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Star Wars Resistance Reaction

Steve Chu, Lindsey Cepak from When Nerds Attack, and Josh Gilliland discuss their first reactions to Star Wars Resistance. Tune in for high flying legal and geek analysis on air races, desertion, and Star Wars.


Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman with Matt Weinhold!

Matt Weinhold from Monster Party joined Josh Gilliland for a crossover to honor the first shared universe crossover film, Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman! Matt and Josh discuss the many issues of treatment of corpses, racial profiling, medical ethics, right to die legislation, and geek out over their love of Universal Monsters, comics, and more.


Ant-Man and the Wasp with Victoria Ikerd, Esq

How would attorneys defend the Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp? Attorneys Victoria Ikerd and Josh Gilliland discuss the legal strategies on how to Ava Starr for her crimes. Victoria and Josh also have a wide ranging discussion on Marvel movies, growing up as geeks, and of course Wonder Woman.


Probate Law After Avengers Infinity War

Attorneys Megan Hitchcock, Steve Chu, and Josh Gilliland discuss the impact of the final moments of Infinity War on probate law in the United States. How would the courts respond to 50% of the population turning to dust? Megan, Steve, and Josh discuss the different types of wills for planning an estate and what happens when a person dies without a will, focusing on victims of Thanos as examples. There is also a lot of geeking out over Infinity War.


Nerd Nite Philadelphia with Thomas Harper

Thomas Harper presented on Star Wars Law at Nerd Nite Philly.


Defending the Defenders

The characters of Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all face different legal challenges. Could Matt Murdock be disbarred for being Daredevil? How accurate was the trial of the Punisher? Could someone who was Kilgrave’d argue the insanity defense? What would lawyers need to prove the actual innocence of Luke Cage? Could Danny Rand reclaim his father’s company after being presumed dead for 15 years? Join our panel of Judge Carol Najera, Christine Peek, Jordon Huppert,...


The Court-Martial of Poe Dameron at Comic Con

The Legal Geeks and the Rebel Legion Sunrider Base present the mock court-martial of everyone’s favorite X-Wing ace, Poe Dameron. Based on the events of The Last Jedi, Poe stands accused of disobeying General Leia Organa and leading a mutiny aboard the Resistance flagship Raddus against Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo. Lawyers for the prosecution and defense, including a U.S. Army JAG attorney, will take on Poe’s case in front of United States Magistrate Judge Mitch Dembin. Participating attorneys...


Judges on the Law of the Last Jedi and Solo

Star Wars and the Law go together like Han Solo and Chewbacca. Join our panel of Judges for a discussion on the legal issues from The Last Jedi, Solo, and unexplored regions from the Outer Rim. Did Luke Skywalker have a legal obligation to save the galaxy from the First Order? What is the legality of underground Droid Fights? Could the Caretakers sue Rey for dropping a boulder on their cart? Was Han right when he first shot first? Find out when court is in session with Circuit Judge John B....


After Action Report on Star Wars Day at San Diego Comic Con

Joshua Gilliland, Megan Hitchcock, and Thomas Harper, recorded their first reactions to our Star Wars double hitter at San Diego Comic Con. Josh moderated the Judges of Star Wars panel, which focused on The Last Jedi and Solo. Megan and Thomas were prosecution attorneys for the Mock Court Martial of Poe Dameron. All share their thoughts on the show and what it meant to them.


Star Wars Law at San Francisco Comic Con with Claudia Gray

Is Kylo Ren a war criminal? Can Clones who followed Order 66 claim the Insanity Defense? What are the employee safety issues in Jabba the Hutt’s Palace? Join attorneys Joshua Gilliland, Sylvia La Rosa, Monte Cooper, and special guest Claudia Gray. Ms. Gray is a former practicing attorney from Louisiana and author of three Star Wars books.


Star Wars Law at San Francisco Comic Con (Day 1)

What lessons are there from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill from the Clone Wars episode “Hostage Crisis”? Do Droids have Rights? Join Lisa Hawke and Joshua Gilliland as they discuss these issues and more at San Francisco Comic Con.


Universal Monsters at San Francisco Comic Con 2018

Is the Wolf Man a Peeping Tom? Is Frankenstein a “person” under the law? Joshua Gilliland discussed these issues and more at San Francisco Comic Con. The audience had great legal questions on the creatures that go bump in the night.


Kaiju Law at San Francisco Comic Con 2018

Who pays for Acts of Godzilla? Is King Kong an endangered species? Attorneys Joshua Gilliland and Monte Cooper explored these issues and more at San Francisco Comic Con. A monster-sized thank you to the audience for excellent questions.


Lawyers Going Solo

Joshua Gilliland and Thomas Harper explore the hard questions from Solo A Star Wars Story. Did the Empire conduct lawful use of military force in the Mimbanese Campaign? What is the punishment for impersonating military officers? Could Han Solo be prosecuted for desertion? Was Chewbacca’s prison diet in violation of the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment? What can cases from the Old West on Train Robbing tell us about the heist on Vandor? Join Josh and Thomas to find out.


Infinity War: Avenging Lawyers

Is Thanos a terrorist or war criminal? How could multiple planets prosecute Thanos for his crimes in Infinity War? Join Joshua Gilliland and Thomas Harper as they discuss these issues, plus whether the Vision is a “person,” and whether War Machine would be subject to a court martial.


Star Wars Law at Nerd Nite SF

Joshua Gilliland, Esq., appeared at Nerd Nite SF for Solo Practitioner: The Law of Star Wars. The Nerd Nite presentation included Droid Rights, Employee Safety in Jabba the Hutt’s Palace, War Crimes of the Empire and First Order, and whether the Dark Side can be claimed as the Insanity Defense.


Celebrating the 85th Anniversary of King Kong with Monte Cooper, Esq.

2018 is the 85th Anniversary of King Kong. Monte Cooper shared family stories on his granduncle Merian Cooper, who created King Kong. Monte is an intellectual property attorney with Orrick in San Francisco. Monte is a bonafide monster kid and true geek. Monte and Josh Gilliland discussed Merian’s works including Son of Kong, Mighty Joe Young, and Merian’s military service. If you enjoy our podcast, please rate us and leave a review on iTunes.


May the Fourth Special with Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman

United States Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman joined Jessica Mederson and Joshua Gilliland to share her thoughts on Star Wars, the intersection of how she saw the film in 1977 and with her children today, thoughts on Droid Rights, and impressions of San Diego Comic Con.


Lost in Space!

Can a parent leave Earth in the best interests of their children? What is the duty of the Resolute as a common carrier? Tune in to hear Jessica Mederson and Joshua Gilliland discuss the first episode of the new Lost in Space on Netflix.


Kaiju Panel at San Diego Comic Fest

Beth Accomando, KPBS Cinema Junkie moderated a Kaiju Panel at San Diego Comic Fest with Miguel Rodriguez, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, Hiroshi Kanantani, Comic Artist, Monster Attack Team, Edward L. Holland, editor in chief of Monster Attack Team, and Joshua Gilliland, Esq. Tune in for a discussion on the history of Kaiju films, thoughts on what is required for a Kaiju movie, and the panelists favorite films.