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A podcast where we really make a meal of our movies. All the latest news, movie reviews and looking back at the best Hollywood has served us

A podcast where we really make a meal of our movies. All the latest news, movie reviews and looking back at the best Hollywood has served us


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A podcast where we really make a meal of our movies. All the latest news, movie reviews and looking back at the best Hollywood has served us




Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Spoilers

Last chance to turn back. Tebbs and Corm have seen Dr Strange 2 and it was.... Alright? We cover the Kenobi Trailer, House of Dragons, Where the MCU goes now and a special edition of the Whine List with a contribution from a distinctly Austrian sounding Brien! Enjoy


1994: A Vintage Year

Let Tebbs and Corm serve you some vintage recipes from a stellar year: 1994. Pulp Fiction V Shawshank v Gump with a dollop of Lion King thrown in. We look back at the year cinema peaked


Morbius: The Vampire who Sucks

Tebbs and Corm finally get round to the thourally underwhelming Morbius. Was it worth the wait? What do you think. We also discuss Stranger Things S4, most watched Netflix and many other lovely movie related musings. Enjoy


Dream Sequels

Movie Chefs Tebbs and Corm take a fire up the burners and stoke the ovens as we cook up our dream sequels; bite size tasters of meals we'll never get. Also various stuff about Bruce Willis, Will Smith and Moonknight initial thoughts. ENJOY!


Oscars Fallout

Tebbs and Corm discuss the aftermath of the Oscars 2022, discussing CODA, Van Morrison, Scientology Clouds and absolutely nothing else. Nope. Not a thing more.


David Fincher Movie Menu

This week Tebbs and Corm discuss a menu of Fincher: The Game, Benjamin Button, Zodiac and S7ev7en. We also discuss Ms Marvel and an unfortunate incident with a bucket.


The Batman

Tebbs and Corm go dark and gritty as we welcome Robat Battinson into the Movie Kitchen with The Batman. We also talk kenobi trailer, having to book a particular seat at the cinema and Cormac doesn't drop a beer on the floor. Cheers!


Natalia Baydan: Live from Kyiv, Ukraine

This week's episode puts the movies to one side (sort of) as we welcome to the Movie Chef Podcast the CEO of Planeta Kino, Ukraine's largest cinema chain, Natalia Baydan. We talk to her live from Kyiv and discuss the ongoing crisis and the lives it has impacted directly.


Movies that should NEVER have been made

Tebbs and Corm swing open the doors to the movie chef kitchen and work our way through movies that should never have been made. Not just what you think is a bad movie, we're talking the down right pointless, heartless, dangerous and grotesque films put to celluloid. This week's episode includes discussions in Nazi propaganda Jud Suss and the controversial A Serbian Film.


A like totally 90s movie menu, as if!

Tebbs and Corm serve up a movie menu of 90s movies, with a twist. Which movies encapsulate the era of the 90s, when cares were free and being a generation X wasn't an insult. Which movies show off the greatest ever decade the best? Caution- may contain Hackers


Spiderman No Way Home

Tebbs and Corm welcome you to 2022 with a look at the biggest film of 2021, Spiderman No Way Home. Spoilers from the start as we gush over mulitverse magic. We also look at Nicolas Cage trailers, our levels of John Hamm excitement and more. Enjoy


Xander Berkeley!

Merry Christmas from the Movie Chef Podcast. We are over the moon to present to you a special episode with none other than Xander Berkeley; star of The Walking Dead, 24, Terminator 2, The Mentalist and so much more. Enjoy!


(Not) A Christmas Movie Episode

Tebbs and Corm were ready to discuss what constitutes a Christmas film and if Eyes Wide Shut is actually a soft porno but then something else came up 😉 we have a long awaited special announcement that we know yule love


Ghostbusters Afterlife Spoiler Review

Tebbs and Corm are you are going to call because we (finally) have our Ghostbusters Afterlife review ready at the pass and streaming hot on your plate. We also have more Spiderverse talk, no Hawkeye talk and what had China got against ghosts? Enjoy!


Legacy Sequels (with 20 % off!)

With approximately 50% of the chefs still to see Ghosbbusters, we take a moment to have a look at Legacy Sequels, sequels to the franchises we grew up with which manage to reboot, remake and destroy what we love in 120 mins, ENJOY !


Eternals Spoiler Review

Let Tebbs and Corm serve you up a helping of the boring, long and messy Eternals, Marvel's biggest misfire since Black Widow. We also talk Spiderman No Way Home trailer 2, one actor who plays creepy pervert almost all the time and much much more


Daniel Craig's Bond, allegedly

The boys are back to take you on a look back at the Craig Era of James Bond and what's to come in the future. Well Tebbs does, Corm can't forget Moonraker. Also contains extensive use of the word Allegedly


Dark Desserts: The Curse of The Exorcist

Let Tebbs and Corm whip you up another dark and twisted dessert which this time is the curse of the Exorcist. Fires, Death, Demons and Serial Killers. Put the kettle on


Dune: A Denis Villeneuve Opus

Let Tebbs and Corm serve you up a controversial episode of tragedy, death, sadness and Moonfall. Then a main course of Dune, the spice-y slice of Sci-fi for your pleasure


Venom: Let there be Spoilers

Tebbs and Corm unleash thier long tenticles around a dish of Alien Head Chomping goodness with Venom Let there be carnage, we also talk home alone, Will Poulter and Fivecream. Enjoy!