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Dave Jackson | The School of Podcasting | Teaching and Helping Others

Dave Jackson has been podcasting since April of 2005. He is the founder of the School of Podcasting and his School of Podcasting show has over 1.7 Million downloads. He’s helped hundreds of people launch podcasts. He is the author of the book More Podcast Money. He is a tech support person for, and has been a featured and keynote presenter at many podcasting events. You can hear his podcast on this site at


Colin Gray | The Podcast Host | Podcraft

Colin Gray is a podcaster, speaker, PhD and founder of and AL EH 2 The Podcast Host is a podcast network and a huge content resource on creating a successful show. Alitu is a tool for podcasters which automates and assists editing and production, making podcasting quick and easy! Twitter - thepodcasthost Instagram - the_podcast_host


Daniel J Lewis & The Audacity To Podcast | International Podcast Day Co-Founder & Award Winning Podcaster

Daniel J Lewis talks about his first 9 podcasts in 2 years. His discussed improving his podcast when he started to focus his time, and make podcasting a part of his life. Daniel shares messages about authenticity, being criticized for someone who you no longer are, learning how to communicate, running a business, and making yourself better.


Brandon Hull | Freelance to Founder | HelloCast

Brandon Hull is the host of Freelance to Founder, a narrative podcast featuring the stories of one-time freelancers who've scaled their businesses to be much bigger than themselves. He has also hosted a restaurant industry podcast and content sites at, and even originally participated in one of the first podcast networks 10 years ago, Podango (proncouned Pah-DANG-oh). He's also the co-founder of a new podcast planning tool called HelloCast that's in-development now.


Clay Groves | Fish Nerds | Engagement Motivation

Clay Groves is obsessed with fish and best known for a quest (with former host Dave Kellam) in 2011 to catch and eat every kind of freshwater fish in New Hampshire. After catching and eating 48 species of fish and ending the epic quest, he could not stop talking about the adventures or the fishy people met along the way. Thus, the podcast was born. The style has been described as a cross between NPR’s Car Talk and the Tonight Show Night (Fallon, not Leno). The podcast is just about to have...


Steve Christensen | Scoop School - The Ice Cream Retailers Podcast

BIO – Steve Christensen After opening and operating a chain of frozen custard stores in his native Australia, Steve was invited by a major US equipment manufacturer to the United States, and moved to the United States with his family in 2004. Taking up a position as Director and Chief Instructor at the Frozen Dessert Institute in locations around the country, Steve has trained literally tens of thousands of current and "would be" ice cream business owners (both independent and franchise) in...


Harry Nelson | Harry Says Yes | A Career In The Podcast Industry

Harry Nelson is a relatively young person living in New York City. Harry Says Yes to things, but mostly just laughs at his own jokes on the podcast Harry Says Yes.


Grieving Over Fiction & Fantasy | Special 100th Epsiode

I bring you this special 100th episode. It's how I used the art and process of podcasting to heal a recent wound. Please visit Alexander, The Podcaster's Coach ----- I haven’t connected with a friend since Christmas. We were over-due to connect and I was heading toward his neighborhood one day. He always makes time to have a coffee for me. I’ve known him for 12-13 years. I call him. His phone is out of service. It’s happened one time before. He has a crummy job...


Ian Farrar: Boss it on Social Media

Boss it on Social Media Ian Farrar joins me today with some great insights on social media. Some highlights include: - Don't just sell - 3 X 30 minute sessions - Meaningful content - Boss one platform - The slow burn - a hack for algorithms - AND Ian't top 5 tips Check Ian out at Listen at


Podcasts Can Improve Lives

I was recently a guest on Life Transformation Radio with Sean Douglas talking about my journey as the Podcaster’s Coach and the recently released, Book on Podcasting. It was a lot of fun and I really appreciated the opportunity. There were several things that came up during the interview that I would like to expand on today. The book I wrote is about how the process of podcasting and podcast creation can change a person’s life. Regardless to say, I am a huge advocate for people to start...


Perfection - An Inventory of Your Skills, Talents, & Experiences.

Keep in mind these things to combat feels of perfectism -  Remember something in the past that you took on and compare yourself from day 1 to day 60  Embrace your imperfection. Listen to the imperfection of others. Listen to podcast #1 from your favorite podcaster.  Tell yourself that it is ok that you are not perfect  When you see perfection in social media, remember that this can be a snap shot in someone elses life. You don’t even know that its real.  Cut yourself some slack. Love...


Combatting Criticism

If you want to be someone new or re-invent yourself, then you have to just do it. You have to start somewhere. You start being who you want to be on day one, and you build your experience up. It’s going to be hard, and you will meet opposition, but you have to persevere. You must not allow negativity from strangers get you down. They are strangers and not a meaningful part of your life. Of course, if I was approach by a stranger with courteous feedback and valid points, that would be...


The Vision of Your Podcast and Life

Podcasting is growing and thriving business, but it is much much more than a business. Maybe you are doing this for your existing business, or starting a new business, or even just a hobby. If you are creating a podcast, specifically for a business, it’s a brilliant move of course, but I want you to open your mind to the potential of personal growth while you podcast for your business. A podcast can be a tool for transformation and personal development. Have you made your goals for 2018?...


The Benefits of Podcasting for Your Business

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Break Through Your Comfort Zone

When you want to stretch yourself and grow, it gets uncomfortable. They call it the comfort zone, right? I can see an image of it. You have a person on the left. In the middle, you’ve got static, electricity, a whirlwind, and then on the right, the same person filled with personal growth and development. It’s going to suck when you break through the comfort zone. Notice that I didn’t say, ‘when you try to break through’? I prefer WHEN YOU BREAK THROUGH. It’ll be challenging, but after you...


A Recipe to Eliminate a Stressful Situation

I talk today about stress and choosing to let things go. My stress levels have been very high. Despite having a Publisher for my book, I have had to do and learn so many new things and hire many different people. One person in particular ripped me off, lied to me, and delivered something that I was not happy with. There was a lot of conflict. The product, my media kit, means a lot to me, so I held that in my heart. When things started going sideways, it started to hurt. I carried that hurt...


Steven Pacheco - Finding The Truth In Your Own Voice

Finding The Truth In Your Own Voice Written and narrated by Steven Pacheco of Trace Evidence, this piece discusses the power of the podcast and the ability to use it to help other people. This segment is from Chapter 8 from The Book on Podcasting. For additional bonuses, and a private one-on-on conversation between Steven Pacheco and the Podcaster’s Coach, please visit