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#73 - Wid Chapman, Architect & Former Chair of the Interior Design Department of Parsons The New School for Design

This week we are joined by Architect Wid Chapman, Founding Principal of Wid Chapman Architects, Interior Design & Architecture teacher and Former Chair of the Interior Design Department at Parsons, The New School for Design. We discuss the differences between interior design and architecture (are there any?), teaching philosophies and pedagogies, strategies for learning design and how education has changed with recent technological advancements. Wid has had his work featured in publications...


#72 - Let's Talk About Elon Musk & If Architecture Will Die

This week David and Marina discuss Elon Musk's interview on the Joe Rogan Podcast, the death of architecture, augmented realities, owners of big trucks, engineering and design, visiting the DMV, gruff waiters and more. Enjoy! Why Elon Musk's Hyerploop is a Bad Idea (starts at 43:16 of Episode #47)www.midnightcharette.comInstagram Architecture ArticleElon Musk Interview


#71 - Karen Kubey, Housing and Health Expert, Urbanist and Architectural Editor

This week David and Marina are joined by Karen Kubey, urbanist and architectural educator specializing in housing and health, to discuss affordable and public housing, the current volume of Architectural Design (AD), "Housing as Intervention: Architecture towards Social Equity," which she guest-edited and more. Enjoy! A+D Housing as Homeless Design Project Karen Kubey co-founded the Architecture for Humanity NY chapter and New Housing...


#70 - Crazy Rich Asians and Why Downtown Disney's Planning is Terrible

This week David and Marina discuss Crazy Rich Asians from an Asian perspective, was it that good?, why people have sympathy for the wealthy, montages that last way too long, why the land planning of Downtown Disney doesn't work, Disneyland as an architectural experience, yummy Italian food and Californians who drift when they walk. Enjoy! www.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#69 - Sharon Zukin, Professor of Sociology, Brooklyn College & CUNY Graduate Center on the Tech. Industry, Modern Urban Life & Public Spaces

This week David and Marina are joined by Sharon Zukin, Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College & the CUNY Graduate Center and the author of numerous books on modern urban life. The three discuss her upcoming book on the tech industry's impact on cities, the commodification of modern life, what makes a place authentic?, the pros and cons of privately managed public spaces, China, gentrification and more. Enjoy! www.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#68 - The Culture Shock of Moving to California & Why Environmental Changes Aren't Taken Seriously

This week David and Marina discuss the culture shock of moving to California, learning to drive, why environmental changes aren't taken seriously, the different egos in NYC and SoCal, the new weird trend of fake freckles, self-centered minorities and more!! www.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#67 - Wendy W Fok, Architect & Founder of WE-DESIGNS on Academia, Technology & Real Estate

This week Wendy W Fok, Architect & Founder of design firm, WE-DESIGNS joins us to discuss Hong Kong, her love/hate relationship with school, Princeton, Harvard, Bartlett, academia vs practice, working at Ralph Lauren, a bizarre Black Mirror-esque restaurant, technology's impact on social estrangement, a new real estate company that promotes local community and more! www.we-designs.comwww.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#66 - Confusing Short Films & Why Minimalism Today is Just Lazy Design

This week David and Marina discuss that weird short film before the Incredibles 2, farting in theaters, actors who portray cgi characters, karaoke in k-town, "craft" in design & music, why the "sock shoe" approach to design and minimalism today is just lazy design! www.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#65 - Alexia Beghi, Senior Architectural Designer at Gensler

This week we are joined by Alexia Beghi, Senior Architectural Designer at Gensler to discuss visiting Chicago, traveling on the east coast, white rice meals in Las Vegas, imagining attacks in NYC, wild dreams on Zyrtec, honeymooning in France, onomatopoetic Yiddish, diets, what it's like to work at Gensler (2:25:50), designing retail stores in on 5th Avenue, Ballet & Architecture and more!


#64 - Bizarre Bathroom Behavior, Why Instagram's New Office is Terrible & The Censorship of Architects

This week David and Marina talk bizarre bathroom behaviors, visiting the Hearst Tower in NYC, snobs in elevators, why Instagram's new office design is terrible, curiosity in conversations, hosting interviews, why architects are censored and more! www.midnightcharette.comInstagram Instagram's Office


#63 - David Basulto, Founder, CEO & Editor-In-Chief of ArchDaily, The World's Most Visited Architecture Website

This week we are joined by David Basulto - Founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief of ArchDaily, The World's Most Visited Architecture Website - to discuss how news & design media impacts architecture, the team behind ArchDaily, why ArchDaily matters, current design styles & trends, globalization, the diminishing desirability of star-chitects, urban planning, data-driven designs and more! ArchDailywww.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#62 - Kevin Wong, Photographer, Instagram Influencer & Architectural Designer

This week are joined by Kevin Wong - Photographer, Instagram Influencer and Architectural Designer - to discuss living in Hong Kong, his journey from photographing as a hobby to shooting for companies like BMW, Leica, Nike and HypeBeast, becoming an Instagram Influencer, transforming wall furniture, photography tips, lessons from architecture school and more! www.exd-lab.comwww.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#61 - Is Branding Necessary? Materiality & Why Modern Construction is Perverse

This week we talk racist tweets, censorship, Architect Odile Decq's belief in strong personalities and bold designs, "Is having a branding necessary?", visiting marble quarries, materiality, why modern construction is perverse, Norman Foster's Hearst Tower and more! www.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#60 - Young Architect Michael Riscica on Passing the Architect Registration Exams and Entrepreneurial Advice

This week we are joined by the "Young Architect" Michael Riscica! We discuss his crazy path to becoming a licensed architect, strategies for passing the architecture exams, NCARB, the AIA, gender issues in the profession, his entrepreneurial success, him biking across the country three times, selling Barbie dolls on amazon and much more! If you are a designer trying to pass your exams definitely check him out. www.youngarchitect.comwww.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#59 - Is Design Culture-Specific & Could Corbusier's Ronchamp be Designed in Revit?

This week we talk copying and selling designs, the effects of cultural identity on creative work, Korean skin, architecture and music genres and "Could Corbusier's Ronchamp be designed in Revit?" www.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#58 - David Briggs, Architect & Co-Founder of Gowanus by Design

This week David Briggs, Architect and Co-Founder of Gowanus By Design joins us to discuss New York City in the 80s, gentrification, urban preservation, the planning challenges of Gowanus (a neighborhood in Brooklyn) and its severely polluted canal, designing better cities, wastewater treatment, painting and more! David is the founding principal of Loci Architecture. www.lociarchitecture.comwww.gowanusbydesign.orgwww.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#57 - French Architecture School & Vomit Omelettes

This week we talk French Architecture school, living off of chili with cream cheese, sororities & vomit omelettes, Wakanda salutes, surviving school, cutting off parts of fingers, fitting in with happy people, loogies, blood and more delicious things! www.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#56 - Dong-Ping Wong, Architect & Founder of FOOD & +POOL (The World's First Water-Filtering Floating Pool)

This week Architect Dong-Ping Wong, Founding Partner of FOOD joins us to discuss architecture design process, running a firm, +POOL (the world's first water-filtering floating pool), design education, rendering styles and much more! Dong-Ping Wong has worked with notable people such as Kanye West, MoMA, Virgil Abloh and more.


#55 - The 9/11 Development, Dance-Offs & Public Parks

This week we discuss the 9/11 development, hurricane Sandy, privatizing public parks, comparing film-making to design, the subway crazy bike lady, FRIENDS and more! www.midnightcharette.comInstagram


#54 - Franz Hoffman, Co-Founder of Fontself

This week we are joined by Franz Hoffman the co-founder of Fontself, a plug-in that enables graphic designer to create custom fonts. We discuss technology's impact on design, why typography matters, the challenges of starting a business, designing for users & clients, the democratization of fonts, architecture and much more! www.fontself.comwww.midnightcharette.comInstagram