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124: What the Bleep Happened to Architecture?—Dr. E. Michael Jones

Tweet to Patrick HERE Follow Patrick on Facebook HERE Subscribe to the Podcast and the YouTube Channel Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: While you are here, please leave an honest review. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! ******************************************************** Socrates said that the order of the city was the order of the soul writ large. That observation is all the more true today—and not a compliment to the modern soul or the...


123: From Crack Addict to CEO—Mike Lindell

Do you enjoy this podcast? Consider supporting us at: ******************************************************* Mike Lindell had a dream. Actually, he’s had a series of dreams, which have all come true. The founder and CEO of—chances are good you’ve seen one of his infomercials—never dreamed (pardon the pun) that his longtime crack addiction would be a thing of the past. Nor that he would be a major financial backer of a hit movie that was...


122: Standing Up to the Trans Mob—Caroline Farrow

For other shows and resources go to ******************************************************** Have you noticed how few people are willing to oppose publically the transgender agenda, no matter how dangerous to young mind—not to mention to the suffering people who go through with the mutilation surgery? Oh, many people will privately object, and tutt tutt their disapproval. British journalist and writer Caroline Farrow knows all about the first option. The...


121: “Unplanned” Heroine and Star—Abby Johnson and Ashley Bratcher

Do you enjoy this podcast? Would like to get access to other shows, live webinars, swag and more? Learn about our premium content website, Coffin Nation. Doors close this Friday. Do not miss it: ________________________________________________________ I was going to title this episode The Two Abbys, but that would have led to misunderstandings. It’s a two-hander featuring actress Ashley Bratcher and the woman she plays in the movie Unplanned, former Planned...


120: Toxic Feminism and its Antidote—Dr. Carrie Gress

Would you like to have access to premium shows, live webinars, our closed Facebook group and cool swag? Join Coffin Nation and join the battle against the PC thought police. "We go there!" Registration ends next week. Learn more here: ******************************************************* Carrie Gress is onto something extremely important. We all talk about the anti-Christ, and toxic masculinity, but what about the anti-Mary and toxic femininity? Isn’t our culture...


119: The Show Trial of Cardinal Pell—George Weigel

Hey! Do you enjoy this podcast? Would like to get premium content such as The Coffin Report (news and commentary), TransformU episodes (master classes on personal development), live webinars and access a community of like minded Christians? The doors to Coffin Nation open THIS Friday. Get on the list here: We only open doors three times a year. Don't miss it! ******************************************************** Everything you know about the guilty verdict of...


118: The Banning of Gavin McInnes—Gavin McInnes

If you enjoy this show please consider being a supporter. Donate here: Thank you! Our Premium-content website, Coffin Nation, launches on March 15. Doors close again on March 29. If you would like to be part of our community and enjoy other show segments like The Coffin Reports and TransformU episodes as well as our live webinars for members-only, get on the waiting list here: Also we are going to Oberammergau! Check out the pilgrimage...


117: Alfred Kinsey: Father of the Sexual Revolution—Dr. Judith Reisman

If you enjoy this show please consider being a donor: ***************************************** The Roots of The Priestly Abuse Scandal—Part III This is the third interview in a four-part series on the roots of the pederast priest crisis. I have been reading Dr. Judith Reisman’s courageous research since 1989, when her explosive book, Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud, came out, exploding diehard myths about the sadomasochist pervert who spawned the Playboy...


116: Priesthood and the Crisis of Masculinity—Dr. Suzanne Baars

This show is 100% listener supported. Please consider supporting us: Coffin Nation premium-content site opens for registration in just a few weeks. Don't miss out and get on the waiting list now- ****************************************** The Roots of The Priestly Abuse Scandal—Part II The renowned Dutch psychiatrist and Nazi camp survivor Conrad Baars, MD, diagnosed the roots of the current priesthood crisis some 50 years ago. His...


115: The Truth About the Priest Abuse Data—Father Paul Sullins, PhD

If you enjoy this podcast please consider supporting us. We are 100% listener supported. Go to: Thank you! ******************************************************* This is the first in a series on the roots of the priestly abuse scandal. I know, a sad and depressing topic. But we have to “go there” if we want to “get there.” Father Paul Sullins, PhD, author and professor emeritus of sociology at the Catholic University of America, has done us all a huge...


114: The Slow Death of Manhood—Dr. Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon

The Patrick Coffin Show is 100% listener supported. Consider supporting us here: ******************************************************* Self-described feminist singer Paula Cole had a hit single in 1996 titled “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone,” in which she bemoaned the dearth of real men (“Where is my John Wayne; where is my prairie song; where is my happy ending; where have all the cowboys gone?”) Something happened to men in the last 50 years. They...


113: How Lavender Is the Church?—Joseph Sciambra

If you enjoy this podcast please consider supporting us. We are 100% listener supported. Go to ******************************************************** Subscribe and Rate the podcast. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! We read a lot about “the priestly sex abuse scandal,” which goes by various names, most of them euphemisms meant to deflect the truth of the matter. Joseph Sciambra knows all about the deflection of truth. He...


112: The Battle Over Roe v Wade—Nick Loeb

If you enjoy this podcast please consider supporting us, we are 100% listener supported: Follow Patrick in Facebook and Twitter, Subscribe in YouTube. If the story of the 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision, which gave us the unlimited abortion licence, had been filmed as a pro-abortion message movie, the money would have rolled in and financed the project in a single day. But when actor director Nick Loeb told the truth about the events of 1973, he and...


111: Faith Worth Fighting For—Bas Rutten

If you enjoy this podcast consider being a supporter: Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Follow Patrick in Facebook and Twitter. **************************************************** Bas Rutten was basically the small skinny guy in the Charles Atlas comic book advertisement, “The insult that made a man out of Mac.” Rutten had two major health issues that made him target for bullies: eczema and asthma. Puffing around the schoolyard out of breath, he got...


110: The Man Behind the Viganò Letters—Marco Tosatti

If you enjoy this podcast please consider supporting us. We are 100% listener supported. Donations: Follow Patrick Coffin Media on Facebook here. Don’t forget to Subscribe to the show in YouTube, as well as the podcast so you can get the weekly show updates. Check the podcast in iTunes and other podcast directories, please leave an honest review. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! Check out our faith store HERE. Check out...


109: Why Mary is Not Contrary—Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown

If you enjoy this podcast consider being an Ambassador. Donate here: Follow Patrick on Facebook HERE Tweet Patrick HERE ***************************************************** This week’s guest is a mentor and kind of spiritual mother to Milo Yiannopoulos (whose very candid interview with me was Episode 101) and wrote the bracing Foreword to his latest book (see link below). Dr Rachel Fulton Brown is a tenured professor of history at the University of...


108: It’s a Wonderful Movie—Mary Owen and Karolyn Grimes

This episode debuted exactly a year ago, and I could think of no better show this year to honor my all-time favorite movie, Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life (1947) through the eyes of two women with close ties to its creation. If Mr. Capra didn't write it, why do I call it “Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life? It's because that’s how the movie was marketed, which helps explain why the film got only a so-so reception when it was first released. Most of Mr. Capra’s pre-World War II...


107: Dads' Guide to Christmas Movies (special Christmas bonus episode)

Like Santa himself, Tim Gordon and I have made a list, checked it twice, and have found out which Christmas movies are naughty or nice. Tim, as you will remember from Episode 80, is the author of Catholic Republic: How America Will Perish Without Rome and the co-host with Dr. Taylor Marshall on their popular podcast/YouTube channel. This is a free-wheeling dueling rants about Christmas classics and clunkers from the point of view of cinephilic Catholic dads. Say what you like, but our...


106: The “Myth” of the Magi—Father Dwight Longenecker

If you enjoy this podcast consider being an Ambassador: ***************************************** In this episode you will learn: Resources recommended in this episode: Mystery of the Magi: The Quest to Identify the Three Wise MenMore ChristianityLife of ChristThe Day Christ Was Born Question of the week In what way am I a lost foreigner trying to find the Lord Jesus in my life? "Like" us on Facebook HERE Tweet to Patrick HERE Don’t forget to...


105: Staunching the Church Bleed—Dr. Taylor Marshall

If you enjoy this show please consider supporting us here: Thank you! Before we get too rah-rah about the “springtime for Christianity” and “the new evangelization,” we need to pay attention to the truth of things. On the ground. Right now. It’s grim. Each year, six times as many Catholics leave the Church as enter it.” By the age of 24, those that leave are already gone and invariably don’t come back. The reasons vary. Dr. Taylor Marshall, founder of the...