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Episode 17 - Barcelona Attacks, Channel 4's 'The State' and Muslims on Social Media

This week Inayat is joined by writer and journalist Hussein Kesvani as well as editor-in-chielf of The Muslim Vibe, Salim Kassam. They discuss the gamification of terror attacks online in light of the recent Barcelona attacks, Channel 4's drama 'The State' about new recruits joining ISIS fighters in Syria as well as Hussein's upcoming book about British Muslims on social media.


Episode 16 - Charlottesville, Amir Khan's divorce and Neymar's big money move

This week Inayat is joined by the editor-in-chief and senior editor of The Muslim Vibe, Salim Kassam and Nouri Sardar. They discuss some of the trending news stories at the moment. In particular the recent rise of right-wing extremism in America under the presidency of Donald Trump, Amir Khan's decision to make his personal issues public through the use of social media and finally the implications of Neymar's decision to leave Barcelona for a £500,000+ per week salary!


Episode 15 - The forgotten Kashmir conflict

Inayat is joined this week by Shahid Lone to discuss the conflict in Kashmir. Shahid is a writer, orator, activist and doctoral fellow in Political Economy and has devoted much of his life to raising awareness about the situation in Kashmir.


Episode 14 - My trip to war-torn Mosul

Inayat is joined by Madiha Raza of Muslim Aid and Haseeb Rizvi the director of The Muslim Vibe. This week's podcast discusses Madiha's recent humanitarian trip to war-torn Mosul as well as the political and humanitarian situation in Iraq and the future of the region.


Episode 11 - Islamophobia And right-wing extremism

Inayat Kanji is joined this week by the chief editor of The Muslim Vibe, Salim Kassam and secretary of the APPG on Islamophobia Hayyan Ayaz Bhabha as they discussing the recent trend of rising Islamophobia and right-wing extremism in the UK. You can subscribe to our weekly podcast here:


Episode 10 - Grenfell Tower Fire

The Muslim Vibe podcast is back! With a new host - Inayat Kanji - and joined this week by Chief Editor Salim Kassam and Senior Editor Nouri Sardar. This week they discuss the horrible Grenfell Tower fire that took place a few weeks ago in London as well as Nouri's spoken-word piece dedicated to the victims of the tragedy.


Episode 8 - Does the problem of racism exist within the Muslim community?

We discuss racism and Islam with one of the leading voice for Muslims and Islam in Michigan. Dawud Walid is the Executive Director of the Michigan branch of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and an Imam who has traveled around the USA delivering speeches and sermons on a range of topics. On this podcast, we tackle the issue of race within our communities, the Black Lives Matter movement and Trump's America. We apologise for the audio quality as there were a few technical issues...


Episode 8 - Discussing #MuslimsLikeUS with Zohra from the show

In the UK this week a TV show called Muslims Like Us aired on BBC2. It was a social experiment of sorts, where they took 10 Muslims from across the UK and put them in a house together for 10 days. The two-part documentary was a fascinating look at the broad spectrum of Muslims in the UK and on this podcast we discuss the documentary, Zohra's experiences being on the show and the response after it was aired on national television. We also discuss notions of identity, what it means to be...


Episode 6 - The death of Vine, interracial marriage and a chat with Subhi Taha

We take things international this week and have a chat with fashion designer and blogger, Subhi Taha. We discuss... - the death of the social media platform Vine - interracial marriages (in light of Subhi's video: - Muslim men in fashion and Subhi's his new line (which you can find here: If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions for future podcast, don't hesitate to get in touch on


Episode 5 - In conversation with Imran Yusuf

Afrah and Salim have a chat with award-winning comedian Imran Yusuf... They discuss identity, race, history, Brexit, Trump, David vs Goliath, Star Wars, Imran's latest venture - HaLOL... and so much more! Imran has toured the country performing his comedy routines and has featured on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow on BBC1. To find out more about HaLOL, please visit: If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions for future podcast, don't hesitate to get in touch on...


Episode 4 - Obama's legacy, Maajid Nawaz and the dangers of street Dawah

On this week’s podcast, Salim and Afrah are joined once more by Nargess Moballeghi ( and Haseeb Rizvi to discuss: - The dangers of aggressive street dawah with the likes of Dawah Man - Maajid Nawaz being listed on the Southern Poverty Law Centre as an anti-Muslim extremist - The 'legacy' of President Barack Obama The articles discussed in this podcast can be found here: "Maajid Nawaz: Islam's threat from within -...


US Election Special: President Trump - what now for American Muslims?

Donald Trump is president-elect of the USA.... In this US Election Special, Salim and Afrah are joined once more by independent journalist, Nargess Moballeghi ( and in a debut for Haseeb Rizvi, the director of The Muslim Vibe. In this podcast, they will be discussing Donald J. Trump being elected as the next President of the United States of America and what that could mean for American Muslims... In this special election edition, they discuss...


Episode 3 - Hajj reflections and Taekwondo hijabis

On this week’s podcast, Salim and Afrah decide that it's about time to talk about their journey to Hajj this year. As promised ahead of their trip, they share their reflections on what it means to make the journey into the heart of Islam. You can see some of the pictures from their journey shared on our Instagram. They discuss how we should take inspiration from the journey of Hajj and learn to get past our differences and to come together if we truly seek to change the world in which to...


Episode 2 - Calais Jungle, veganism and the US Elections

In this episode, Salim and Afrah are joined by independent journalist, Nargess Moballeghi (Twitter: @JournoNargess) to discuss the following key points: - The destruction of the Calais Jungle - Should more Muslims turn to veganism? - The insanity of the US Elections The articles accessed and discussed in this podcast can be found here: Nadia Kadry: It is time more Muslims turned to Veganism? (Link: Sheikh Jafer Ladak: Thinking of voting for the lesser of two...


Episode 1 - Prevent, Wonder Woman and caring for the elderly

We're pleased to announce the launch of The Muslim Vibe Podcast! In this episode, independent journalist, Nargess Moballeghi and our chief editor, Salim Kassam, join our deputy editor, Afrah Mansour to discuss the following key points: Britain’s counter terrorist policy, Prevent, and if it’s working in the current political climate. The United Nation making Wonder Woman the gender equality ambassador. The ethics of looking after our elderly, and if we’re failing to do so in our...