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The Long Coat Mafia Podcast is a podcast by geeks about geek topics, interviews, social commentary and more.

The Long Coat Mafia Podcast is a podcast by geeks about geek topics, interviews, social commentary and more.
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The Long Coat Mafia Podcast is a podcast by geeks about geek topics, interviews, social commentary and more.




From 3 Kingdom Hearts To More Captain Marvel Controversy

Going rogue once again our Godfather talks about the 3 games he got and goes off on how bad Kingdom Hearts 3 is before going into why Playstation may be backing out wanting to do crossplay again. Lastly the Godfather follows up on some more controversy that has come out concerning Captain Marvel and Alita: Battle Angel. Our Standard Links Find Our Show And Social Media: Our Facebook page: Our Twitter:...


The Trolls Are Coming Get You Captain Marvel

Going at it alone our Godfather gives a shout out to a long time listener and fellow podcaster Rev. Jay Leal then talks about seeing Captain Marvel and tries to explain the controversy behind the movie. Where to find Rev. Jay Leal: Link to the syfy podcast our Godfather referenced: Our Standard Links Find Our Show And Social...


An Interview with Darkstone's John Johnson

In this episode straight from Darkstone Entertainment John Johnson finally joins the Godfather to talk about becoming a filmmaker, his process, his films and more! Plus the Godfather reviews 2 of John Johnson's films while he had Johnny on air! Listen now! Where to find John Johnson and Darkstone Ent.: Darkstone Entertainment's Website: John's Likeable Facebook Page: Darkstone Entertainment's Facebook Page:...


We're 200 Episodes Strong (Even In Alita: Battle Angel)

It's our 200th episode! Thus to start with our Godfather goes over how far we've come, as well as what is to come, and gives thanks to all those in some way in the 3+ years that were part of the show (though he sadly forgot to mention a few). He then shares with us his review he recorded after seeing Alita: Battle Angle. And lastly Sasha The Princess joins the Godfather to share her thoughts on Alita: Battle Angle after seeing it herself and to chat about the live action Disney movies coming...


Talking Bigfoot With E.C.B.R.O.'s Daniel Benoit

This week guest Daniel Benoit joins the Godfather to talk about not just his research on Bigfoot but about this mythical beast, the E.C.B.R.O. and more. So listen today. Where to find Daniel and the E.C.B.R.O.: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Facebook Page for the E.C.B.R.O. Conference: The Conference's website:...


Sounding Like A Coast To Coast AM Caller

This week Big Candy, through Skype, joins the Godfather for 3 plus of discussion. They start off by talking about the hobby of animation cell collecting before talking about Daniel Benoit coming on the show. The Continue on to talk about the new wrestling organization AEW, the rumors on who they are signing on, and how WWE is trying to keep their talent from leaving. They then tie that in with the Undertaker's appearance fee, Rachel True's stating she was "snubbed" by a convention and how...


Ranting About the Super Bowl Live And then Some!

Fling solo once again our does something different this week. He rants about this year's Super Bowl, Xbox Live being down, and CW's announcement in regards to some of it's fall shows. Our Standard Links: Our Facebook page: Our Twitter: Our Email: Instagram: Our Mixer Channel: Our Youtube Channel:...


Geek World Order Returns To Talk GhostBusters, Star Trek, Star Wars, And More!

Randy from Geek World Order returns to catch us up with what he's been up to, Ghostbusters 3 drama, Star Trek, Star Wars, wrestling news concerning Ronda Rousey, YouTube's new algorithms, and more! You can find Geek World Order by following these links: Geek World Order's Web Site: Geek World Order's Facebook Page: Geek World Order's Instagram: Geek World...


Amazon Gives Indie Filmmakers A Prime Reason To Be Pissed

With news from filmmakers about Amazon pulling their films from Amazon Prime Streaming for "quality issues" we spoke with independent filmmaker Mark Byrne about the issue and the ins and outs of being an independent film maker. Where to find Mark Byrne and his films: His Website: His Vimeo page: His Amazon Prime Landing Page...


Hey Look Its Yet Another Glowing Solo Show

In our first solo episode of the year our Godfather talks about and reviews the indie film "And There Were 4", touches on the Bungie/ Activision split and how it may effect Destiny 3, rants a tad about Netflix, Star Wars, and more! Don't forget to listen, share and interact. We do read your email and will read it on air too. As always if you have questions, comments, or smart remarks you can find us and contact us at these fine social media outlets along with our email below: Our Facebook...


A Host Based 2018 Year In Review And More!

In this the first episode of the new year Big Candy joins the Godfather briefly recaps what happened with the show this past year in regards to cons we went to, get caught up with Big Candy, talk about getting new audio to use by George "Spike" Riel, what we got for the show over the holidays, remembering the celebrities that passed, what's been happening with the current season of Doctor Who, talk about what's happening with super hero shows on the CW and Netflix, responding into viewer...


History And Hauntings Of Haldeman Mansion Our Final Eastern Paracon Panel

In this not just our last episode of 2018, but our last panel we have to offer from the Eastern Panhandle Paracon. In this our last panel in the series of panels we've been putting out as of late, Lora, from the Haldeman Mansion Preservation Society, presents her paracon panel titled "History And Hauntings Of Haldeman Mansion". So hear as she tells us about the history of, and the odd events that happen at the Haldeman Mansion. Note: 1) This is his content. We are just sharing it for your...


T'was The Night Before Xmas - A Winter Holiday Story/ Poem Reading

Our Godfather reads the classic holiday story/ poem "T'was The Night Before Christmas" By Clement Clarke Moore. Note: we do not own any rights to the stories we read. Nor do we write them. We just read them. Poorly. We do give credit when it's provided. Please help us with our GoFundMe Campaign by donating here: Don't forget to listen, share and interact. We do read your email and will read it on air too. As always if you have questions,...


A Panel That's Afraid Of A Microphone A.K.A.: Paranormal Inc. - A Paracon Panel

Once again we back to Eastern Panhandle Paracon which happened back in July of 2018. And once again hear our Godfather go into an almost 10 minute rant about how the presenters of this panel refused to use any of the available microphones and at times seemed to whisper. Due to the panel being mostly bad we will not share the presenter's links, but will say the following: 1) Outside of the rant we do not lay claim of any of the content that the listener can make out from the...


Youtubing With Jairus Of All Master Of None - A Four State Comic Con Interview Panel

This week we present to you our final episode stemming from For State Comic Con. Which is a quasi panel/ interview we did with Jairus Of All Master Of None. We discuss not just what he does on his channel, but what it takes to run a YouTube channel as well. Where to find Jairus Of All Master Of None: YouTube: Facebook: Twiiter: Instagram:...


Comic Book Artist Ken Hunt - A Four State Comic Con Interview

This week we present to you our interview with comic book artist Ken Hunt that we got back October at Four State Comic Con. In this interview ken talks about how he got started drawing, his style, his influences, how campaign sites like Kickstarter are helping independent comic creators get a reach, some advice for budding and veteran artist alike and more! Please help us with our GoFundMe Campaign by donating here: Don't forget to listen,...


Pokemon Go With Professor Nat - A Four State Comic Con Panel

With the recent update of Pokemon Go the timing of this panel couldn't be better because in this episode is our recording of the Four State Comic Con panel titled "Pokemon Go With Professor Nat". In the panel "Professor Nat" shares Pokemon Go tips and tricks for both veteran and new players alike. Note: 1) This is not our content. it is "Professor Nat"'s. We are just sharing it for your enjoyment, and for those who a) couldn't come to Four State Comic Con and b) or missed the panel. 2) Due...


Jesse Green AKA Captain Mango - A Four State Comic Con Interview

Returning to Four State Comic Con and stepping away from the panels our Godfather shares his interview with Jesse Green AKA Captain Mango/ Captain D. Capitate. In Jesse's interview he talks about how he progressed from doing promotions, to an actor, to a wrestler. Plus stay tuned to after the interview for some announcements. Jesse's Social Media Pages: Facebook: As Captain D. Capitate: As Captain Mango:...


Cosplay With LaineyCat and Austin A Four State Comic Con Panel

In this panel from Four State Comic Con LaineyCat and Austin talk about doing cosplay and discuss everything from original designs to gander bends and more. So if you wish to know more about cosplay and cosplaying this may be a great panel to listen to start your journey. Note: 1) This is not our content. it is LaineyCat's and Austin's. We are just sharing it for your enjoyment, and for those who a) couldn't come to Four State Comic Con and b) or missed the panel. 2) Due to some minor...


Monique Dupree - A Four State Comic Con Interview And More

This week our Godfather provides the interview with Monique Dupree he got at Four State Comic Con. Monique Dupree tells us all about being a wrestler, actress/ scream queen, model/ cosplayer and more. Plus stay tuned after the interview for the Godfather's thoughts on playing the Fallout 76 Beta. Where to find Monique Dupree: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Please help...