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Open for all your film and film-adjacent fixations! We are your hosts Austin, Albert, and Zephyr and we are here to show you a world of films and film-adjacent topics that interest us, sometimes with guests from the field. Come on in!

Open for all your film and film-adjacent fixations! We are your hosts Austin, Albert, and Zephyr and we are here to show you a world of films and film-adjacent topics that interest us, sometimes with guests from the field. Come on in!


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Open for all your film and film-adjacent fixations! We are your hosts Austin, Albert, and Zephyr and we are here to show you a world of films and film-adjacent topics that interest us, sometimes with guests from the field. Come on in!






NEW PODCAST! The Order of the Snoot - Ep. 1: Fresca? (The Boys)

We will be recording new episodes of The Omniplex soon, but in lieu of an episode this week, we would like to present you with the first episode of a new TV binge podcast hosted by Albert, Tab, and their dog Max! Want to hear more? The full podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you download your podcasts! This first meeting of the Order is called into session! Primordial Snoot Max has determined that this week we shall review the Amazon series The...


OPX 8: Quarantine IV - A New Hope

There's finally.. FINALLY... a light at the end of the tunnel. The Omniplex is open, welcome to our 4th.. and hopefully final.. Quarantine watch cast. This is a special one, as it denotes the one-year anniversary of when the quarantine (in America, anyways) started. And since the vaccines are rolling out and gaining speed, we finally a year later have some hope for some semblance of normalcy in the near future. Until then, Zephyr, Albert, and Austin present what they have watched in the...


OPX 7: Riding the Whale (w/Guest J.M. DeMatteis)

The Omniplex is open! This week we have a lovely chat with writer J.M. DeMatteis about his take on writing characters, what it takes to write meaningful stories, influences, and his prolific career in comics, television, and movies. We talk Superman, Batman, Deathstroke, Death (the Neil Gaiman version), and Scooby Apocalypse. If you're interested in cultivating your own writing creations, we urge you to take a look at J.M. DeMatteis's live online workshop, Imagination 101 at


OPX 6: Nerds Represent! (w/Guest Josh Bullock)

WARNING! FULL SPOILERS for Soul and a hint at a spoiler for WandaVision. The Omniplex is open! This week we have guest Josh Bullock, creator of action comic Monarchs and founder of Boom! Animation. We talk with Josh about Black representation in the media, growing up nerd, Disney/Pixar's Soul, Josh's many wonderful projects, the MCU, Sonic, and much much more! We recommend checking out Josh's comic Monarchs! If you like Dragonball Z, this is the comic for you! Also check out his company...


OPX 5: The Horse in the Hospital

Welcome, friends. The Omniplex is open. We aren't normally this heavy on the political side, but the last four years has been tumultuous. Each piece of media produced, whether directly or indirectly, is a product of its time. Now that the horse has officially left the hospital (thank you John Mulaney, for the brilliant and hilarious extended metaphor), we can begin to look at what impact Trump's presidency has had on our film, tv, and music. If media is society holding a mirror up to itself,...


OPX 4: Mean Green Mother From Outer Space

The Omniplex is open! This week, Austin, Albert, and Zephyr talk the dark comedy musical classic Little Shop of Horrors. Mostly the movie, but we also delve a little into the off-broadway musical, the 1960 Roger Corman original aaaaaaand another version that we bet Zephyr would rather soon forget. Poster art by Eddie Holly. Visit our website at! Like our Facebook page Follow us on Twitter Subscribe, rate, and review...


OPX 3: Quarantine III - *crying noises*

In a carryover from The Film Room, your hosts Austin, Albert, and Zephyr continue with their media absorption in the never-ending quarantine. We share our experiences watching the likes of Roger Waters, K-Pax, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Land Before Time, Jack-O, Hobgoblins, Darkwing Duck, Scary Stories, and much much much more. So please enjoy the last of our quarantine casts, at the very least the last one of 2020. And remember, wear your mask, wash your hands, and stay safe this...


OPX 2: They Wouldn't Make This Today

The Omniplex is open! This week we discuss a bygone era. Think back. Back to a long lost time in movie history. Alllllll the way back to the Fall and Winter of the yesteryear of 2007. Think of the greats. Juno. Michael Clayton. Sweeney Todd. No Country For Old Men. And more! Relive these classics with us, and discover why late 2007 era frozen in time for the three of us, and a special time for movies as an artform. QUICK NOTE: We at The Omniplex believe that each episode we release out into...


OPX 1: A Galaxy of Sound (w/Guest Dirk Maggs)

The Omniplex is now open! We're your hosts, Austin, Albert, and Zephyr. For the flagship episode of our expanded format, we had a lovely conversation with radio drama veteran Dirk Maggs about his career creating "audio movies" for the ever-changing listener landscape. We talk everything from The Sandman, his recent project with Neil Gaiman for Audible, to his adaptations of the Hitchhiker's Guide radio serials, Dirk Gently, Superman, Batman, Alien, Independence Day UK, and much more. You...


TFR 120: Goodbye, Cool World (TFR Finale)

Welcome to the final episode of The Film Room! Yes, the podcast in this form is ending, and we are burning it down to the ground with our take on Ralph Bakshi's Cool World. How does this exist? Why is it such a dumpster fire? Could it have been better? We attempt to answer these questions with our takedown. And after we burn it down, watch this space, for a new podcast and a site rebranding shall rise from the ashes with your hosts Austin, Albert, and Zephyr! Coming very very soon to a film...


TFR 119: For the Adults

Welcome to The Film Room! We have exciting changes coming in the next month or so, but until then here's the second-to-last episode of The Film Room Podcast! This episode we talk the state of Western Adult Animation. We talk the sliding scale between Bill Plympton and John Kricfalusi, as well as the past and present of animation geared for mature audiences. Gear up, we're going for a ride! We have a website! Find the cast and more at You can contact us at our Contact...


TFR 118: Novel Approach (w/Guest Mike Sacks)

This week we are joined by comedy writer Mike Sacks to talk about his books Passable in Pink and Stinker Lets Loose!, based on the 80's and 70's films of the same name (which are definitely not available on Netflix). Come join us for a great discussion of the allure of film novelizations, parody, and how movies age through the decades. Afterwards (or even beforehand if you like), we deeply encourage you to check out Mike's books, they are well worth your while. Buy the physical books and...


TFR 117: With Pride (w/Guest Host Zephyr)

This week we declare that every month is Pride month as we celebrate Pride in August and take a look at the current state of Queer representation in film. Zephyr leads the charge this cast as we talk Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody, Moonlight, Rocko, and where representation has been compared to where it is and where it needs to go. We have a website! Find the cast and more at You can contact us at our Contact Page on the site! We are available on Please subscribe,...


TFR 116: Quarantine II - Plaguenado

Part 2 of our three-part Quarantine series (recorded in June, deep into the quarantine) we refresh our list of media absorbed during the pandemic, movies we FINALLY had time to get around to watching. With recurring guest Zephyr, we talk Sonic, Cloverfield Paradox, The Cube trilogy, Solar Opposites, The We Bare Bears Movie, and much, much, much more! Coming soon: Part 3: Reopen Reckoning. We have a website! Find the cast and more at You can contact us at our Contact Page...


TFR 115: Quarantine

Hello and welcome to part 1 of 3 of our Quarantine watches! Recorded in late April during the lockdown, this episode provides a time capsule of films and tv shows Albert, Austin, and returning guest Zephyr have been watching to pass the time and temporarily drown out the whirlwind of the current atmosphere. We talk greats like Space Force, Chopping Mall, Birds of Prey, a grab bag of things we had been wanting to watch but haven't quite gotten around you. Have have you watched during the...


TFR 114: Change the Channel

Welcome back! This week we have frequent guest Zephyr back for a special update to our State of Criticism cast. For this discussion we focus on Not So Awesome, a document released by former members of Channel Awesome documenting what happened during their tenure at the site. We go over our thoughts on the document, as Zephyr, a long-time Wall fan, unloads on Nostalgia Critic's latest parody video on The Wall. Tune in! You can read the document here, and draw your own conclusions on what to...


TFR 113: Pika Pika! (w/Guest Paul Andolina)

PIka pika! PikaCHUU!! Welcome to our episode on the great Detective Pikachu, the first Pokemon live action movie! We welcome back regular guest Paul Andolina to discuss the first live action Nintendo movie since Super Mario Bros waaaay back in 1993. What works, what doesn't, how close is it to source material, all will be answered! You can find the writings of Paul Adolina at his website! Wresting With Film And be sure to follow the associated Facebook page! Paul's Twiter:...


TSHS #54: Fandom Longevity

Ahoy, Shipmates! Your Captains Ninny and Alfonzo here with another shipment of nerd! This week we talk some Steven spoilers, the Fortnite Black Hole, and Captain Alfonzo makes the first F-bomb slip-up in our new format! All this and more, so tune in on your pirate radios, won't you?


TSHS #53: Tales From the Hiatus!

Ahoy, shipmates! We are Captains Ninny and Alfonzo, back from sailing the Haitus seas, and boy do we have some stories for you! Everything from updates from the nerd world, including Spiderman and Steven Universe, to work stories, to gaming obsessions, we're back and we have it all! Note: We have decided moving forward to prerecord the program, rather than do live shows. What we lose in the live audience feature, we gain in better regularity in the release schedule (including being able to...


TFR 112: Off-Topic

DISCLAIMER: This episode was recorded on April 18, 2018, and serves right now as a time capsule. This was before both Infinity War and Endgame came out, among other various things that have changed drastically in the past year and a half. We talk a dozen random subjects, movies we've seen, the state of Channel Awesome at the time, upcoming things we are excited about (that turned out with mixed results), and some extra Lola shenanigans kept in for good measure (because she's grown since...