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We compare the Book to the Screen and Everything Inbetween

We compare the Book to the Screen and Everything Inbetween


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We compare the Book to the Screen and Everything Inbetween








Season 4: Episode 159 - NATURE VS MAN: 28 Days Later (2002) / 28 Weeks Later (2007)

28 Days Later (2002) Directed by Danny Boyle and starring Cillian Murphy, Charles Eccelston, Brendon Gleeson and Naomi Harris, this British apocalyptic film would be a box office success garnering a sequel in 2007. Considered to be the film that introduced fast moving zombies, when in fact, it was Return of the Living Dead that actually started this trend. The film would deal with the evil of man and disease when it gets out into the streets of London. 28 Months Later (2007) The...


Season 4: Episodes 158 - BEWITCHED: Season 1: Episodes 17- 20

Season 1. Episodes 17 - 20. Darrin receives the gift of witchcraft. Darrin suspects a sexy model’s cat is Samantha. Endora turns on the charm when she meets Darrin’s parents. Darrin suspects that his new male intern is a warlock. Special Guest Stars include: Martha Hyer, Peggy Lipton Opening Credits; Introduction (.36.21); Story Geek: What To Watch During The COVID Crisis (27.12); Bewitching Going On/Which Witch Is Which: Episode 17 – A Is For Aardvark (30.57); Episode 18 – The Cat’s...


Season 4: Episode 157 - CLASSIC NOVELS: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1834) / Film (1939)

Book: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo ​ Film: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1939) Published in 1831, Victor Hugo would make a stand against Gothic buildings being modernised or torn down to make way for more modern buildings. Notre-Dame is a main character within the text creating long standing narrative about the famous building that doesn’t really add to the story. In 1939, William Dieterle would direct and the film stars Charles Laughton and Maureen O’Hara in the...


Season 4: Episode 156 -DARK SHADOWS: The Roger Davis Interview

Roger Davis, star of Dark Shadows and House of Dark Shadows joins the Literary License Podcast to discuss his life and career.


Season 4: Episode 155 - DARK SHADOWS: Episodes 440 - 460

March 1968 ​ Episodes 440 - 460 Barnabas tells Joshua of his predicament. Nathan marries Millicent and drives her insane. Nathan plans to get a hold of Daniel’s money. Joshua can’t bring himself to destroy Barnabas but instead chains him inside his coffin. Kathryn Leigh Scott stops by to wish our listeners some holiday cheer We are joined by special guest co-host Patrick McRae. He is a professional stage director of eighty productions, a voice actor, professional comic book...


Season 4: Episode 154 - NATURE VS MAN - The Anna and the Apocalypse Cast and Crew Interviews

We are joined by the incredible cast and crew of this modern classic film that once viewed will become a holiday classic to live out through the years. We are joined by Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly, the incredible song writing team, John McPhail, the fantastic director and two of the cast members, Sarah Swire (Steph) and Malcolm Cummings (John) who breathe life into their roles. We are also joined by the fantastic Barry Waldo who helped put this together who also wrote the novelisation for...


Season 4: Episode 153 - NATURE VS MAN: The Toxic Avenger - The Musical / Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

The Toxic Avenger – The Musical (2018) Based on the 1984 film with book written by Joe diPetro with music by David Bryan, both would write the lyrics together. Opening in 2008, the musical would receive multiple nominations and embrace hard nosed theatrical critics the world over. The show would play all over the world while smashing attendance records for an off Broadway tour and has played Australia, Canada, UK and across the USA. The video is available through Broadway HD. Anna and...


Season 4: Episode 152 - BEWITCHED: Season 1: Episodes 13 - 16 (includes Flintstones - SAMANTHA episode

BEWITCHED: Season 1. Episodes 13 - 16 Samantha plays matchmaker to two very different people. Samantha meets Darren’s parents. Samantha and Darren go to the North Pole. Samantha helps Zeno the Great get his mojo back.. Special Guest Stars include: Adam West, Chris Noel, Mabel Albertson, Robert F Simon, Bill Daily, Billy Mumy and Walter Burke. Opening Credits; Introduction (.36.21); Story Geek: What To Watch During The COVID Crisis (11.00); Bewitching Going On/Which Witch Is Which:...


Season 4: Episode 151 - CLASSIC NOVELS: A Christmas Carol (1843) / Scrooge AKA A Christmas Carol (1951)

Book: A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens ​ Film: A Christmas Carol (1951) aka released as Scrooge in the UK Published in 1843, the story would vitalised the Victorian Christmas traditions that were being looked at during this time. It would be the influence of Western style Christmas ever since. In 1951, directed by Brian Desmond Hurst and starring Alastair Sims as Scrooge would be considered the best adaption of the story that is most definitely had its share of adaptions. In...


Season 4: Episode 150 - DARK SHADOOWS: Episodes 419 - 439

February 1968 ​ Episodes 419 - 439 Angelique tricks Josette up on Widow’s Hill. Josette jumps to her death. Victoria is convicted of witchcraft. Opening Credits; Introduction (1.07); Out of the Shadows (11.51); Into The Shadows (26.58); Shedding Some Light (38.35); Character Breaks (1:38.52); Morning Has Broken (1:48.15); Tune In Next Time (2:03.33); Closing Credits (2:05.18) Opening and Closing Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert Music Cues by Robert Cobert from...


Season 4; Episode 149 - Nature Vs Man - The Ellory Elkayem Interview

We interview Ellory Elkayem, director and scriptwriter of Eight Legged Freaks, Larger than Life and two films from the Return of the Living Dead franchise and more. We discuss his career from his beginnings to current days and some interesting turns his career has made to date. All this and more with our special guest co-host Joe Randazzo, writer and producer. Informative and entertaining interview that you really can’t afford to miss.


Season 4: Episode 148 - Nature VS Man: Them! (1954) / Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

Them! (1954) This 1954 black and white film directed by Gordon Douglas and starring James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn and James Arness would be the first nuclear monster big insect film. Originally to be filmed in 3D and in color, this has to be scrapped due to malfunction of the 3D cameras. The film would be the number one highest grossing film for Warner Brothers. There are cameo appearances by Dick York and Leonard Nimoy. Eight Legged Freaks (2002) This 2002 horror, monster, comedy,...


Season 4: Episode 147 - BEWITCHED: Season 1: Episodes 9 - 12

Season 1. Episodes 9 - 12. Samantha and Endora go for lunch in Paris and meet Larry and Louise. Samantha’s father comes to call. Endora sends a gorgeous model to entice Darrin. Miscommunication takes over as Darrin thinks Samantha is pregnant. Special Guest Stars include: Racquel Welch, Maurice Evans and Maureen McCormick. Opening Credits; Introduction (.36.21); Story Geek: What To Watch During The COVID Crisis (4.28); Bewitching Going On/Which Witch Is Which: Episode 9 – Witch or Wife...


Season 4: Episode 146 - CLASSIC NOVEL - Call of the Wild (1906) / Call of the Wild (1935)

Book: Call of the Wild By Jack London ​ Film: Call of the Wild (1934) Published in 1903, this short adventure novel would tell the story of a Buck, who is stolen from his home and sold into the service of being a sled dog. The story would first be serialised in 1903 in the Saturday Evening Post and later put together as a novel in 1904. The film directed by William A Wellman and starring Clark Gable, Loretta Young and Jack Oakie would omit all the storylines but one. The film would...


Season 4: Episode 145 - SOAP: Season 1: Episodes 1- 8

SOAP ​ Episodes 1- 8 Benson has problems with Chester, Jessica is having an affair, Jody is gay and in love with a football star. Danny is employed by the mob. Burt. Corrine is in love with a priest. Danny must kill Burt. Chuck and Bob come to live with the Campbells. Opening Credits/Introduction (1.14); Story Geek – What to watch during the COVID19 crisis (9.29); Out of the Shower (12.39); Into The Tub (15.42); Washing the Dirt Away (18.49); Death Of A Bounty Hunter Ad (1:09.51);...


Season 4: Episode 144 - DARK SHADOWS: Episodes 396 - 418

January 1968 ​ Episodes 396 - 418 Barnabas and Angelique get married. Reverend Trask exorcises the old house whilst Angelique frames Victoria. Barnabas overhears Angelique spell. Barnabas shoots Angelique. Angelique casts a spell on Barnabas who grows old and dies. Barnabas rises from his coffin and Sarah gets sick and dies from pneumonia. We are joined by special guest co-host Roger Davis (Peter Bradford, Dark Shadows; Alias Smith and Jones and Businessman). NOTE: Roger Davis and...


Season 4: Episode 143 - NATURE VS MAN: The Children (1980) / The Children (2008)

The Children (1980) The low budget horror film directed by Carlton J Albright, tells the tale of five children infected by a yellow cloud that turns them into bloodless zombies with black fingernails who microwave everything. The film would be noted for its score written by Harry Manfredini who would score big with his Friday the 13th score. The Children (2008) The 2008 British horror film directed by Tom Shankland, opened to positive reviews in the UK and US. The film would tell the...


Season 4: Episode 142 - BEWITCHED: Season 1 - Episodes 5 - 8

BEWITCHED: Season 1. Episodes 5 - 8. Samantha offers to help Darren with his soup campaign much to his annoyance. Samantha helps a neighbourhood boy to gain self-confidence. Witches are being stereotyped by the advertising agency much to the dismay of Aunt Clara, Bertha and Mary. Darren is putting in overtime leaving a bored Samantha to zip off to Paris with her mother only to meet Mr Tate. Special Guest Stars include: Charlie Ruggles, June Lockhart, Jimmy Mathers, Shelly Berman, Reta...


Season 4: Episode 141 - EDGAR ALLEN POE: The McClain Lindquist Interview - Tell Tale Heart

McClain Lindquist is a director and writer, known for The Tell Tale Heart (2020) and BassMint Pros: Localized Tell Tale Heart (2020) - Adapted from Edgar Allan Poe's original text, this original psychological thriller story has been re-imagined in this mind-bending, pulse-pounding, bloody-disgusting short film. You can follow McClain Lindquist, Tell Tale Heart and BassMint Productions on the following links below: Website: Instagram:...


Season 4: Episode 140 - CLASSIC NOVELS: Treasure Island (1838) / Treasure Island (1950)

Book: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson ​ Film: Treasure Island (1950) First published as a serial in the children’s magazine Young Folks from 1881 – 1882 and later as a book in 1883, this is considered the first coming of age novel and is noted for its atmosphere, characters and action. In 1950, Disney studios would film an adaption directed by Byron Haskins and starring Bobbie Driscoll and Robert Newton. This would be Disney’s first completely live action and first screen...