watching serial murder documentaries. Each episode includes another Kinda Nerdy Girl talking behind the scenes of the comic con world to the paranormal! Fun, fast-paced & full of laughs!
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Fandom meets fun in episode when the Kinda Nerdy Girls get together! KJ is a passionate fan of Marvel, Doctor Who & cats while Katie spends her time gaming & watching serial murder documentaries. Each episode includes another Kinda Nerdy Girl talking behind the scenes of the comic con world to the paranormal! Fun, fast-paced & full of laughs!




Indy 500 BONUS EP! Kinda Nerdy with IndyCar Driver Ed Carpenter!

Joining us for the INDY500 Kinda Nerdy Drivers series, it's local favorite Ed Carpenter! Ed didn't THINK he was nerdy but then he went to his first comic con! We talk first time cons, our local favorite PopCon Indy and how HIS fandom is the BEST fandom. We'll be cheering you on Ed! Thanks for joining KJ for this special Kinda Nerdy Girls episode! #indycar #podernfamily #geekgirl #podcast #geekgirlpodcast #indy500 #edcarpenter #family #fandom


Who's YOUR Cartoon Crush? KJ, Katie & Johna Reveal Theirs Plus Solutions for the Batman Problem & More!

Anyone remember Kidd Video? We talk crushing on cartoon characters including YOUR Facebook answers plus we brainstorm what to do about Batman and the DC Universe, preview our next con adventure, PopCon Indy and our thoughts before seeing Aladdin! Don't forget our Kinda Nerdy Night Out to see Aladdin! If you're in the Indy area, join us at Studio Movie Grill at 7pm on Tuesday, May 29th! #podernfamily #podcast #geekgirl #geekgirls #fangirls #popcon #indypopcon #podcasting #podcastfriday...


The Force is Strong With This Driver! IndyCar's Jack Harvey NERDS out Big Time with KJ!

Attention Kinda Nerdy Network! One of our own is racing in the Indy500! British driver Jack Harvey with Meyer Shank Racing talks with KJ about his love of Star Wars, which Hogwarts House he's sorted into and why it's the best plus how his fandom spills over into his love of racing! Follow Jack during the IndyCar season and send good geeky vibes his way! #nerdygirls #podcast #podernfamily #geekgirls #podcasting #indycar #indy500 #jackharvey #starwars #harrypotter #fanboy #fandom...


Talking Robert Pattinson as The Batman, What Marvel May Have Done Wrong and Behind the Scenes at Motor City Comic Con

It's Day One of Motor City Comic Con and KJ & Kitsie are there! They share behind the scenes thoughts on the celebs attending plus talk about Robert Pattinson as The Batman, something MCU did so right that it might be wrong AND more! Keep up with the Kinda Nerdy Girls weekly podcast by subscribing for free! Please rate and review us nicely too. It helps us grow the Kinda Nerdy Network! #TheBatman #RobertPattinson #MotorCityComicCon #DC #Marvel #fangirl #fangirls #geekgirls ##comiccon...


BONUS EPISODE! Getting Kinda Nerdy with IndyCar Driver Colton Herta!

During the month of May, all kinds of people get KINDA NERDY about the Indy 500! We'll be talking with drivers leading up to the race about their fandoms--besides racing--and their thoughts on some of YOUR favorite Kinda Nerdy topics! In this episode, KJ talk with driver of the #88 Car, Colton Herta, the son of IndyCar and Champ Car driver Bryan Herta and at 19 years old, the youngest winner of an IndyCar race! You'll be surprised at what '80s movie Colton is Kinda Nerdy about plus we talk...


The "Is It Okay to Sleep During Your Favorite Show" Episode includes Spiderman: Far From Home Reactions, Game of Thrones Backlash & More!

We share immediate reactions to the Spiderman: Far From Home trailer and what it means for MCU. Plus, did YOU hate Game of Thrones this week? And, while catching up on Supernatural, KJ reveals a secret about her TV habits. Join us for the fun of fandom every week on the Kinda Nerdy Girls Podcast! #nerdygirls #kindanerdygirls #nerdynews #mcu #geekgirls #girlswhogeek #marvel #spiderman #gameofthrones #supernatural #spnfamily #popculture #tvtalk #moviereviews #podernfamily


In This Magical Episode, We Talk the BEST Harry Potter character, BIG Guardians of the Galaxy news, Endgame (spoilers) & more with VERY special guest, Wish Kid Isabelle!

The power of wish is even more magical when it's for a fellow Kinda Nerdy Girl! KJ visited Wish Kid Isabelle to talk the Avenger teaming up with Guardians of the Galaxy, Endgame (spoilers), favorite books and how Harry Potter kept Isabelle going through chemo and surgery to getting her first cancer free scan! #kindanerdygirls #nerdygirls #harrypotter #hogwarts #london #makeawish #endgame #avengers #guardiansofthegalaxy #books #girlswhoread #popculture #geekculture #geeksquadfam


Kitsie, Katie & Johna join KJ for Things You May Have Missed in ENDGAME (Spoilers!) Plus A Haunted Chair, Celebrity Other Brothers & Katie Reviews THAT Sonic Trailer!

After a second viewing of Avengers: Endgame, we caught some details (SPOILERS) that may reveal the future of Marvel, debate whether we should see Detective Pikachu, find out there's a lot of celebrity OTHER BROTHERS and science proves 3 of the 4 Kinda Nerdy Girls on this episode are actually good people. Who's the evil one? Listen to find out!


BONUS EPISODE: On Location & Spoiler Free! We chat Endgame, Marvel's Future and Why Game of Thrones Was Hard to Watch!

Recorded at our Kinda Nerdy Night Out for Avengers: Endgame and surrounded by people who have NOT seen it yet, we talk about our hopes for Marvel's future, spoiler free Endgame insights and why Game of Thrones made us all think we needed new TVs. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the movie AND joined us on our podcast. It's always more fun when we get to talk WITH you!



ONLY LISTEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN AVENGERS: ENDGAME! SPOILERS AHEAD! This is a BONUS episode with our REVIEW of Avengers: Endgame so it is full of spoilers, story arc info and lots of other insight you won't want to hear until you have already seen the movie.


The Episode If You HAVE NOT Seen Endgame: Talking Fan Theories & Our Hopes for the MCU plus we talk Lucifer, new Board Game Obsessions, Game of Thrones, Star Wars & more!

ENDGAME SPOILER FREE! GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS AHEAD! Let's talk about our favorite fan theories and strange anxieties about the end of an era with Marvel, we get exclusive behind the scenes Supernatural stories from Kinda Nerdy Shelley, talk finally getting to THE battle on Game of Thrones, why that last episode of Lucifer drove us crazy and some exciting news for Harry Potter fans!


Our "Pick the Avenger" Game gets intense, why Katie is NOT watching her favorite show, Game of Thrones, which Skywalker is Rising and more!

In this episode of of the Kinda Nerdy Girls: Star Wars: Rise of SkywalkerChilling Adventures of SabrinaKinda Nerdy BEARDGame of ThronesCaptain Marvel"How have YOU Been Kinda Nerdy?" If you like us, please tell your friends, subscribe for FREE & share so the Kinda Nerdy Network can continue to grow!


Expect Plenty of Uncontrollable Laughter as We Talk Shazam, an Unpopular Marvel Opinion, the Black Hole and More!

When all four Kinda Nerdy Girls get together, chaos ensues as you'll hear in this episode! We're fresh off seeing Shazam, excited for Lucifer's return, confessing unpopular Marvel opinions plus we get a look into KJ's childhood that will have you in hysterics. Thanks for listening to the Kinda Nerdy Girls Podcast! Now on YouTube and everywhere you get your podcasts!


BONUS EPISODE: Wed, Work With or Wipe Out: The Avengers Edition On Location At Our Shazam! Kinda Nerdy Night Out !

This bonus episode was recorded at the Shazam! Kinda Nerdy pre-party! We play Wed, Work With or Wipe Out: The Avengers Edition plus a Katie's Gaming Update, final preparations for the Game of Thrones Finale and we talk Sabrina & Umbrella Academy! Our next Kinda Nerdy Night Out with PopCon and Studio Movie Grill will be for Avengers: Endgame! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram for a chance to WIN tickets: @KindaNerdyGirls


The Avengers: EndGame Ticket Struggle, a Happy Way to End Supernatural and How KJ Forgave a Kitten Eating Demon!

It's the day after Avengers: EndGame tickets went on sale and the drama that ensued. We share our own adventures of the day, talk about ways we could be happy to see the Winchesters run coming to an end, catch up on behind the scenes with KJ at Lexington Comic & Toy Convention with a Buffy star she confesses she never liked and share first impressions of The Joker trailer. Join the weekly fun of fandom with us! Subscribe, rate, review and most of all, stay Kinda Nerdy!


Game of Thrones party ideas, a round of "How were YOU Kinda Nerdy?" plus Katie's interest in cults becomes alarming and why KJ's cats might eat her!

We love hearing what YOU have been up to? In this round of "How have you been Kinda Nerdy?" we get into the lore of Mothman, share Game of Thrones party ideas plus we find out that Katie might be a little TOO interested in cults, talk finally watching Oscar movies (yeah, we're a little behind!) and KJ attempts a British accent. We're sorry about that part. Please listen, share, subscribe, rate and review us so the Kinda Nerdy Network can keep growing! Thanks!


Behind the Scenes at Lexington Con with Sad Supernatural News But Happier Stories of The Office and Buffy!

KJ and Kinda Nerdy Girl Kitsie Duncan of Oddity Files share behind the scenes stories about their "side job" at Celeb Photo Ops! What's it like to meet members of The Office and work with stars from Buffy the Vampire Slayer & the WWE? Plus, where were you when you found out Supernatural was coming to an end?


Suicide Squad, Cat of Thrones, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

KJ's good news about Suicide Squad still isn't good enough for Katie and somehow cats have become the most important part of the final Game of Thrones season. Plus, there's something new for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans and in WTH news, snake massages!


Kinda Nerdy is Back and Revamped

After a short hiatus and slight re-brand KJ and Katie are back with a new, but old, show... Kinda Nerdy Girls. Fandom still meets fun and we continue to cover all the nerdy news. In our first episode back we talk Avengers Endgame, Shazam Supernatural, Game of Thrones, the cancellation of One Day at a Time, and how Katie always talks through movies.