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Ramblecast Ep. 10.43: “Blue Cheese Balls"

I’m sorry Matt, “You’re just too damn loud.” Jack has some good news! But will he get his wish as a future pitcher in the family? We get into some "Mission Impossible" and the future of James Bond talk, as well as Star Wars tidbits and Nick’s Star Wars-in-concert experience. Debate: Would you LoJack your family? …. And…how many beers has Matt bought? Links: Patreon: Amazon: Merch: Facebook:...


Ramblecast Ep. 10.42: “Captain Jack & The Shrink Wrap Shooters"

It may be long, but you’ll want to stick around 'til the end for this one! Join the gang for Village People sing-along. Jack and Nick discuss Comic-Con highlights as well as a fan encounter that settles the question, "Who's the favorite Ramblecaster?" Chris gives us a break down with everything wrong with DC. And to top it all off, we have a down to the wire trivia that will leave you loving “that thing we do.” Become a Patron: Amazon:


Ramblecast Ep. 10.41: “Suck It Doug"

Nick and Chris learn of a betrayal of Lando proportions. What would Chris rather be doing than podcasting? Hint, it involves Corona and hanging out with the locals. We get into some fast food talk and Jack’s life as a franchise owner… spoiler, the happiest days of his life. Who won the Vs.? Let’s just say… the winner is a one-hit wonder. And we top it off with some Ken Burn’s Vietnam talk. Patreon: Amazon: Merch: www....


Ramblecast Ep. 10.40: “The Cheez Ball World Cup"

Matt and Nick struggle to hold it all together while Chris is at the beach sipping Coronas and the mystery of “Jackgate” comes crashing to the ground. We get into some World Cup discussion and the fundamentals of soccer. The joys of snacks and candy that we wished would return. Will Prince Charles ever be King Charles… he’s like 70 already. And who will play Jack in his Lifetime movie? Stay tuned for an all-new Vs. Patreon: Amazon:


Ramblecast Ep. 10.39: “Jackgate"

It started with a story about Matt's family vacation. It ended with a crash. What happened? What was Nick so excited about? Hear the first part of #Jackgate. Become a Patron: Amazon: Merch:


Ramblecast Ep. 10.38: “What-a Little Richard"

Where is Matt? Where is Tim? Who? In this episode of the Ramblecast, the boys talk about the Keto Diet & weight loss, so get ready for that summer body you’ve been waiting for! Jack tells a story of his love of Richard. And the boys suggest the HBO show Succession and discuss some War movies you should see!


Ramblecast Ep. 10.37: “Ring Ding a Ling"

Welcome to the Ramblecast!! Since Matt is leaving us for The Broadcast, we packed in another 2-hour episode full of Ramble goodness. We’ve past Chris and Nick’s two-year anniversary with the Ramblecast …. So, feel free to send us “cotton”… but Matt prefers paper. Matt lives his dream as an Art Appraiser… even if it’s Indiana art. We get into the great chip n dip debate, but will Chris allow Nick to talk about it? We review the Netflix Series “Evil Genius,” but does Nick like it? And...


Ramblecast Ep. 10.36: “One-Eyed Jackhammer"

It’s been a long time, but the Ramblecast returns to its roots with a 2-hour episode pack full of awesomeness. We spill into a little Owen & Beru’s BBQ with some Star Wars talk. Chris lets out his inner hippy with some concert talk (great now go take a bath, Smashmouth). We get a visit from “Sheriff One-Eye” and his love for YouTube Concerts in 3D. So crush up some Ambien, grab your Corona’s and prepare for this Bohemian Rhapsody! Become a Patron: Facebook:...


Ramblecast Ep. 10.35: “Thor: Ran-dork"

On this week’s Ramblecast, 2 of us watch Survivor and 2 of us have never seen an episode??? Matt finally gives us his reactions to Cobra Kai, and Chris and Nick briefly discuss Deadpool 2. We get a call from Maggie and get into a “Solo” product. Stay tuned for trivia!


Ramblecast Ep. 10.24: “Skin Motion”

The boys come out Rambling! Where we answer all the lingering questions... What do Chris’s tattoos mean? Will Jay ever play guitar again? What’s more annoying Kidz Bop or Cars for Kids? Does Jack prefer backwards or forwards? And can Michelle Williams afford a Wahlburger? Listen to find out! Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.23: “Jack the Intern”

Winter has come and so has the Ramblecast! Boston discusses life in the cold... Jack too. We get into a brief Star Wars: The Last Jedi discussion as well as other movies and TV shows over the break. Boston, at his wife’s request, tests a new oral device... but does it work? And Nick shares a motherly Christmas story to warm your hearts. #jacktheintern Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.22: “Patrick Swayze’s Twelve Days of Christmas”

The third and final part of the Ramblecast Christmas Spectacular is dedicated to another one of Matt's Top 10 Lists. Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.21: “Put the Christ in Die Hard”

It's a very Christmas-movie Versus between Jay, Jack, Matt, Boston, and Nick in the second installment of the Ramblecast Christmas Spectacular! Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.20: “A Christmas Special for Doug”

It's a very Ramblecast Christmas for Doug, in the first of their three-part holiday extravaganza. Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.19: “Captain Cuckold”

Join us for an all-new Ramblecast, where Jack, Boston, and Nick discuss: The French Pinball Wizard, Jack’s Patriots are closing in on the AFC Championship, Boston has a Dead experience, why DC is failing in Marvel’s shadow, and dishwashergate. Also, if you’d like to help us out with providing better content for you please fill out this quick survey: Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.18: “Good Job Watching It”

On this week’s all-new Ramblecast, the boys get into a spoiler-free review of the new movie: Thor: Ragnarok. Meanwhile, does Jay possibly make a bad decision with a personal purchase? Then Nick brings us a whole new round of “Jack’s Tweets,” while Jack proves his trivia is as entertaining as his tweets. Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.17: “Nick Pitches a Tent”

On this week’s Ramblecast, Jay pre-games to Daniel Tiger with a little help from crack. Has Jack returned to his Chargers? Boston gets wet, while Nick buys an inflatable. And stay tuned for an all-new Versus. Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.16: "Twilight Dumpster"

On this episode, Jack Headroom and the Twilights discuss Tom Cruise movies and what are the best sequels? Are there any good bands left for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and ... the Great Toilet Seat Debate: padded or straight rim? Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.15: "The One with All the Reviews"

Jack is happy he’s finally on a winning team, while Chris is extremely happy with his TCL 4K TV purchase, and Nick considers buying a robot that sucks. We also have a non-spoiler Blade Runner 2049 review and some Star Wars trailer talk. Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group


Ramblecast Ep. 10.14: "Anywhere Between a Dollar and an Eight Ball"

On this all new Ramblecast, No-Jay-Simpson is off celebrating his release... but we are joined by Matt!... and he brought a list. Jack has embraced a new NFL team and apparently brought his luck with him. Flowerpicker54 updates us on his witchy woman and Boston discusses the unexpected gifts from the Toothfairy. All new trivia! Check it out! Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group