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April 18 – Game of Thrones Review and Mary Shelley Monster Hunter

This week is a review of the first episode Game of Thrones this season. Nerd News. A Game of Thrones theory. The comic of the week is Mary Shelley Monster Hunter. Finally, what's up at The Nerd Store.


April 10 – Game of Thrones Special…and Fair Lady

Brady's out sick this week, but Micah and Travis talk almost non-stop Game of Thrones ahead of the season premiere this Sunday. The comic of the week is Fair Lady. Finally, what's coming up at The Nerd Store.


April 3 – The Joker Trailer, Cap vs Iron Man, and War of the Realms

As a gas leak plagues our friends in downtown Greeley, the guys fully analyze the new Joker trailer. Nerd News. Then, the nerds speculate the most important question of the day: will Captain America die in Avengers: Endgame or will it be Iron Man who kicks the bucket. The comic of the week is the epic The War of the Realms. Finally, what's coming up at The Nerd Store.


March 27 – DC vs Marvel, the +’s and -‘s of having so many streaming services.

This week, they guys discuss the "rivalry" between DC and Marvel and the differences between the two. Nerd News. The positives and negatives of having so many choices in streaming services is discussed. The comic of the week is Detective Comics 1000. Also, this week...and upcoming The Nerd Store.


March 20 – Gunn is back, Fox is now a part of Disney, and Invisible Kingdom

With Brady gone for the evening, Travis and Micah discuss the return of James Gunn to the MCU. Also, Fox is now officially a part of Disney. Nerd news. The comic of the week is Invisible Kingdom. Also, what's up at The Nerd Store this week?


March 6 – Game of Thrones, Transmetropolitan #1 and DC vs prescription drugs.

This week, the guys discuss what they'd like to see happen in the final season of Game of Thrones. Nerd News. Travis tests Brady and Micah on their DC planet knowledge in "Is it a DC Planet or a Perscription Drug?" The comic of the week is the graphic novel Transmetropolitan #1. Finally, what's new at The Nerd Store.


February 27 – Toys, Oscars, an interesting Disney theory, and Stronghold #1

On this week's Nerd Show, Travis, Brady, and Micah discuss the new toys...the first of many...that have come in to The Nerd Store. We touch on a replacement for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Nerd's had some representation at the Oscars...not as much as we would have liked though. Nerd News. Should Star Trek: Discovery be considered Star Trek in spite of the angry protests of Micah and other Trekkies? There is a new and very interesting theory floating around about the Disney movie universe. The...


February 14 – Recasting Wolverine, and Oblivion Song/Batman who Laughs

Brady's hair stylist has moved and he is left with a big decision. The guys discuss the recasting of Wolverine now that Hugh Jackman has left. Nerd News. If Walter White is still alive...i.e., in the Breaking Bad movie...will it ruing his legacy? The comic(s) of the week are the Oblivion Song graphic novel and Batman Who Laughs #3. Finally, Travis has ordered the first batch of toys for The Nerd Store!!!


February 6 – Super Bowl ads and halftime, Simpsons renewed, Batman #64, and betting on the newest Batman

Yep, non-sports fans, the Super Bowl is over and we're talking about our favorite ad and the awful halftime show. The Simpsons was renewed for seasons 31 and 32. Nerd News. The comci of the week is Batman #64: The Price. Ben Affleck's exit from The Batman has left a void in the DCEU and Vegas has set a line on who will be the next Batman. Finally, what's coming soon at The Nerd Store.


January 23 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer and commercials on Netflix

On this episode of The Nerd Show, the guys remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer...the characters we liked, REALLY liked, and some we didn't much care for. The idea that Buffy is better than remakes of the Ghostbusters and Oceans franchises is also discussed. Nerd news. Coincidentally, the comic of the week is Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1. A poll in the UK. shows that 57% of Netflix subscribers would cancel their subscriptions of the streaming service started carrying commercials, and the guys...


January 16 – Favorite Spider-Man, Bandersnatch, and The Batman Who Laughs 2

Brady, Micah, and the tardy Travis begin the show by discussing their favorite Spider-Man. Then it's Nerd News...and I'll have you know it's not my fault the open didn't play on time. ...


January 9 – A new animated DC movie, the problem with superhero TV series, and Young Justice

Anyone who shops at The Nerd Store will be excited to learn of its still in progress layout. Superman: Red Sun is turning into an animated movie. We try to determine the best Joker...again. Nerd news. The comic of the week is Young Justice. The problem with superhero TV series. Finally, what's happening this week at The Nerd Store.


December 26 – Quick movie review, is Will Ferrell funny, and Judas.

On this week's show, Travis and his next of kin do a quick review of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse and Aquaman. Travis questions whether or not Will Ferrell is funny. The results of The Nerd Show poll are interesting. Nerd News. There was not an official comic of the week, seeing as how it is Christmas week, but Travis picked out the Judas graphic novel. Also, this week...the last The Nerd Store.


December 19 – Netflix vs theaters is a myth, Aquaman, and Chandra.

On this episode of TNS, the nerds discuss a study that refutes the theory that Neflix is harming theaters. Speaking of theaters, Travis saw Aquaman, and liked it! Next up is Nerd News. The comic of the week is Chandra, Magic The Gathering's newest offering. Finally, what's going on at The Nerd Store.


December 12 – Plug pulled on Netflix’s Daredevil and The Batman Who Laughs

We've talked about turmoil on Netflix/Disney productions before, and there's more with Daredevil being canceled. Nerd news. This week's nerd debate is Game of Thrones vs. Lord of the Rings. The comic of the week is The Batman Who Laughs. Finally, the Nerd Store has so many things on sale, you could almost buy the whole place!


December 5th – A new Twilight Zone show and Die

It's the Nerd Show's first Wednesday night episode and Brady and Micah discuss whether or not CBS's new Twilight Zone will be adequately creepy, politically subtle, or even good. Then it's on to Nerd News. ...


November 27 – Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and Middlewest

On this episode of The Nerd Show we discuss Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon and how they are much better than DC Universe. Also, even though we didn't remember the name of the Coen Brothers' newest... Continue reading November 27 – Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and Middlewest at 1310 KFKA.