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Season 1/Episode 4 - Chasing Self Discovery with Howard Falco

How many of us have said..."I should write a book." Well this man actually wrote two, and they're good! Author of the best selling books "I Am" and "Time in a Bottle" Howard Falco joins me on the show via Skype to share his story of self discovery and tips on how you can maximize your potential by connecting with the person in the mirror. Here's a spoiler. When intention is present, time doesn't exist. Whoa!


Season 1/Episode 3 - Born To Lead With Mayor Dan DiMaria

Are good leaders born, or are they made? Mayor of Morton Grove and father of five Dan Dimaria joins me on the show to talk about the dynamics of leadership, and why some people got it, and some people don't.


Episode 2 - The Ultimate Sale and the Power of Networking

Alright so sitting down with sales and networking expert James (Jimmy) Levin wasn't only awesome because he is one of my dearest friends, it was inspiring and enlightening because my man has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience that I could never sum up with words. What was the big take away? You can't be afraid to take risk, and often that means making your own opportunities. How do we maximize the power of connecting with others? One


Episode 1 - Reaching Beyond Your Limits with Michael Fine

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's hard to leave me speechless. But every time I hear yogi and spiritual bad ass Michael Fine tell his story I am at a loss for words. Michael lost is left arm in a horrific accident 8 years ago. What is the end result you ask? A man that has a new found appreciation for just how awesome this life is. He attacks existence with intention and takes experiences hostage as they come. How has this man continued to thrive in the wake of a traumatic...