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EP 3 - Have Filmmakers Lost the Art of Authenticity? Part One - Drama

Your resident podcast dj BK decides to take the lead in ushering the podcast team into the next era clarifying the mission of Weekly Movie Chat. Derreck agrees that this new mission and vision corrupts the system in the most player way possible and James the producer is there to assist. This week, BK and Derreck weave in the headlines of the box office in order to help you, the listener, gain power over the BS and make your time and dollar act in your desired manner. Topics include:...


EP 2 - Ozark Season 2 Spoiler Free Reaction + Peppermint Not Such a Fresh Idea

Derreck and BK are back right on schedule, direct after the holiday weekend with box office standings. With Crazy Rich Asians holding at 1st place in a slow box office, some of you may have jumped over to your Netflix queue. The guys got you covered with a spoiler free initial thoughts and reactions to season 2 of Ozark (Netflix) and teased a little on Jack Ryan season 1 (Amazon Prime). After a discussion on how shows like Ozark are affecting the big film studios, the guys look toward the...


EP 1 - New Name, Same Mission, The Player Way + MoviePass Update & Box Office Standings

Back for the first time, Derreck & BK have reloaded into the system and are all in with a new show name, but still with the spirit of Season 1 of The Player Way Podcast. Now focused solely on what they love best, movies they are ready to corrupt the system and distill out the best in movie reviews, critiques and news - the player way.


EP. 54 - Solo: 5 Big Reasons Why This Is Not The Star Wars Story You Were Looking For.

As Nate is still relocating to DC and Derreck holds the family down for the holiday weekend, BK maintains the system as your resident podcast DJ. And up for the docket, what better film to fly solo on than Solo: A Star Wars Story. BK breaks down the sweet science of predicting the box office weather, in the midst of a tropical storm while wearing an eyepatch...the player way. Sponsored by The Play Your Way Network & Agency Kartel Clothing Co. (@AgencyKartel on IG). Recorded in a single...


EP. 3 - Top 5 Best Actors (Male and/or Female) of All Time

Welcome back to another release of the Weekly Top 5! This round we continue with the Film theme as we curate this week's list: The Top 5 Actors of All Time. This list includes both male and female counterparts and ranks them among the best of the best. Special thanks to Ian Parsons, Senior Writer for the Top 5 Podcast. He worked diligently with the Play Your Way Network Writing team and came up with an expansice list of silver-screen thespians to help us narrow down the search. Also...


EP. 52 - Deadpool 2: Is this Sequel as Good as the Original?

It was once said, "the sequel is never as good as the orignal," but as time passes, we're constantly reminded that isn't always true (Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, Spiderman 2). So as Derreck, Nate and BK all went to see Deadpool 2 last week and are now ready to share their thoughts, the discussion naturally goes toward whether or not Wade Wilson lived up to another shot in the box office. What worked and what didn't work? It's time to talk about it. Join the debate in a new...


EP 2 - Top 5 Movie Directors of All Time

Derreck, Nate and BK return to examine the replay value, story telling and impact on the art of filmmaking to deliver their picks for best Film Directors of all Time. In deliberation, they enlist the aide of Ian Parsons and the Play Your Way Network Writers. Plus they have a Gentlemen's bet on Deadpool 2 in theaters now!!