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Episode 39 - Matt's Doobie Intervention

Gracie, Matt, and Ivan break down your favorite Bravo shows and also answer listener questions! They dive deeper into Matt's gross past and did Ivan really have sex in a celebrity's house? Get your free audiobook from Audible at


Episode 38 - Dorinda's Haunted House

We have entered the golden age of Bravo. On this episode, Matt and Gracie recap and serve up hot takes on Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, Real Housewives of New York, and RuPaul's Drag Race. They take your questions and give you very solid advice. Want your question answered by some pretend adults? Email us at


Episode 37 - We Tried Improv, We're Sorry

Matt and Gracie are back for a brand new episode. They give their hot takes on the Girl With No Job scandal, review Drag Race Season 10, take your questions, and try their hand at improv. It's a weird episode yall. *We are aware of the echo and working on fixing it.


Episode 36 - 5'8" and Thicc

On this very special episode, Matt and Ivan discuss the hottest of topics while also answering your fan submitted questions. Are these two man children qualified to be giving advice to the masses? Absolutely not but we love them for trying. Oh and Matt ate another doobie.


Episode 35 - A Sleepover with Matt and Gracie

We're back with a regular episode! Join us as we listen to Matt and Gracie dive into your favorite shows and as always over share personal stories from their own lives. Also, Matt was stoned and Gracie was annoyed. What's new?


Episode 33 - Make Your Lips Clap Cause We Back!

It only took 4 months, but the whole gang is back. Find out where your favorite sociopaths have been and whatever happened to all those relationships everyone was in! nyhi4mrc


Episode 32 - Let's Catch Up

It's been months since you've heard from your favorite friends you've never met. Find out where the gang is these days and what shows you need to be watching. Join our Facebook group "The Pretty Mean Podcast Facebook Group Nightmare" to find out when another random episode will go up. Miss you, love you.


Episode 31 - Tales from the Virgin

This episode kicks off with a never before hear message from the editor of The Pretty Mean Podcast. All your favorite shows get recapped and as per usual, the gang gets a little too person. Besos!


Episode 30 - Worshiping Jesus and STD Quizzes

Matt and Gracie are back to tell you their new favorite obsession, a Jesus freak on Instagram. As always, they give recaps to your favorite shows and in a surprising twist ... a free sex ed class! Stay safe and don't wear two condoms.


Episode 29 - WE'RE BACK

The long awaited and much anticipated return of The Pretty Mean Podcast is here! The hiatus is over and the gang is ready to dive right back into giving you too much information about everything from private waxing moments all the way to your favorite Bravo shows. During their vacation, the hosts all found love and are ready to take you on their journeys!



Breaking Alert Y'all! This is a Pretty Mean Podcast exclusive! While the gang is still on hiatus, Matt and Gracie couldn't contain themselves and had to discuss the LUMANITY and dramz about the bomb that our girl Lu from RHONY dropped on us. Feast your ears y'all!


Episode 28 - The Family Is Back Together

INTRODUCING.... TIME STAMPS!!! It has been brought to our attention via our Facebook group (Pretty Mean Podcast Facebook Group Nightmare) that our lovely and loyal listeners would appreciate time stamps. So, if you don't want to spoil this week's Real Housewives of Orange County or just now want to skip to After Dark/Spooky Moments/random party time segments, you now have the tools to do so! We don't know you but we love you! BESOS!!!! 6:06 - Southern Charm Reunion Part 2 12:55 - Real...


Episode 27 - Hoes in Different Area Codes

Catch up with your favorite two ladies from The Pretty Mean Podcast. Hear Sam and Gracie's thoughts on Fyre Festical, Blac Chyna vs Rob Kardashian, and of course your favorite Bravo shows. The Real Housewives of Orange County is back and the girls are thrilled. The episode concludes with a BRAND NEW segment you're definitely going to want to stay tuned for. TTYL HOES!


Episode 26 - Uploading This From A Parking Lot

Hi guys! It's me, Gracie from the Pretty Mean Podcast. I am uploading this episode in a parking lot because my wi-fi decided to shut off. Fun times! Anyways, Sam is not in this episode due to finding love and working 13 hour days so listen as Matt, Ivan, and myself recap your fave shows and find out who saw a ghost in the middle of sexy times. See you next week losers.


Better Late Than Never

The gang is back for another week of breaking down all your favorite Bravo shows such as both Southern Charms and Real Housewives of New York. Find out who is on a healthy journey and who gave a blowjob in middle school


Episode 24 - #BoysNight

When the girls away, the boys of The Pretty Mean Podcast will play. To celebrate Pride Month, only homosexuals are allowed on this episode and the boys took full advantage. Listen in as a very drunk Matt and Ivan take on all things pop culture and Bravo TV in a wilder than usual (hard to believe but it's true) episode of The Pretty Mean Podcast. Besos!


Hannah from Southern Charm Savannah

Gracie and Matt had the pleasure of welcoming Hannah from Southern Charm Savannah to the Pretty Mean Podcast! They discussed all things from Catherine being loyal to Lyle, if Nelson is really like that on and off camera, her boyfriend Louis' sock line, and Ashley's side hustle at Delta!


Episode 23: Let's Talk About Bezerkshires and Daddies

They're back together again, well almost together. Ivan comes in late because he's a hard working woman in the City of Angels. In the meantime, Sam, Matt, and Gracie dive deep into both Southern Charms and of course our crown jewel Real Housewives of New York. Which trailer got all our panties in a twist? Why do we all like to say Daddy in the bedroom? How far did Ivan get a dildo up his butt? Listen and find out.


Episode 22 - Courtyard Shenanigans

The four monsters of the Internet are back together again. Gracie saw her brother's dick 10 years ago and needs to talk about it. Matthew gives his tips and tricks to surviving prison. Listen as the gang deep dives into the Bravo shows Southern Charm Savannah/Charleston and Real Housewives of New York. On this week's After Dark, find out who is okay with being filmed during naughty times and which one of our hosts found a sexy pic of themselves on the interwebs!


Episode 21: Gypsy, Tramps, & Chili Titties

The gang is back for another week to discuss all your favorites. They cover Southern Charm Savannah and Charleston and as always Real Housewives of New York City. There's a new head bitch in town and her name is Gypsy. Find out why the gang is obsessed with her and how sometimes you just need to throw on a wig and lick a knife to please your man. In After Dark, we touch on sex nightmares and why Gracie can never look at a red head the same again.