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S2E13 with Dr. Ryan Hanning | The festivity factor

Today’s episode is with Dr Ryan Hanning, a husband, father, scholar and homesteader. Dr. Hanning shares his insights on the connection between agriculture and personal integration, and how actively engaging with the earth has expanded his family's capacity to appreciate the beautiful. While Aquinas' definition of beauty is explained and other philosophical threads weave throughout the conversation, Dr. Hanning also offers some practical advice for how one can better position themselves so as...


S2E12 Jimmy and Alanna | "Why so serious?" (aka, thoughts on dating)

In this episode, Jimmy squirms good-humoredly under Alanna's dating related questions: what does he do to prepare for a date? What bothers him on a date? Both hosts share some thoughts on the topic before moving into the meat of the conversation - humor and intimacy. What prevents us from enjoying another person within the context of relationship? What does taking oneself too seriously stem from? Tune in to hear what Jimmy and Alanna have to say about this endlessly fascinating and puzzling...


S2E11 with the Gray Havens | When wanting is better than having

This week, Jimmy sits down Dave Radford, frontman and one half of the husband-and-wife band The Gray Havens. Dave shares some of his backstory (including how he and his wife, Leisha, met and struck up their relationship) and the evolution of his identity as a musician - as well as the main (and surprisingly simple) impetus behind the first few songs he ever wrote. Other topics that arise include Tolkien's and Lewis' influence on Radford's imaginative process, as well as the fundamental...


S2E10 with Alanna Boudreau | Institutions: can they be trusted?

In this week’s episode, Jimmy and Alanna tackle the difficult topic of whether or not institutions (governments, churches, schools, families) can be fully trusted. What is the root of institutional disease, and how does a member cope with disillusionment? What parts do loyalty, skepticism, and hope have to play? Our hosts each bring a slightly different perspective to the table - but as always, they find plenty of common ground when digging into this painfully relevant topic. . . . TIRED OF...


S2E9 with Janaya Trudel | You have to be hungry in order to be full

This week, Jimmy sits down with the former trusted cohost of the Love Good podcast, Janaya Trudel! Janaya embodies the mission of Love Good as few others do, and she has been sorely missed by the team. In this episode, she updates Jimmy on her most recent life adventures, including touring nearly non-stop through her native Canada, working several jobs, and gathering strength and inspiration to launch her own solo career. Sit back and enjoy this conversation between friends, and let Janaya's...


S2E8 with Alanna Boudreau | Dark Matter and Embracing Mystery

This episode features a unique conversation within the context of what we do here at Love Good - the adventure presented by mystery. Jimmy and Alanna have perhaps their most candid talk yet as they explore the topic of chaos and order - within the universe and within ourselves. If we are living life beautifully, artfully, and authentically, it becomes really hard to live it dogmatically. While there is objective truth, the way that that truth changes us and forms us changes person-to-person,...


S2E7 with Cimorelli | How going viral on YouTube changed their family forever

In this episode, Jimmy sits down with internet sensation Cimorelli, the sister-band who have over four million subscribers (and over a billion views!) on Youtube. In 2009 the sisters uploaded a cover of Miley Cyrus' hit "Party in the USA," and the video went viral. From there, the sisters have seen their fanbase expand enormously, and have honed their online presence (and taken control of their careers) over the past nine years. In this delightful conversation, the sisters share their...


S2E6 with Alanna Boudreau | Going home & the experience of loneliness

In this episode, Jimmy & Alanna analyze a few utterly ridiculous scenarios before jumping into the topic of home: what does it mean to be "at home"? How does our origin affect who we become, and what is our role in reclaiming it if it's been broken or lost? Listen in as two friends share thoughts on this multifaceted subject, with its particular offshoots of loneliness, friendship, and choosing to be rooted. . . . TIRED OF BEING A PASSIVE CONSUMER? So are we. Love Good is a community of...


S2E5 with Matt Maher | Uncomfortable with the world? Empathy might be the answer.

In this episode, Jimmy sits down with 9-time Grammy Award nominee Matt Maher, a Nashville based musician and worship leader. Together they discuss the topics of time, being part of a meaningful liturgy, the pervasiveness (and subversiveness) of anxiety, the unchangeability of the past, and how love Incarnate is the answer to every riddle life throws our way. Matt also shares about his new Christmas album and what inspired him as a musician and as a father to finally get into the studio to...


S2E4 with Alanna Boudreau | What good coffee and good media have to do with each other

In this episode, Jimmy & Alanna get straight down to business (after some banter about the tongue-tying nature of Alanna's first name) to ask what it means to acquire a livable intentionality in one's daily habits, and what might inhibit that process. Addiction, compulsivity, absurdity and self-sufficiency are all explored and discussed within the context of the free-flowing, stimulating conversation between friends. . . . TIRED OF BEING A PASSIVE CONSUMER? So are we. Love Good is a...


S2E3 with The Annie Moses Band | When your parents write a radio hit and you end up a family band

In this episode, Jimmy chats with a handful of the members of the Annie Moses band, a classical cross-over ensemble of six siblings based in Nashville. The band's front woman Annie shares her thoughts on the purpose of the band and what it symbolizes to each of them and to the audiences they play for across the world. . . . TIRED OF BEING A PASSIVE CONSUMER? So are we. Love Good is a community of artists, patrons, and culture makers who believe in the power of beauty to change the world....


S2E2 with Alanna Boudreau | City living, chaos, and weird tour happenings

In this episode of the Love Good podcast, Jimmy welcomes Alanna Boudreau as the official co-host of season two. You’ll get a taste of their decidedly different - but complementary - ways of discussing life as they touch on common threads that run through different regions of the States (as well as the vast differences), seeking order without suffocating one’s sense of receptivity, iconic scenes from the Godfather, and living out of a place of spontaneous availability. You’ll also learn what...


S2E1 with Ellie Holcomb | How music unites our stories

Welcome to Season 2 of the Love Good Podcast! To kick it off, Jimmy sits down with Ellie Holcomb, a very special woman and musician whose wisdom pervades the conversation. A Nashville native and daughter of acclaimed producer Brown Bannister, Ellie brings a needed perspective to the table regarding the normalcy of Nashville and its people - even in the midst of so much creation and fame. Topics including motherhood, mental health, and sacramental imagination during this joyful conversation...


Summer bonus with Scott Mulvahill | Taking criticism, rewriting, and merging the perfect polyrhythm

In this Love Good exclusive interview, Jimmy sits down with long-time friend of the movement, Nashville-based musician Scott Mulvahill. After touring with the “father of bluegrass”, Ricky Skaggs, for over three years, Scott began the journey toward his own solo career last year: he and Jimmy discuss the joys and challenges of the transition, and the necessary maturation it has inspired. Scott shares about the importance of learning how to receive critique, rewrite, and put forth the best you...


Summer bonus with Sandra McCracken | Living with confessional self-awareness

In this Love Good exclusive interview, Jimmy sits down with Sandra McCracken, a well-seasoned musician who met great success in the Christian band Caedmon's Call before branching out to do her own solo work. Jimmy and Sandra talk about living from a stance of confessional self-awareness, and the importance of identifying basic needs and emotions when seeking an honest experience of intimacy. . . . RAISE YOUR STANDARD FOR MEDIA AND CULTURE. Get beautiful new music, books, and art delivered to...


Summer bonus with Tyson Motsenbocker | Life, death, and how suffering becomes an invitation

In this Love Good exclusive interview, Jimmy has a visit with Washington native Tyson Motsenbocker, who joins him on the podcast from his current home in San Diego. In one of the most sincere conversations we’ve published, Jimmy and Tyson mainly explore how the life and death of Tyson’s beloved mother impacted him as a person and artist, and how the suffering inherent to this earthly journey is an invitation to remain open to the idea that there’s something more going on than meets the eye.


Summer bonus with Matt Wertz | How to avoid insulated living and remain radically available to life

In this episode, Jimmy sits down with world traveler and singer-songwriter Matt Wertz. They pull no punches as they dive into the real and raw places that bridge the gap between church and culture. Matt shares his thoughts on the value of hardship and life-experience, exploring the idea that an insulated life is one that lacks the ability to be truly compassionate and artistic: radical availability to life, and to the people life brings your way, is key to flourishing as a person. They also...


Summer bonus with The Hunts | An inside look at family bands and why conflict is often a good thing

In this episode, Jimmy hops home from Europe long enough to catch up with Josh Hunt, lead singer of the sibling band The Hunts. Josh shares his summer plans (family reunion in sunny Florida), and then they explore the evolution of the band, the challenges that come with being part of an opinionated (but loving) family, the band’s unique way of approaching songwriting, and the value of conflict in distilling decisions and outcomes. What does it really mean to collaborate, and to evolve?...


Summer bonus with Alanna Boudreau | The mystery of motherhood and why you are worthy of being seen

Welcome to first bonus episode of the summer. Host Jimmy Mitchell sits down with old friend, creative genius, and brand new Content Director for Love Good… Alanna Boudreau! Joined by her baby, the ever-sweet (and occasionally noisy) Lewis Walker, this conversation runs the gamut as Jimmy and Alanna discuss the mystery of motherhood, the literary influences around her forthcoming album, and why every person is worthy of being seen and loved. Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher now so you never...


S1E22 | Drew Holcomb on why music kills loneliness (and how you can become a culture maker)

In this unforgettable episode, Drew Holcomb joins Jimmy Mitchell in the studio for a conversation about why music kills loneliness, how millennials are challenging the mold set by their parents, and why all of us need to become culture makers. In the midst of a weepy goodbye, Janaya closes out her final episode as co-host with a simple but powerful thought: you can only find yourself by giving yourself away. P.S. There may (or may not be) bloopers at the end of this episode. Stay tuned to...