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Three friends pursuing the culture and nothing but the culture

Three friends pursuing the culture and nothing but the culture
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Three friends pursuing the culture and nothing but the culture






Episode 3: Can you tell me how to get to cumming street

The boys are back at it with their talk of the town. This episode we talk about sesame street being on for 50 years, we talk about Spongebob and how dope it was and still is. Then we talk about the best shows on Earth and how Game Of Thrones had us all shook with their most recent episode. The one thing we really enjoyed talking about was the Endgame movie that just came out. By the way for the whole entire episode... SPOILERS!!!!


Episode 1: We back.../ Oil Boys

The three buffoons are back and we are coming back better than ever. This will be our new season after a couple months off so we can make the absolute best content for you the fans. This episode is a start up full of laughs jokes and the new creation of the season, oil boys. We talk about the new Earth video featuring lil Dicky and if it is actually a good thing to raise awareness on global warming. We talk about how movie theaters may be going out of business as well. This episode also...


Episode 15: Love Yours

I know that folks are used to the culture boys putting out episodes on thursdays and saturdays but this is for the fans. I, Ricardo, would just like to say thank you to everyone who has been with us since the beginning, or honestly at all. I just wanted to say thank you for everything and I appreciate everything everyone has said about the podcast about it sucking or about it being great you are appreciated. Anyway, I just wanted to put out a little something on my own just to speak up on...


Episode 14: Jerry Maguire ft. Jakes lack of movie Knowedge

Today we try to continue the podcast even though Hoodie Brian is sick and couldn't make the recording so it's just gonna be El jefe and weeb and they talk about Batman, our favorite Batman and favorite batman movie, Tom Cruise and his role in Jerry Maguire and how Jake thinks there was a shootout scene in there. We also talk on pretty much every topic when it comes to DC and then look for more and more things involving superhero movies to talk about and as always Jake sounds like a bit of...


Episode 10: Hand me the FP

Music is always booming with controversy, people chasing clout, everyone running their mouths and talking bad about each other. We talk about all of these topics and more on this episode, we talk Kanye and his antics once more, we also talk about the many things that new rappers are taking from each other and we also touch on the topic if an artists action can affect your opinion on their music.


Episode 9: Medical Bills and more

Today we talk about the new movies that just came out this past week. We touch on Spiderman into the Spiderverse, Holmes and Watson, what we loved about Spiderman and just how much Jake loves to take people out in soccer.


Episode 8: Sickobamba

The boys are starting the new year off right with a banger of an episode. In this episode we we talk about new music that dropped, and also what makes an artist great in the music industry.


Episode 7: Jak and Daxter? no. Jack Daniels

The three buffoons are back from the holiday break and we are back better than ever with our very first video game episode. We talk about video games for the first time, we touch on game of the year, our favorite consoles, our favorite series of all time and how society is changing the youth. We enjoy any feedback we get on this episode seeing how this is the first one we ever do.


Episode 6: The List

Hoodie Brian gives us a list of rappers to make our ultimate rap team and lemme tell ya it got heated. This weeks music episode was one for the ages


Episode 5: Cheese and The Hand computer

Today we talk about pretty much absolutely nothing and its completely hilarious. We try our best to cover Action movies, animated movies and our favorite deaths in the movies that had an impact on us if Jake doesn't interrupt us with his terrible opinion.


Episode 2: Hoodie Brian Returns

Today the three buffoons talk music and who deserves the title of the best album of the year. Talking music is Brian's specialty and he brings the heat with his secret life as a rapper and makes us give our opinions on music all around. We discuss Meek Mill's new album, 6ix9ine's recent prison situations, and Kanye seeking out "help".


Episode 1: The Beginning

Just three friends talking their minds and talking about Movies we've seen, our favorite directors and also about the current events. Talking daredevil and his exit from Netflix, how disney is taking over and much more.