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Episode 108 - Boneless Sofa (feat. James Clark)

This week Brian, Chris, and Josh are joined by James Clark (Hooray For Anime!). The group wanders around Azeroth while they talk about Dead Cells, the Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta, Guacamelee! 2, World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth, and so much more! If you want to watch along with the show, check out the video on Topics: 1:09 - Chris has gone full horse knee 4:15 - Hearthstone’s new expansion 4:50 - Brian is always wondering if things are racist 8:30 - Dead...


Episode 107 - Chewing The Fat

This week, Josh and Brian stream the podcast on Twitch for the first time! Tthey also talk about the Smash Ultimate Direct, Dead Cells, EVO 2018, and the IGN editor plagiarism scandal. Topics: Smash Ultimate Direct The future of Smash Castlevania Fire Emblem EVO 2018 Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC and balance patch Diablo News Dead Cells This Is The Police 2 IGN editor plagiarism scandal Oceans 8


Episode 106 - Chrysdraggshrill, The World Tree

This week Brian is joined by Replacement Chris Shriver; Joshua Mobley. The pair discuss whether or not Chris is the tree that binds the cosmos together, the upcoming changes in Destiny 2, the merits of Octopath Traveler, themes of race in the fantasy genre, the Sylvanas Controversy, and more. Enjoy! Topics: Chrishrashrill Destiny, The Great Emancipator Changes Coming In Forsaken Moments of Triumph Super Mario Bros. Speedrunning Mega Man X Legacy Collection Mega Man 1-4 Octopath Traveler...


Episode 105 - Uncle DoDonPachi's Pizzeria

This week we break serious and talk about early gaming memories, 9/11, DoDonPachi, Instant Pot, and a whole lot more. Also, I may have overestimated our seriousness, because we are still just a bunch of goofballs. Enjoy the show! Topics: Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku and Vegeta Trailers Wearing out console controllers Worst controllers Wii U vs N64 4th Grade Smashing Earliest PlayStation Memories September 11 DoDonPachi Instant Pot Changing Taste Brussel Sprouts Baseball Neko Pitcher Gurren...


Episode 104 - Brian Convinces Everyone

This week Andrew Wolf takes over the show, and Brian is demoted to co-hosting duties! Brian is up to his elbows in his Octopath Traveler review, and the boys talk about great trailers, games that live up to the hype, and those that don’t. Topics: Video Game Trailers Disappointing Trailers HYPE TRAILERS Video Game Development Octopath Traveler Party Games Fibbage Crack The Case Nidhogg 2 Towerfall Ascension Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Dragon Ball Super: Broly Mario Kart Hotwheels


Episode 103 - “I’m Getting Thirsty For This Squid Lady”

This week Brian, Chris, and Josh talk about Vampyr, Moonlighter, West of Loathing, GuardianCon, TennoCon, and a whole lot more. Enjoy! Topics: Scooping up cows Chris has a house! Displaying video games and merchandise as an adult Holding on to your old consoles Emulation Learning to read West of Loathing Deadpool 2 Antman and the Wasp Monster Prom Moonlighter Stardew Valley Chris gives up on his backlog Raiden IV: Overkill Vampyr GuardianCon TennoCon Warframe


Episode 102 - Brian Got Into Breeding In College

This week Brian, Chris, and Andrew talk about times they took a break from gaming, what video game difficulty means for approachability, games they played the most over the years, and much more. Enjoy! Topics: Wiping Mario Tennis Aces PS Vita Hacking Original Xbox Hacking Gray Dawn 10:30 The Thin Silence 16:00 Mental Wellness Games Celeste Nier Automata Game Title Pronunciations Watching Games VS Playing Games Tiny Metal 24:00 Video Game Difficulty Diablo Diablo 3 Taking A Break From Games...


Episode 101 - Intro To Nerd Culture - Mario Tennis: Infinity War

This week we talk about Ys VIII, Mario Tennis Aces, rhythm games, Switch ports, controllers, the best original PlayStation games, going to the movies alone, and a whole lot more. Enjoy! Topics: The Division Disney’s streaming service AMC Movie Service Cinemark Movie Pass Movie theaters The Devil Is A Part-Timer Lumines What is the best puzzle game? Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Shoot-em-ups Vertical Switch Just Shapes and Beats Super Mario Cereal Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana JRPGs Dragon...


Episode 100 - The Big One Zero Zero (And Some Even Bigger Announcements)

This week marks the 100th episode of The Platformers, and to celebrate, the crew makes some really big announcements! We really hope you enjoy it! Topics: Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke Which Pokemon do we look like? What is your Poke-Spirit Animal? Dark Souls: Remastered The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Gloomhaven Pokemon Go Boston Cat Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night Persona 4 Dancing All Night Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Dragon’s Crown Pro Guitar Hero Rock Band Rock Smith Floor Kids DropMix...


Episode 99 - E3 2018 Conference Wrap-Up

This week we talk about the most exciting announcements made at every press conference during E3 2018. Topics: What we predicted last week Xbox EA Bethesda Sony Ubisoft Nintendo


Episode 98 - E3 2018 Predictions

This week we are talking about the impending arrival of E3, and what we think might happen, what we really want to happen, and what we are really concerned will happen.


Episode 96 - Super Saiyan Veggie Dorito

This week the boys are talking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, paella, clam chowder, and go on one of the craziest rabbit holes of all time. This might be one of the our most absurd episodes yet, so strap in! Topics: Heavy #2 Collegiate ESports Ruth Bader Ginsburg Documentary “RBG” Wild Wild Country Banner Saga Hyrule Warriors Toki Tori 2+ THE BIGGEST SIDETRACK OF ALL TIME Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Neon Advance Nintendo 64 Mini Destiny: Warmind Grinding In Games Borderlands 3 Games We...


Episode 95 - Let's Go Fight The Rinobidar

This week, Brian and Josh talk a lot about the Destiny: Warmind expansion and Battle Chasers: Nightwar, as well as shonen anime, Call of Duty games, reading comic books, their great love of socks and fans, and much more. Enjoy! Topics: Socks Jackets Marvel: Strike Force Amazing Spider-Man The Buyarchy of Needs “What If” Star Wars Stories Fire Mario Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 on PS Vita Digital Games Video Game Preservation Battlefield Call of Duty Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Destiny:...


Episode 94 - God Of War (2018) Spoiler Free Review & Spoilercast

This week Brian, Chris, Josh, and MARTY(!!!) talk all about the 2018 PlayStation 4 God of War. This episode begins with a spoiler-free discussion and then a full discussion of the entire game, including spoilers for all major moments in the game.


Thanos Is Here - Avengers Infinity War Spoilercast

In this special edition of the Platformers, Chris Shriver (@SHRIVES93) discusses the experience of watching Avengers: Infinity War with Devin DeVoue (@DevinDeV35) and Jess Veazey (@VeazeyJ). They discuss the highs and lows of the movie as well as what to expect from the MCU moving forward.


Episode 92 - This Podcast Is Full Of Bedbugs (And Regular Bugs, Too)

WARNING: This week, things got all timey, wimey, due to an error in the recording program we used for this episode, so there is a lot of cross-talk that didn't exist while we were recording. We fixed as much as we could, but there are still points where one of us reacts to a comment that hasn't happened yet, like a precog from Minority Report. There was a bit of a debate on whether to scrap the episode, but overall we felt there is enough good to put the episode up, and I hope you feel the...


Episode 91 - Chris Returns

The week Chris is back! Chris, Brian, and Josh do #GameStruck4 and talk about big Call of Duty changes, third party support and exclusives for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Topics: Dentist visits Seussical the Musical Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Black Ops IV Single Player Campaigns Multiplayer Battlefront II Red Dead 2 Driving in games The state of the Xbox Mid generation consoles Third Party Support on Switch Xbox Backwards Compatibility Hearthstone: The...


Episode 90 - Andrew And The Three Year Old Projectionist

The week Chris is out again and Brian is once again joined by Andrew Wolf of Nintendeal and Amiibo Alerts and Josh Mobley of Long Time Ago Radio. Strap in, this episode hits the ground running. Topics: Quad-monthly happenings How many Thursdays are in a month Animal noises Costumed Chris Perfect albums “My Chem” Method Acting Urine Content in Cheerios Solo: A Star Wars Fan Reactions Movie Trailers The Hobbit The Scat Man’s Middle Earth We want Lord of the Rings comic books Star Wars novels...


Episode 89 - The Flat Hyrule Society (feat. Andrew Wolf and Josh Mobley)

The week Chris is out and Brian is joined by Josh Mobley of Long Time Ago Radio and Andrew Wolf of Nintendeal and Amiibo Alerts. Topics: DOOM 64 Toaster games Angry Video Game Nerd’s modded NES Starfox Bayonetta Wii U games being brought to Switch Super Mario Maker Jungle Strike, the sequel to Desert Strike Resident Evil Arcade gun games On rail shooters Parkour! PS VR Farpoint Sea of Thieves Games which terrified us Ocarina vs Ocarina Hylian Flat-Earthers Obligatory Dark Souls and Metroid...


Episode 88 - I Will Change The Future... Of The Platformers Podcast

The week Brian and Chris talk about the upcoming changes to the podcast, Chris’ temporary absence, gun ownership, Human/Saiyan cross-breeding, potential Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC leaks, representation in films, and much more. Topics: The podcast’s new direction Chris’ temporary absence Herbert The Pervert Audrey and Brian’s first date Worming Warring Gollums Harley Quinn The difficulties of being content creators Birthday drunken axe throwing leagues Gun ownership The pros(?) and cons of...