S2/Ep13: Aman Advani-Breaking Down Work, Passion and Play

I always wondered how it was possible that James Bond could jump out of window, fight 4 dudes, roll off a cliff, land in an Aston Martin, and then show up at a cocktail party without a single wrinkle on his lapel. Aman Advani, the founder of Ministry of Supply, a company that makes scientifically better clothing (and more), may have answered that question. Aman and his team have engineered what might actually be the world's most technologically advanced clothing, but the real innovation is...


S2/Ep12: Marcia Kilgore- Entrepreneurship and Connecting the Dots

I have spoken to a bunch of entrepreneurs in my life, but none as lively and charismatic as Marcia Kilgore. From Bliss Spas to Beauty Pie, Marcia has left nothing but a trail of lucrative businesses in her wake. With a combination of vision, hard-work, and selective listening skills, Marcia has ridden a wave of success matched by few.


S2/Ep11: Larry Chachko- The Art of Living in the Fast Lane

How does a kid from the suburbs with no college education end up having some of the world's most influential celebs in his quick dial? By cultivating a no f$*ks given mentality. Larry Chachko, founder of Black Star Distribution and Smoke Unhappy partner, is an entrepreneur that epitomizes the American Dream, but he is not living life with his eyes closed. He knows exactly what he wants, and nothing will veer him off track.


Season 2/Episode 10: Confrontation, Art, and Creative Genius with Shala Akintunde

Contemporary artist and creative producer Shala Akintunde is expanding, but the result leaves us grappling with our own abilities to lean into the unimaginable. In this episode we’ll talk about the creative process, the relative state of genius, and what happens when your desire to make space for something new pushes up against what is old.


Season 2/Episode 9: Owning Your Voice and Daring to Dream with Hayley Richman

From covers of the worlds greatest hits, to crafting her own original music, vocalist and artist Hayley Richman joins me on the show to talk music, the creative process, owning your voice, and claiming your dreams.


Season 2/Episode 8: Designing the Change You Want to See with Tanner Woodford

Tanner Woodford is founder and Executive Director of the Design Museum of Chicago. He joins me on the show to talk, design, entrepreneurship, and the fundamental improvement of the human condition.


Season 2/Episode 7: The Humanitarian Side of Luxury Fashion with Shahd Alasaly

Shahd Alasaly, founder of Blue meets Blue, a humanitarian luxury fashion label, joins me on the show to talk modesty, mission driven entrepreneurship, and refugee-made luxury fashion.


Season 2/Episode 6: Consciousness, Awareness, and the Parenting Revolution with Dr. Shefali (Skype)

I was humbled to connect with New York Times Bestselling author, and mindfulness teacher, Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Dr. Shefali has taken parenting, and more specifically the depths of which parenting reaches into our own consciousness, to new levels. Her critically acclaimed books, The Awakened Family, The Conscious Parent, and Out of Control have changed lives, and more importantly, impacted the dynamics of family life.


Season 2/Episode 5: Transformation and the Power of Letting Go with Lola Wright

I love spending time with amazing human beings that have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of life, and Lola Wright is one of those people. She has persevered, but perseverance is just the beginning. The CEO and Spiritual Director of the Bodhi Spiritual Center and I will talk growth at the hands of pain, and how transformation and fulfillment come from letting go.


Season 2/Episode 4: The Path to Alternative Medicine and Innovative Healing with Dr. Dustin Sulak (Skype)

World renowned expert and educator on medicinal marijuana, Dr. Dustin Sulak joins me on the show to dig deeper into the use of cannabis as a path to healing, and how he ended up taking an alternative route to treating more than the human body.


Season 2/Episode 3: The Power of Storytelling with Emmy Award Winner Nic DeGrazia

Six-time Emmy award-winning writer, producer, and director Nic DeGrazia joins me on the show to talk writing, rock and roll, and why his story is the “American Story.” Nic is co-founder and creative director of Bitter Jester Studios. He is also a James Beard Award nominee, a sketch comedian with The Comic Thread, and is the founder and producer of the Bitter Jester Music Festival, which he also co-emcees.


Season 2/Episode 2: Juggling Life in the Flow with World Class Juggler Cyril Rabbath

From practicing in the parks of Paris, to juggling with gravity on the stage with Cirque Du Soleil, world renown juggler and performer Cyril Rabbath joins me on the show to talk pressure, time in the flow, and constructing the performance of a lifetime!


Season 2/Episode 1:The Nature of Cannabis and Entrepreneurship with Ryan Crane

On the Season 2 opener of The Rebel Mindset I sit down with serial entrepreneur and authority on cannabis Ryan Crane to talk cannabis, stigma, taking risk, and the future of wellness. Ryan is the Founder and CEO of Tukan, a line of functional wellness shots that deliver robust functionality through proprietary blends of CBD and other complementary ingredients, and Tempo, a Chicago-based company that produces naturally-caffeinated sparkling teas.


Season 1/Episode 20 (Season Finale): Leadership and Vulnerability with Mike and Mike

Leaders are those that inspire others to follow. Michael Zywicki (Executive Director of Emerald Place Memory Care Community) and Michael Moylan (Head of Retail Banking for a local community bank), share tips on leading from the front, standing out, and the desire to serve.


Season 1/Episode 19: Breathing Life Into Your Business with Dr. Angie Beltsos

The Rebel Mindset welcomes founder of Vios Fertility Centers, and world renowned fertility expert Dr. Angie Beltsos on the show to talk life, culture, and exponential growth!


Season 1/Episode 18: Owning Who You Are with Noor Tagouri

Journalist, activist, and international agent for change Noor Tagouri joins me on the show to talk, Sold In America, the sex trade, and owning who you are in the face opposition.


Season 1/Episode 17: The Heart of Bullying with Christine Jon'el

In spite of being challenged by cancer, leg amputation, bullying, sexual assault, and homelessness, my guest Christine Jon'el tells us why it's easier to smile than to frown.


Season 1/Episode 16: It's All About Chemistry with Dr. Dana Russo

We’ve heard a lot about it, but now it’s time for some serious answers. Dr. Dana Russo joins me on the show to talk testosterone, hormone optimization, and whether or not this is the new fountain of youth.


Season 1/Episode 15: The Marketing Experience with Steven White

Marketing and branding expert Steven White joins me in the pod to talk about the Five E's of Experience, and how to maximize your life without forgetting to smell the roses.


Season 1/Episode 14: Protecting your Investment with Lisa Kinsella

Innovator, creator of the Luwi, and cancer survivor Lisa Kinsella joins me on the show to talk about the trials and tribulations of developing a product, protecting your greatest investment, and living your best life.