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Podcast discussing nerd life and current events

Podcast discussing nerd life and current events
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Podcast discussing nerd life and current events




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TNCS- Episode 10- Cantina Conversations with Dr Rachel Kowert

In the first segment of our Cantina Conversations, Steve and Ken have a discussion with Dr. Rachel Kowert. Dr. Kowert is an associate researcher at the University of Münster. She has published numerous articles and book chapters on the social impact of online gaming and serves on the board of DiGRA (Digital Games Research Association). They have an in depth discussion on youth and video games and how parents can understand more on how to be a part of that...


TNCS- Episode 9- News (05-20-19)

In this weeks news Steve and Ken talk about Steve's John Wick 3 review, the troubling news regarding Stan Lee, a sparkly new Batman, Disney eats Hulu, and they both go all in on the end of Game of Thrones. We changed the format a bit going forward. This will be our new weekly Nerd News show, followed by interview and "Fight Me" shows throughout the rest of the week. We hope this makes your experience more enjoyable. Please leave your comments or call the voicemail (815-905-1414) with your...


TNCS- Episode 8 (Tanner Rubert, MK11)

Welcome Nerds! This week Steve and Ken sit down with competitive gamer Tanner Rubert to discuss the weekly news and an in depth talk about the fighting genre of competitive gaming. Tanner is the co-host of the Slips and Hippo Show and also has a blog. They discuss two movie releases this week, Disney's movie schedule, Watchman, some space news, and the Final Fantasy VII remake. Tanner then lets us into the competitive fighting scene in gaming. We hope you enjoy. Please take part in the...


TNCS- Episode 7 (League of Legends and Heavy Metal Machines w/ Matt Bosko))

This week The Nerd Cantina Show has its first guest host featuring Matt Bosko. Matt is 3 time SLG Champion with the Chicago Force and North American Community Manager for Heavy Metal Machines. Matt sits down with Steve and Ken to discuss the Sonic rework, some spoiler free G.O.T., the latest Far From Home trailer, and a hot topic in the gaming community. They also discuss Matts career in gaming. This is a fun show and we hope you...


Fight Me Friday #1- The Last Jedi

Today we are launching our first episode of a segment we like to call Fight Me Friday. Occasionally we will be choosing fans and friends who have strong dissenting opinions and argue about them for your entertainment. Today Steve takes on his long time World of Warcraft guildmate Corey about the quality of The Last Jedi. This is an argument they have had since the movie released and have tagged and shared every meme possible to provoke one another. As always nerd culture is full of passion...


TNCS- Episode 6 (Gisselle Legere)

This week Steve and Ken tackle the two most anticipated events of the year, Avengers: End Game and the third episode of Game of Thrones. They do so with no spoilers at first, but after a great interview with screenwriter for Quantico and Epidemiologist Gisselle Legere, they go no holds barred on both with their full opinions. Leave your comments on the voicemail (815-905-1414) and let us know what you think. Thanks again for joining us and we hope you enjoy the...


TNCS- Episode 5 (Beaker Creatures, Sue Burke)

In this week's episode Steve and Ken discuss what is going on in Westeros, The Boys trailer, End Game anticipation, and some gaming news. They also feature interviews with the creators of Beaker Creatures and Sue burke, author of Semiosis. We thank you for your continued support in our early stages and hope you are enjoying the content we are trying to bring you. For more info on the subjects discussed see the links...


TNCS- Episode 4 (David Boyce, Ian Mortensen)

In this weeks episode Steve and Ken discuss Steve's Hellboy review, the Disney+ subscription service, and the overwhelming amount of news to come out of Star Wars celebration. They also feature two table top interviews. One with board game creator David Boyce, and another with our board game reviewer Ian Mortensen. We thank you for supporting our site and podcast and encourage you to engage with our forums, leave comments, or call the voicemail at...


TNCS- Episode 3 (Mirah Bolender, Cory Doctorow)

In this week's episode Steve and Ken talk about the weekly nerd news which included the first listener voicemail regarding the Joker trailer. They also feature interviews with a young, up and coming author Mirah Bolender, and digital activist and sci-fi writer Cory Doctorow. This is another great example of the future content The Nerd Cantina Show will be providing. Not only will they be talking about the pop culture aspect of nerd life, but will also dive head first into the intellectual...


TNCS- Episode 2 (Erica Fett, C4 Magazine, Chrissie Zullo, and Brennan Lee Mulligan)

In The Nerd Cantina Show's second episode Steve and Ken discuss the nerd topics of the week which include some thoughts on gaming, upcoming releases and movie news. They continue to their C2E2 interviews featuring the stunning cos-player Erica Fett, the creator of C4 magazine Alan Scholting, the extremely talented artist Chrissie Zullo, and the Dungeon Master from Dimension 20 Brennan Lee Mulligan. You can find more info on these people below. We hope you...


TNCS- Episode 1 (Israel Idonije, Matt Waite, Fight Your Friends)

This is the first official episode of The Nerd Cantina Show. This episode was recorded the day after the end of Chicago's largest nerd convention, C2E2. Steve and Ken discuss the news from the floor and events from the last week and feature interviews from the floor with Israel Idonije, Matt Waite, and one of the members of the Fight Your Friends team. TwitterDream Kids AdventuresAthlitacomicsInstagramKickstarter Cold War GamesIf you would like to leave a voicemail to have your opinions...


TNCS- Episode 0

A brief introduction to the Nerd Cantina Show. We discuss the reasons behind starting the blog at as well as why we are creating the podcast. We are hoping to create a unique community of nerds that reach out and engage with us as we discuss movies, TV, comics, books, and news. Steve and Ken will guide discussions of recent topics and play voicemails and read emails from listeners each week. Guests will join the show from time to time and there will be interviews with...