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Westworld S02 Ep1 Journey into Night

More In the hours following the massacre of the Delos board members, Bernard and Charlotte take shelter in an underground bunker, where they resolve to work together in locating the decommissioned Peter Abernathy and securing aid. Ten days after Fords’ death, Dolores (who has embarked on a bloody campaign to hunt the survivors) tells Teddy her programming has caused her personas to merge and that she has greater plans for the hosts. Maeve recruits Hector and forces Lee...


Fear the Walking Dead S04 E08 No One’s Gone

More Sometime after the destruction of the Gonzalez Dam, Madison meets Al whom she tries to rob without success. Madison eventually gives Al a story from when her children were little and explains how she is trying to protect their innocence. Upon their departure, Al gives Madison some food, a radio and a map, allowing her to find her children. Al’s kindness inspires Madison to form the stadium community, but Al never learns Madison’s name. In the present, Naomi and...


Fear the Walking Dead S04 Ep07 The Wrong Side of Where You Are

More In the present, the two groups engage in gunfire. Naomi tries to get medical supplies for John from the ambulance, but Mel drives off in it. Alicia fires at the ambulance with a grenade launcher and accuses Naomi of betraying her trust. Althea rides up in her SWAT vehicle, where Naomi and Morgan carry John inside, and Charlie joins them at Morgan’s request. Alicia finds Mel crawling from the ambulance and asks him how long Naomi had been colluding with them. He...


Fear the Walking Dead S04 Ep06 Just in Case

More In flashbacks, Madison and Strand join Naomi on a supply run to a FEMA shelter that may have seeds and fertilizer. They rest for the night at a motel, but when Madison wakes in the morning, she discovers Naomi is missing. Naomi goes to the shelter, which is filled with infected, and retrieves a set of keys marked “JIC” written. She is eventually surrounded by infected and takes refuge at the top of scaffolding. Madison and Strand arrive and are able to save her....


Fear the Walking Dead S04 Ep5 Laura

email any feedback to and we will read it on the air. Find us on Facebook and I will read those messages too. In flashbacks, John finds Naomi unconscious in the water outside his cabin. John brings her inside, dresses her wound and lets her rest. Because she refuses to tell her name, John calls her Laura. John notices that more infected have been washing up on the creek surrounding his cabin, so he and Naomi canoe upstream to discover a broken guardrail on a...


Fear the Walking Dead S04 Ep04 Buried

More Al’s questioning uncovers some surprising truths about the group’s past; John Dorie receives unexpected news.


Fear the Walking Dead S04 Ep3 Good Out Here

WELCOME BACK FOR SEASON 4! email us at In flashbacks, Nick and Madison go on a supply run, however when arrive, they discover that Mel’s brother Ennis has already looted it. Charlie eavesdropped on Madison and obtained the location, giving it to Ennis. Nick pleads with Charlie to not listen to the Vultures. Nick then attacks Ennis with his knife, but Madison stops him from killing Ennis. Charlie goes with Ennis in his blue El Camino and they drove off. In the...


Westworld S01 Ep10 The Bicameral Mind

This recording was just recovered from Feb 2017 and is basically unedited. I hope it’s enjoyable. Tam


Fear the Walking Dead S04 Ep1 What’s Your Story

Morgan Jones leaves his community in Virginia, despite being urged to stay by his various friends, including Rick Grimes. Morgan makes his way to the Texas border where he meets a man named John Dorie. The next day, Morgan and John are held captive by a group of survivors, but they are saved by a woman named Althea, who drives a SWAT vehicle. Althea tells Morgan and John that she is a journalist and wants to get their stories on camera. John tells Althea that he is on a mission to find his...


The Walking Dead S08 E5 The Big Scary U

** HAPPY THANSGIVING** Join Tam, Andra and Guest Host Sistah K from The Sistah Speak Podcast given the recap from a black womans point of view! Send your feedback to and we will read it on the podcast! Gabriel demands Negan confess his sins in order to receive his help in escaping from the trailer; Negan confesses how he cheated on his sick wife prior to the outbreak. Simon and the other lieutenants grow suspicious of each other, knowing that Rick’s forces must...


The Walking Dead S08 E3 Monsters

Join Tam and Andra for The Walking Dead recap. Send your feedback to Please take a moment to leave us 5 STAR reviews on iTunes Daryl finds Morales threatening Rick and shoots him dead; the duo then pursue a group of Saviors who are transporting weapons to another outpost. Gregory returns to Hilltop and after a heated argument Maggie allows him back in the community. Eric dies from his injuries, leaving Aaron distraught. Tara and Jesus lead the group of captured...


The Walking Dead S08 E2 The Damned

Joine Andra and Tam for the recap. send feedback to the[ Rick’s forces split into separate parties to attack several of the Saviors’ outposts, during which many members of the group are killed, including Andy and Francine; Eric is critically injured. While clearing out an outpost with Daryl, Rick is confronted and held at gunpoint by a survivor he met long ago in the initial Atlanta camp, Morales, who claims to have joined the Saviors.


The Walking Dead S08 E1 Mercy

Join Tam and Andra for the Season 8 premier of The Walking Dead send feedback to Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel rally their communities together to take down Negan and the Saviors. Gregory attempts to have the Hilltop residents side with Negan, but they all firmly stand behind Maggie. Using a large herd of walkers led by Carol, Daryl, Morgan and Tara, the group attacks the Sanctuary, taking down their fences and flooding the compound with walkers. With the Sanctuary...


Fear The Walking Dead S03 E16 Sleigh Ride

Join Tam, James and Andra for the recap. Locked up together, tensions rise between Nick and Madison over Troy’s murder and Madison’s growing ruthlessness. At the same time, Alicia is forced to join Proctor John in traveling to the dam where Alicia is reunited with Strand. Strand attempts to help Madison and Nick escape, but Lola attacks the Proctors after discovering Efrain’s body. Lola is killed by Proctor John, but her survival exposes Strand’s lies to the Proctors. A standoff ensues...


Fear The Walking Dead S03 E14 El Matadera

Join Andra, James and Tam as we recap the episode. As Madison, Strand, and Walker drive to the trading outpost, Ofelia falls off the water tanker truck and Madison discovers she has been bitten. Nick and Troy catch up with Alicia and Nick tries to persuade her to come with them, but she declines and goes off on her own, while Nick and Troy drive to the outpost. Madison and the others arrive at the trading outpost and they let Ofelia rest. Nick relapses and takes a Vicodin pill meant for...


Fear The Walking Dead S03 E13 This Land is Your Land

Join Tam, James and Andra as we recap Fear The Walking Dead. In the pantry, Alicia struggles to keep the survivors alive as a blockage in the vents results in everyone slowly starting to suffocate. To buy some more time while Ofelia and Crazy Dog clear the blockage, those who have been bitten are killed. While hiding in the pantry, Alicia bonds with Christine, a rancher who had lost her husband in the September 11 attacks. At the same time, Nick and Troy team up together in an effort to...


Fear The Walking Dead S03 E11 La Serpiente

Join Andra, James and Tam for the Fear the Walking Dead recap. send feedback to Madison, Strand, and Walker drive to the dam in the water tanker. Upon reaching the dam, Madison reveals to Daniel that Ofelia is alive and is at the ranch. Madison speaks with Lola, wanting water in exchange for the the ranch’s resources such as cattle or weapons, but Lola declines. Since Madison has ruined their chances at the water supply, Walker plans on kicking them off the...


Fear The Walking Dead S03 E10 The Diviner

Join Tam and James for the Fear the Walking Dead recap. send your feedback to After uncovering the ranch only possessed six weeks worth of water, Madison and Walker leave the ranch for the nearby arena where a large auctioning market has been set up to bargain for more water. Once arriving, Madison is reunited with Strand, who was targeted by the resident authorities for failing to pay his debts. He is later captured and forced to fight walkers on the outer...