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LGBTQ News 10-13-18: Matthew Shepard, Taylor Swift, Broadway's Once On This Island

In this week's headlines: • The nation observed the 20th anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepard • Anti-LGBTQ forces in Romania faced an epic fail in trying to outlaw marriage equality • New Jersey moves to protect transgender students • The Trump administration requires foreign diplomatic employees' partners to be married in order to be in the US or face deportment • Taylor Swift goes political speaking out for LGBTQ rights and Democratic candidates • Facebook added coming out as a...


LGBT News 9-16-18

In this week's headlines: 'Sex and the City' star Cynthia Nixon fell short in her bid to become the Democratic nominee for governor in NY. A Pennsylvania university will not let a gay man take his last two classes for his degree. A new study shows same-sex couples are getting married at an older age than heterosexuals. RuPaul and the Fab Five celebrated at this year’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards. And singer/songwriter Davis Mallory's new progressive house track, "Lost," is a real find. All...


Interview with 'The Shirtless Violinist' Matthew Ohlshefski

Today I’m chatting with Matthew Ohlshefski - who you may know better as YouTube’s Shirtless Violinist. Matthew joins me today to talk about his wildly popular series of shirtless music videos showcasing his musical artistry. Since 2016, the classically trained musician has combined the violin with sex appeal and a splash of humor channeling his passion for music into his own Uber-successful YouTube channel that’s garnered millions of views and has over 22,000 subscribers. His music videos...


LGBT News 8-18-18: CO baker discriminates against trans woman; Anthony Starble's "Paperweight"

In this week's headlines: • An Oklahoma school district shut down after parents of students threatened violence on a transgender 5th grader • That anti-gay Colorado baker is at it again - this time denying a cake to a trans woman • Smart guy Matt Baume reminds us when 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' went gay for just one episode (Watch Matt break it down here - * A gay Afghanistan teen was denied asylum by Austria...


LGBT News 7-29-18: Puerto Rico, Ryan Reynolds, Homeless Teen Becomes Valedictorian

In this week's headlines: • A homeless gay teen becomes valedictorian of his class. Head to to contribute to his college fund. • Puerto Rico now allows transgender folks to change the gender on their birth certificates. • The hit TV series 'Riverdale' is getting a gay romance. • 'Supergirl' will have television's first transgender super-hero. • Ryan Reynolds wants to see more sexuality in his 'Deadpool' movies All that and more in this episode of The Randy...


LGBT News 7-17-18: LGBTQ Emmy noms, Harry Styles, and 'gay panic' defense ban

In this week's headlines: • The Trump administration is raiding HIV/AIDS programs to pay for further family separations at the U.S. border • Hawaii’s Supreme Court declines to review a bigot’s appeal after being found guilty is LGBTQ discrimination • UK pop star Harry Styles admits, “There a little bit of gay in all of us” • This year’s Emmy Awards nominations had a lot of love for the gays All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report


LGBTQ News 7-8-18: Pop star Brendon Urie and pro soccer player Collin Martin come out

In this week's headlines: • The governor of Maine becomes the first in the nation to veto an 'ex-gay therapy' ban • An Ohio congressman is accused of turning a blind-eye to sex abuse • Starbucks expands healthcare for transgender employees • New Jersey adopts new trans rights • Ohio lawmakers want teachers to snitch on trans students • How Trump’s new Supreme Court could affect marriage equality • Pro soccer player Collin Martin comes out • And 'Panic! At the Disco’s' Brendon Urie also comes...


LGBT News: Jury awards $18.4 million for cancelled HIV test; web series imagines world without AIDS

In this week's LGBTQ headlines: • A gay man is awarded $18.4 million for a botched HIV test • New web series “Fathers” imagines “Who would we be?” if AIDS hadn’t happened • Tan France, fashion guru for Queer Eye, says his family thought the make better series converted straight men to gay • There’s new music from out indie recording artist Aiden James All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report


LGBT News: A gay royal wedding, Ricky Martin wants to come out again, Tony Awards Recap

In this week's headlines: • A new poll by Buzzfeed takes a deep dive into the LGBTQ community’s sexual and political behavior • Ricky Martin wishes he could come out again • Out singer/songwriter Starley drops her new track “Love Is Love” just in time for Pride • Perez Hilton set to be the next celebrity host at Chippendales in Las Vegas • And I share my thoughts on this year’s Tony Awards All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report


Interview: Out State Sen. Pat Spearman of Nevada

Today I'm talking with Nevada state Sen. Pat Spearman who is running for the Democratic nomination in Nevada's District 4 for Congress. The word "qualified" doesn't even begin to cover the senator's resume. A Doctor of Business Administration, a Masters degree in Divinity, a 29 year veteran of the U.S. Army where she achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel, two landslide victories for the Nevada state Senate and she's the only LGBTQ candidate running in Nevada this election cycle. Hit the play...


Interview: Singer/Songwriter Eli Lieb "The Nights We Lived"

Out singer/songwriter Eli Lieb recently released his newest album, "The Nights We Lived." With hit songs "Young Love," "Zeppelin," "Safe in My Hands," Eli has become a favorite for fans of indie pop music. And this new album is a introspective collection of songs that lies right in the sweet spot of mainstream pop music. We talk to Eli about his music, his exit from Los Angeles, thoughts on the state of the music industry and more.


Interview: Artist/Producer/InstaHunk Alex Abramov

Check out my interview with handsome Russian artist/producer/InstaHunk Alex Abramov who has just released the first two volumes in a series of revealing art photography books titled, UNCOVERED. Alex lives his life out and proud on his Instagram account where over 300,000 people (including me) follow him each day for a look at his woofy, furry goodness in action. The hunky Russian has kept personal journals for more than 18 years and has drawn upon those memories to create UNCOVERED. “My...


LGBT News: RuPaul to star in new Netflix sitcom; Colton Haynes files for divorce

In this week's headlines: • Hate crime charges have been filed against the Miami Beach Pride day attackers • Oklahoma has the dubious distinction of having the first anti-LGBTQ state law of 2018 • Arrow/Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes has filed for divorce • The Trump administration continues its assault on the transgender community • RuPaul is set to star in a new Netflix sitcom, "AJ and the Queen" All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report…


LGBT News: Oklahoma & Kansas pass anti-LGBTQ adoption laws; Adam Rippon slays on DWTS

In this week's LGBTQ headlines: • Oklahoma and Kansas state legislatures pass anti-LGBTQ adoption laws • A new survey of over 40,000 Americans shows acceptance for same-sex marriage has hit 61% • Ireland moves to ban so-called "conversion therapy" • Major League Baseball teams have scheduled special LGBT Pride Nights this season (head to for a complete list of MLB Pride Nights) • Drag queen Ada Vox exits American...


LGBT News: Drag queen Ada Vox makes American Idol Top 10; Massachusetts gets LGBTQ school curriculum

In this week’s headlines: • Ada Vox becomes American Idol's first drag queen contestant in the Top 10 • A new study shows surprising results - gay male couples are least likely to part ways • High school students in Massachusetts will soon have courses that will include LGBTQ history and literature by gay authors • The Trump administration launches a new attack on transgender people • Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle reaffirmed their commitment to LGBTQ rights All that and more in this episode...


Interview: Kevin Spirtas on his new LGBT-themed Amazon series "After Forever"

Out actor/producer/writer Kevin Spirtas has spearheaded a new digital series set to premiere on Amazon Video April 24th titled, “After Forever." With a tag line that reads, “A story about love, loss and new beginnings,” the series chronicles the journey of a gay couple, their group of friends, and how they deal with the losses in their lives. Fans know Kevin not only from his long-running role as "Dr. Craig Wesley" on Days of Our Lives, and films like the Friday the 13th series, he's an...


LGBT News: Gay bashing in Miami Beach; Matt Bomer in upcoming trans flick "Anything"

In this week's LGBTQ headlines: • Miami Beach Pride gay bashing • Sen. Cory Booker calls out Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo on LGBT rights • Newly-elected Alabama Sen. Doug Jones became the latest co-sponsor of The Equality Act citing his son Carson’s coming out as affecting his view on LGBTQ rights • Out UK diverTom Daley speaks out against Commonwealth anti-gay laws • Matt Bomer’s casting in upcoming film trans-oriented ANYTHING gets boos from transgender community • And Randy...


YouTube's Davey Wavey: "Porn doesn't teach you how to have good sex"

Note: Podcast contains mature discussion of human sexuality It’s no surprise that the most obvious trait that sets gay men apart from the rest of the world is the fact that we have sex with men. But in truth, few of us ever had someone explain or teach us about gay sexuality. Today I’m talking to popular “sex positive” YouTube vlogger Davey Wavey. With over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel and over 400 million views of his videos, Davey Wavey has spent years covering LGBT...


LGBT News: MGM Resorts releases new collection of LGBT love songs; Recapping the Will & Grace finale

In this week's LGBTQ headlines: • MGM Resorts released a new collection of wedding songs for LGBTs from Kesha, Bob Dylan and more. • The finale of Will & Grace aired this week with some surprise couplings. • A new documentary of the life and legacy of Sir Ian McKellen - "Playing The Part" • Maryland’s state legislature moves closer to banning so-called conversion therapy • Anchorage, Alaska, says “no” to transgender discrimination All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report.


LGBT News: "Roseanne" is back but should LGBTs watch?; "Queer Eye" reboot gets 2nd season

In this week's LGBTQ headlines: • The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the state of Ohio for the state’s policy that bars transgender people from changing their birth certificates. • There will be NO questions about LGBTs in the 2020 Census • "Roseanne" returned to TV this week but folks are conflicted about watching • The NFL will have its first male cheerleaders in the upcoming season • "Queer Eye" reboot has been renewed for a 2nd season • Today is International Transgender Day of...