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Episode 128 - A Wet $20 (feat. Josh Mobley)

In this episode, Brian Barnett and Joshua Mobley talk about video game burnout, Jedi Fallen Order, new and upcoming Switch indie games, upcoming coverage, Star Wars Celebration, and much more. Enjoy! Rejected Episode Titles: Jedi Gonk Droid “Cool Boy” Plo Koon Haircut Bros. We Perform A Little Bit Bigger Topics: Jedi Fallen Order - 0:50 Getting Burned Out On Video Games - 5:50 Brian’s Next eShop Explore Feature - 8:00 Odallus: The Dark Call - 8:34 The Red Strings Club - 9:21 The World Next...


Episode 127 - Google Stevia (feat. Joshua Mobley)

In this episode, Brian Barnett and Joshua Mobley talk about the Google Stadia announcement, dive deep into The Division 2, and detail the recent Nintendo Nindies Showcase. Enjoy! Rejected Episode Titles: Google Stevia Sleeping Dragons Resting On Your Laurels Señor Warframe Division 2 Has Excellent Brain Drug That Wizard Came From The Butt! Gok2 Warning: You Are 120 Hours Into Anthem The Eight-Fingered Man This Is The Moon Landing Topics: Google Stadia (Correction: It wasn’t Tom Marks or Dan...


Episode 126 - Captain Marvel Review & Spoilercast (feat. Audrey Barnett)

In this episode, Brian and special guest Audrey Barnett talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Captain Marvel. We begin with a spoiler-free discussion, which includes our thoughts on the film and how we feel it compares to some other recent Marvel films, then we crack it wide open in a spoiler-filled discussion. Enjoy!


Episode 125 - Budget Vader & the Popsicle Monks (feat. Joshua Mobley)

This week Brian Barnett and Joshua Mobley touch briefly on recent Pokemon and Overwatch news, a developer AMA controversy, and dive deep into lengthy discussions on Anthem and Kingdom Hearts 3. Rejected Episode Titles: You Freaking Div Budget Vader Tuna Pancakes The Story Is Like A Cat Grass Monkey Yoda: A Goblin With A Laser Sword Enjoy The Velveeta Popsicle Monks Brian, The Lich Riku: The Vegeta of Kingdom Hearts Topics: Anthem Star Wars: Battlefront II - 40:28 More Anthem Talk! Dark Souls...


Episode 124 - The Reverse Kondo (feat. Joshua Mobley)

This week Brian Barnett and Josh Mobley talk about dead stores, Apex Legends, the private beta for The Division 2, our early jobs, and a whole lot more. Enjoy! Rejected Episode Titles: The Iron Dark Zone Smooth Yoda Ping Is The Future The Swiss Army Knife Of Buttons Those Who Poop Gold Half Video Game, Half Stanford Prison Experiment Pulling A Steve Jobs The Crowncast Topics: The Division 2 Private Beta Apex Legends - 34:41 Respawn & Supergiant Games Hades Amazing Game Reveals - 1:00:28 Eve...


Episode 123 - None Of Our Periods Are Capitalized (feat. Joshua Mobley)

This week Brian Barnett and Josh Mobley talk about Resident Evil 2, Wargroove, Marie Kondo, strange YouTube comments, and so much more. Enjoy! Rejected Episode Titles: Jill Sandwich & The Master of Unlocking All Of Our Listeners Will Like This Podcast To Heaven Nesticle: The Icon Was Balls The F***ing Weather Don’t Let Your Eyeballs Freeze Stay Frosty, But Not THAT Frosty Topics: Resident Evil 2 (Remake) - 0:42 EA Star Wars games Next-gen Consoles Resident Evil 4 Horror games Baldur’s Gate:...


Episode 122 - Stop And Smell The Greedo (feat. Rebecca June Lane)

This week Brian Barnett and Rebecca June Lane talk about microtransactions, Star Wars game news, and some of the most beautiful and incredible games you’ll ever play. Enjoy! Rejected Episode Titles: Serious Spider Ickiness (But Not Really) Star Wars: The Game: The Cancellation Not-So-Hollow Knight All The Alliteration Topics: Arachnid Horrors Couch Co-op Games Rocket League World of Warcraft - 16:14 Mobile Games Star Wars game cancellation - 24:37 Chasm Hollow Knight - 38:40 Gris - 48:00...


Episode 121 - I Love Being On Podcasters (feat. Andrew Wolf)

This week Brian Barnett and Andrew Wolf talk about the Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit fiasco, some of our holiday traditions, and some of the biggest omissions from our Game of the Year episode (we’re looking at you, Hades)! Have a few happy holidays, and enjoy the podcast! Rejected Episode Titles: Charm Bomb The Metroid Prime King Is Dead, Long Live The Super Metroid King You Catch More Flies With Honey Below MSRP Eyeballs Deep “Too Much Water” If You Are Listening, You Are All Fantastic Topics:...


Episode 120 - The Best Games of 2018 (feat. Andrew Wolf)

This week Brian Barnett, Joshua Mobley, and Andrew Wolf talk about the absolute best games of 2018. Each host gives their top recommendations, their honorable mentions, and then vote to determine The Platformers’ 2018 Game of the Year. Rejected Episode Titles: #Shook Andrew Wolf News Flash: Smashing Feels Good You Get Smashed, You Smash, Then You Smash Topics: Every Major Release of 2018 - 4:38 Andrew Wolf’s Favorite Games of 2018 - 14:49 Brian Barnett’s Favorite Games of 2018 - 20:50 Gris -...


Episode 119 - I Wanna Roll Need On That Booty (feat. Rebecca June Lane)

This week Brian and Josh are joined by the delightful Rebecca June Lane, and the trio talk about open world games, campaign length, having sex with all the Dragon Age characters, overpowered spiders, Red Dead Online, Treasure Stack, Chasm, childhood arcades, some of our first gaming memories, and so much more. Enjoy the show! Rejected Episode Titles: Drive That Bus Into The Ocean Everyone Should Read This Video Game Speaking Of Going Deep… The Return of Slightly Bigger Luke Luke Prime Who...


Episode 118 - Solo Mio

This week contains a special message from Chris about the future of the podcast, and Brian reviews some of the games he has been playing. It’s a bit of a different (and shorter) podcast, so I hope you enjoy! Rejected Episode Titles: The Sound Of One Man Podcasting Brian Talks To Himself And Then There Was One Topics: Chris’ Departure PlayStation skipping E3 2019 Disgaea 5 Complete - 12:08 Into The Breach - 14:06 The Messenger - 23:07 This Is The Police 2 - 26:42 Reigns: Kings and Queens -...


Episode 117 - It's Over 8000! (feat. James Clark)

This week we discuss Brian’s trip to Philly and New York City, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, great sandwiches, gas stations, Diablo: Immortal, My Hero One’s Justice, Save Me Mr Tako, Mega Man 11, and so much more. Enjoy! If you want to watch along with the show, check out the video on Rejected Episode Titles: Benjamin Maintenance and Bruce Supply “Please, Mr. Maintenance Was My Father” “I Thought We LEFT The Mutter Museum!” “My East Coast Is Coming Out”...


Episode 116 - Shaved Werewolves (feat. James Clark)

This week we discuss flu shots, Disgaea 1 Complete, Dragon Ball FighterZ for Switch, some 11 Bit Studio games, Super Mario Party, Venom, and more. Enjoy! If you want to watch along with the show, check out the video on Rejected Episode Titles: My Only Regret Is Having Boneitis Sir, This Is Pornography No More Pixels Mr. Bones’ Wild Ride Topics: Flu Shots Disgaea 1 Complete - 1:30 Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch - 18:54 Tower 57 - 39:24 Chris Is Over Pixel-Art...


Episode 115 - Paul Giamatti In A Onesie

This week we discuss Spider-Man PS4, Spider-Man movies, Spider-Man comics, the upcoming Venom movie (and how poorly it is being reviewed), Star Wars, the Rocksteady Batman trilogy, and so much more. Enjoy! If you want to watch along with the show, check out the video on Rejected Episode Titles: “You Were Making Out During Schindler’s List?!” I'm A Big Fan Of Buddhist Westerns Spider-Men, As Far As The Eye Can See The Flat Earthers of the Star Wars Universe...


Episode 114 - Suckin' On A Ricola

This week we discuss Bowsette (who was apparently originally a planned part of Super Mario Odyssey), the definition of the word “deli,” Spider-Man, Velocity 2X, Minit, Towerfall, and more, all while trying out the new Dragon Ball FighterZ characters, Cooler and MVP Android 17. If you want to watch along with the show, check out the live stream on Topics: Bowsette Cooler and 17 - Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Impressions Wimbledon X Mario Tennis Waluigiette and...


Episode 113 - Slightly Bigger Luke

This week, we talk about the PlayStation Classic, the newly-launched Nintendo Switch Online service, the recent Nintendo Direct, We Happy Few, and a whole lot more! Enjoy! Rejected episode titles: It's Lit, Fam K.K. Slider Was The Original Xur Shadow Moses Was An Inside Job This Pie Is F***ing Tasty If you want to watch along with the show, check out the video on Topics: PlayStation Classic Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VII Cheats NES & SNES Classic Destiny...


Episode 112 - Death By Sliders

This week the boys get HEATED about Destiny 2: Forsaken, Josh and Chris give initial impressions of Spider-Man, Brian talks Blade Strangers, and what is going on with Superman?! Topics: Who will be Superman? Spider-Man Initial Impressions InFamous Prototype Sonic SNES Spider-Man Mega Man 11 Demo Blade Strangers Neo Geo Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Hype PUBG Having more money than Jesus Fortnite Destiny 2: Forsaken


Episode 111 - PAXtravaganza!

This week Brian and Andrew talk about some surreal moments they had, and everything they saw at the ID@XBox event and PAX West, so strap in, because this one sets a record for the highest number of games discussed! Topics: PAX West Remi Lore Yuppie Psycho Children of Morta Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Below Generation Zero Tunic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Diablo III Switch Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee Poke Ball Plus Towerfall Treasure Stack Untitled Goose Game...


Episode 110 - You Got Your CyberPunk All Over My Destiny News!

This week, Brian is away, so Chris and Josh take over as your hosts! We discuss that epic CyberPunk 2077 demo, our issues with lore in Halo, the Destiny 2 2.0 update, and so much more!


Episode 109 - The Lust For Donuts

This week Brian, Chris, and Josh talk about a fantastic show by Tobe Nwigwe, Guacamelee! 2, Flat Heroes, our evolving relationship with multiplayer games, Gamescom, Disenchantment, eating healthy, Brian's upcoming plans for PAX West, and so much more! Enjoy! Topics: Chris knee update Weight loss Brian’s vegetarian month Uncharted: Lost Legacy Disenchantment The Simpsons Futurama How cartoon characters would look in real life Gamescom Jump Force My Hero One’s Justice Pokken Tournament...