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Looking for a rundown on all the latest PC gaming news? Want some hot hot hot PC game reviews? Look no further than Rock Paper Shotgun's weekly recap of the last seven days in PC games, The PC Gaming Weekspot. Headlines And Hot Takes, Show And Tell, Mystery Steam Reviews: The PC Gaming Weekspot has it all!

Looking for a rundown on all the latest PC gaming news? Want some hot hot hot PC game reviews? Look no further than Rock Paper Shotgun's weekly recap of the last seven days in PC games, The PC Gaming Weekspot. Headlines And Hot Takes, Show And Tell, Mystery Steam Reviews: The PC Gaming Weekspot has it all!


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Looking for a rundown on all the latest PC gaming news? Want some hot hot hot PC game reviews? Look no further than Rock Paper Shotgun's weekly recap of the last seven days in PC games, The PC Gaming Weekspot. Headlines And Hot Takes, Show And Tell, Mystery Steam Reviews: The PC Gaming Weekspot has it all!




The Spotty Awards 2021 (Game Of The Year… So Far)

This week, you get the second ever Spotty Awards as we look at our game of the year 2021 (so far) picks, it’s time for the last ever Mystery Steam Reviews, and we’ve got a load of Burning Questions to get through. The PC Gaming Weekspot was the only PC video games podcast you needed in your life if you were looking for some lovely PC gaming news and some wonderful PC gameplay. Thanks for listening and watching. After countless Xbox Game Pass plugs, a lot of Dooming, and the arrival and...


Eye And Mighty (Outer Wilds: Echoes Of The Eye Review, Sable Review)

So, the main point of discussion on this week's podcast is the Outer Wilds: Echoes Of The Eye DLC. Talking about it is tricky, because saying pretty much anything about it feels spoiler-y. Christ, I'm trying to be careful writing this blurb in case I say something that I shouldn't. But, somehow, I think we managed to talk about it, without talking about it. Know what I mean? We're thankful for the Outer Wilds DLC, because it sure was a quiet news week. There's a bit of chatter on the...


Bridge Of Spies (Deathloop Review, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Review, The Leaked GeForce Now List)

After getting a taste last week, both myself and Matthew have spent the last few days in Blackreef. We've been enjoying doing the same things over and over. Yeah, Deathloop is pretty good. Before we chat about our looping adventures in Arkane's FPS, we discuss the recently leaked Nvidia GeForce Now list. You're not going to win any prizes for guessing that some of these games will come to PC, but the prospect of others is a little bit more exciting. I mean, I know I could really go for...


In The Loop (Deathloop Impressions, The Artful Escape Review, PC at PlayStation Showcase 2021)

Yes, we all know the game has a very cool look, and all of us enjoy playing a good time loop game, but what actually is Deathloop? Thankfully, Matthew's played the first few hours and is here to enlighten both you and I. But, before we chat about Colt Vahn's day, we get into the biggest news stories over the last week. The most notable thing, really, is that there was a PlayStation Showcase filled with lovely PC-related tidbits. We're getting a KOTOR remake, Forspoken seems decent, and...


A Beautiful Mind (Psychonauts 2 Review, Twelve Minutes Review, Saints Row Reboot News)

Double Fine did it: they made a sequel to Psychonauts that's great. And different, too. It's a follow-up with modern day sensibilities that plays much better than the original. Given that it was one of our most anticipated games of the year, it's fair to say we're quite pleased. Another enjoyable thing is that news happened over the last week. Great for anyone that does a podcast that revolves around current events in video games. While Volition haven't officially announced it yet, Geoff...


Joy Parisian (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege Of Paris Review, Road 96 Review, Alan Wake 2)

Yes, another Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla DLC has been released. And, again, it’s a tad like the base game. But, not totally, because Ubisoft have remembered to put some sneaking in this one. It still has a pebble-stacking minigame, though. You can’t have it all, I guess. Apart from The Siege Of Paris launch, the past seven days have been relatively quiet, all things considered. There has been rumblings of a few things – and we love to speculate as much as the next person working in games...


Undead To Me (Back 4 Blood Preview, Marvel XCOM Rumours, Death Trash Impressions)

Colm’s never played a single second of Left 4 Dead. So, he can't properly compare the new game to the source material. However, he can say that he had a ball playing the Back 4 Blood beta with other members of the RPS treehouse. It's good, old-fashioned zombie killing funtimes! While Turtle Rock's upcoming game dominates this week's show, Headlines and Hot Takes is full of chat on what could be next from 2K. Apparently there's an "exciting new franchise" coming, so we get chatting on the...


Outer Wilds Card (Annapurna Interactive Showcase Recap, The Ascent Impressions, Omno Review)

Annapurna really stretched the limits of notE3 by putting on their inaugural showcase so late in the day, but I’m glad they did. They showed off a lot of cool things, like Neon White and Stray. We even got the briefest of looks at the upcoming Outer Wilds DLC. Headlines and Hot Takes is full of chat on what the publisher packed into a half an hour last week. And, yes, while the cat looked decent, and the first-person card shooter-thing looked intriguing, Echoes Of The Eye definitely takes...


Necromorph Code (Dead Space Remake, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Review, The Forgotten City Review)

Everyone knew it was coming, dulling the surprise somewhat, but it’s still pretty cool to get confirmation of a Dead Space remake. Well, we've decided that it’ll be good if EA takes a page out of Capcom’s book and goes the Resi route with its Isaac Clarke revival. EA Play Live 2021 didn’t have much apart from EA Motive’s new game, really. The Dead Space 202? speculation dominates this week’s Headline & Hot Takes. We still make time to talk about PES (now eFootball) going free-to-play and...


The Gabe Gear Is Real (Valve Steam Deck, Death’s Door Review, Cris Tales Impressions)

WonderSteam, N-Gabe, Valvita: you can call it whatever you like because Valve have made their intentions clear. They’re keen to elbow their way into the handheld market with the Steam Deck. Of course, Headline & Hot Takes has loads of chat on Valve’s Switch-like handheld. We chat about who this is for, we speculate on whether or not developers are going to be taking the Steam Deck into consideration when making their games, and we chat about how it looks. We’re very superficial. We also...


Taking Their Talents To South Beach (GTA VI Vice City, Assassin’s Creed Infinity, King’s Bounty 2 Impressions)

I can picture it now: cruising down Vice Point, behind the wheel of a Cheetah, giving off big divorced dad energy as W.A.S.P. bellows from the car stereo. How brilliant would it be to head back to Rockstar's Miami? If you believe what's been said over the past few days, we'll all get the chance to revisit one of video game's great locations in a few years time. Headline & Hot Takes is full of chat on Grand Theft Auto VI: Vice City. Nothing's set in stone – expect confirmation of what GTA...


OOPs, They’re Doing It Again (Control Co-op Spin-Off Announced, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Preview, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Review)

I don't think many were betting on Control getting a co-op spin-off. Some Remedy fans might be a bit put off by the studio focusing on a multiplayer game, but we're a little more positive. It's more of a Headline & Hot Take this week as we focus the majority of our news chat on the upcoming four-player PvE game. All we've had so far is a bit of concept art for the game that's codenamed Condor, but that doesn't stop us speculating on what we can expect. We also talk about painting during...


Isaac The Lad (New Dead Space Game, Scarlet Nexus Review, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Preview)

After eight years on the shelf, many are saying the smart money is on EA announcing a new Dead Space game at the upcoming EA Play in July. Given the fact that EA have gone back to Mirror's Edge and they're in the process of reviving Skate, it's not a bad shout. So, obviously enough, this week's Headlines & Hot Takes contains some chatter on whether we'll see a new Dead Space pop up at EA's notE3 event. We also get into our thoughts on what a new Dead Space looks like in 2021. We also...


The Next Generation (Best Steam Next Fest Demos, Chicory Review, Everwild)

Alright, all the big budget AAA games had their day with E3. Thanks to Steam Next Fest, it's now time to have a look at what indie games we'll be playing in the future. It's not just Sable. To be fair... we do talk about some of those big budget AAA releases in this week's Headlines & Hot Takes. Now that The Weekspot has someone that's shown a bit of interest in Elden Ring, it'd be a shame not to chat about those interviews Miyazaki did after E3. We also discuss the recent rumours around...


One Ring To Rule Them All (E3 2021 Recap and Review: Elden Ring, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Forza Horizon 5 And More)

It was a weird E3. A lot of video games we already knew about, and more CG trailers than we might like, but there were still some notable announcements and gameplay reveals. While Kevin Hart didn't seem too pleased with his involvement in the festivities, those watching at home had an alright time. Rather than breakdown every livestream for this week's Headlines & Hot Takes, we've decided to pluck out the things we liked the look of, and have a nice chat about them. The Elden Ring trailer...


Let It E3 (E3 2021 Predictions: Xbox, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix And More)

Yes, it’s that time of the year when everyone speculates wildly about what kind of products companies will peddle to potential customers during livestreams rife with forced banter and lols. E3 is exciting, isn’t it? We’re only a few days from the beginning of the festivities, so of course E3 2021 dominates this week’s edition of Headlines & Hot Takes. We break down all of the scheduled press conferences / media briefings / snazzy advertisements and what we might see at each of them....


Oh, You’re My Best Friend (SteamPal, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Final Fantasy Origin)

Many have tried to muscle in on the Nintendo-controlled market of video games, but smaller. And, if the rumours are to be believed, Valve are gearing up to be the latest to give it a go. As we enter E3 season, Headlines & Hot Takes gets beefier and beefier. But, yes, we start off discussing the recent rumblings that there's a Switch-like handheld called Steampal coming from Valve. We also discuss last week's reintroduction of Dying Light 2, during the brilliantly named Dying 2 Know...


Fur Fur Two (Biomutant Review, Timesplitters is Back, Knockout City Impressions)

I was really looking forward to being a furry little animal in Biomutant. Running around a gorgeous world, shooting and slashing everything that moved sounded like a delightful time. And while it can sometimes be fun, the game often finds a way of bringing everything to a screeching halt, sadly. But, before we broach the topic of this week’s Big Game, we’ve got some news to talk about in Headlines & Hot Takes. On this episode, the conversation is dominated by Timesplitters. Yes,...


Mako And Play The Whole Thing (Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Shin Megami Tensei 3, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC)

Do you like Mass Effect?... If you answered, “I, SPACEMAN,” then you probably already own the Legendary Edition and may find the conversation that happens in this week's Weekspot redundant. If you checked the box that said, “the only renegade I know of is one-time WCW Television Champion, The Renegade, but I'd love to hear some chat on a remaster of a celebrated RPG trilogy," then I've got just the podcast for you. But, before we get onto BioWare, you can hear us chat about Ubisoft's plan...


All Lycan Eat (Resident Evil Village Review, Info Coming Out Of Epic Games vs Apple)

We’ve been doing The Weekspot for the best part of nine months now. In that time, there’s been weeks where either the big releases have dried up, or the news has been lacking a little oomph. But, I think we’ve been able to cobble together a podcast you can enjoy, regardless of the previous seven days in PC video gaming. This week, there was zero cobbling. Headlines & Hot Takes revolves around one topic: Epic Games vs Apple. The amount of information coming out of that courtroom has been...