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Neverland 276: Willow Turns 30!

Welcome to The Neverland Podcast! It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve heard from Lost Boy Eric, but he’s back from WDW! We’ve got a lot of things to talk about that’s going on in the parks with a few ideas on how to play your Summer visit to Orlando. After some news, we’ll … Continue reading "Neverland 276: Willow Turns 30!"


Neverland 275: Captain Marvel Controversy

Welcome to The Neverland Podcast! The build up to Captain Marvel’s cinematic debut has been a rocky one. It’s hard to please comic book fans, and sometimes an actors remarks can damage the reputation of a film before it even hits theaters. As a podcaster and a movie reviewer, I try my best to toss … Continue reading "Neverland 275: Captain Marvel Controversy"


04 Enter Magneto: MMTC!

Welcome True Believers! This time on the Mighty Marvel ToonCast Jeremy and Tim will take us back to the world of mutants with The X-Men! This time the master of magnetism, Magneto surfaces to challenge the merry mutants! Can the X-Men stop Magneto’s nuclear destruction plans for humanity while deciding what to do with Sabretooth? … Continue reading "04 Enter Magneto: MMTC!"


MMTC 03 The Spider Slayer!

This time on the Might Marvel ToonCast Jeremy and Tim will take us back to Spider-Man’s world as he has his first encounter with the spider slayer! Will this menacing metal monstrosity mess up Peter’s chances with the beautiful Felicia Hardy? Excelsior!


02 X-Men: Night of the Sentinels-MMTC

It’s time True Believers! Tim and Jeremy will talk about that classic premiere pair of perfect power episodes of Marvel’s X-Men series from 1992. Night of the Sentinels was a fantastic two part premiere and the Toonsters are going to talk all about this introduction to Marvel’s Merry Mutants!


01.5 Spider-Man: Night of the Lizard Commentary-MMTC

Tweet This episode was the pilot of the Spider-Man animated series from the 1990’s! This episode starts off with a bang and introduces many elements that will be crucial to the stories told throughout the series! We are unable to upload this video to YouTube due to copyright claims, but we will gladly show it … Continue reading "01.5 Spider-Man: Night of the Lizard Commentary-MMTC"


01 Spider-Man-Night of the Lizard-MMTC

Tweet The premiere of the Spider-man animated series featured one of the more lethal foes Spidey ever face. Dr. Curtis Connors, who was a friend of Peter Parker’s before he become the Lizard due to an experiment he performs on himself. Listen as Jeremy and Tim discuss this premiere episode in The Mighty Marvel ToonCast! … Continue reading "01 Spider-Man-Night of the Lizard-MMTC"


00.5 Pryde of the X-Men Live Commentary

Tweet Enter Live Chat Join Jeremy and Tim as we provide commentary on Pryde of the X-Men and then listen to the podcast episode! The audio from this commentary has been added to the podcast feed. Sync up the audio with a full copy of the video and enjoy! The post 00.5 Pryde of the … Continue reading "00.5 Pryde of the X-Men Live Commentary"


00 Marvel ToonCast ZERO, Pryde of the X-Men

Tweet This is an introductory episode of the Marvel ToonCast where Tim and Jeremy will introduce them selves and the format of this podcast. Do you recall the X-Men pilot episode, “Pryde of the X-Men”? This was to be the beginning of an animated series in the 80s, but unfortunately it failed to launch. To … Continue reading "00 Marvel ToonCast ZERO, Pryde of the X-Men"