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Comprehensive reviews and analysis of the complete Resident Evil/Biohazard saga by long time fans from the community





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Episode 96: Resident Evil: The Mold Saga (2016 - 2021)

After a short break, the team return to tackle head on the soft reboot that is the Mold Saga. Following the bloated bioterrorism era, many welcomed the return of a more personal story with Ethan and family and (another) new virus/parasite/agent taking centre stage - this time in the form of Mutamycete or the Mold. Whilst the story may start off self contained, we soon see the return of many Resident Evil hallmarks such as a new Umbrella, spies, paramilitary teams and of course Chris "yes, that's him" Redfield ultimately leading to an interesting cliffhanger in Resident Evil Village. Like our recent Bioterrorism Era podcast, we take each year in turn, starting in 2016 as the Mold and E-001 gains a strong foothold in Dulvey, Louisiana. How does this Mold work? Is it consistent between it and the Mold seen in Village? And what's the deal with Blue Umbrella and the BSAA? Can we learn more from some obscure airsoft pamplets? All of this and more including a discussion on recent RE-REmake rumours plaguing the interweb. Enjoy!


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Episode 95: Happy Birthday Resident Evil Outbreak - Decisions, Decisions

Welcome to the final part of our 20th birthday celebrations for the original Resident Evil Outbreak. This time we focus solely on the final scenario; Decisions, Decisions, and set foot in Raccoon University with just hours to spare before the sterilization operation obliterates Raccoon City for good. As ever we dive deep, investigating all possible routes, puzzles, enemies, and story implications... all before hoping to escape before the missile (or is it missiles?) hit... This episode is supplemented by a comprehensive review of Resident Evil 4 Remake VR by STARS_TyranT. Please enjoy.


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Episode 94: Happy Birthday Resident Evil Outbreak - The Hive & Below Freezing Point

Our Resident Evil Outbreak's 20th anniversary birthday celebrations continue with a look at the next two scenarios; The Hive and Below Freezing Point. Join us as we return to Raccoon City General Hospital where strange leeches run amok and the bloody elevator is broken... Just how do you find those pesky elevator codes again? Then it's swiftly onto William Birkin's underground laboratory in a storyline taking place several days before Leon and Claire ever got there and at a time long before NEST was ever a thing. Neptune's calamitous quiz returns and in the news we briefly discuss the impending release of Remake 4 Gold Edition and break down the Infinite Darkness: The Beginning prequel. Please enjoy.


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Episode 93: Happy Birthday Resident Evil Outbreak - Outbreak & Hellfire

On REP's 12th anniversary, we begin to celebrate 20 years of the Resident Evil Outbreak sub series that was first released in December 2003 in Japan. The game, which started off life advertised as Network Biohazard or Resident Evil Online quickly stoked the imagination of RE fans across the world, especially those that had bet on the franchise remaining on Sony's console post PSX. There was a lot of hope and expectation that Resident Evil going online would revolutionise the series. What transpired was not quite what was promised in the early trailers with many lamenting the lack of internet infrastructure for the PS2. Fast-forward 20 years and both Outbreak File 1 and 2 have a dedicated fandom, with clever minds keeping PC servers alive so these games can be played as they were always intended. In the first of our year-long celebration, we will be applying our usual Happy Birthday playthrough standard to the Outbreak and Hellfire scenarios. The first of course acts as an extended tutorial, but throws players in at the deep end. Hellfire meanwhile chronologically at least takes place at the same time, but players face the dreaded Lickers in the Apple Inn. The team have therefore either fired up their PS2s (waited an eternity whilst it loads) or headed online to bring you our experiences of these chapters. Expect some contrasting views with a detailed look at the tank controls, graphics and mechanics and the hidden lore.


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Episode 92: Resident Evil: The Bioterrorism Era

Welcome to our end of year podcast where we see out 2023 with a deep dive into one of the more controversial eras of the series chronology. RE5 went out of its way to end several long-running, major plot points and left something of a blank slate for the storyline moving forward after killing off its main villain. Since then we've had a ton of media, not just new games, but also manga books and CGI movies, to progress the storyline from 2009-2015 in what we are calling the 'bioterrorism era'. We look at the various incidents and plot aspects that occurred during this period, analyzing what works and what doesn't. Just what is the difference between Blue Umbrella and Neo-Umbrella, what are the dangers and advantages of retroactive storytelling, and does Resident Evil now have a villain problem? Umbrella and Wesker are gone and yet the series seemingly struggles to leave them behind. In the news, STARS_TyranT offers his early impressions of Remake 4 VR. Please enjoy.


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Episode 91: REmake REflections

With the undoubted success of all of Capcom's REmakes, especially the recent Resident Evil 4, the time has now come for the team to reflect upon the impact these games have had both for Biohazard and for the wider industry. In the spotlight for this podcast are not only the RE Engine remakes, but also the original and arguably still the bar to beat - 2002 REmake. The aim here is to discuss in some detail how these remakes came to be and the legacy they now leave, whilst highlighting the bits they did better that their original counterpart. In hindsight does REmake 2 stick out with its more re-imagined approach to the lore compared to the other titles, did REmake 3 leave too much on the cutting room floor and is REmake 4 the final straw or are more remakes inevitable? Helping us breakdown and reflect on these questions are you guys -through a series of polls conducted by STARS TyranT on Twitter/X. The results are....surprising to say the least but offer a fascinating insight into how parts of the community are feeling. Finally we end with a remake themed quiz where the questions only have 2 answers. What could possibly go wrong? Please enjoy our final say on the REmakes (at least until Code: Veronica is announced!)


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Episode 90: Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Separate Ways Review

Perhaps one of the most anticipated DLC's in quite some time, Separate Ways is out now and the REP Team are bringing you their review of Ada's quest in Southern Europe. The original side quest for the base game certainly added some much needed context to the Plaga and specifically Wesker's involvement - can the revised version pull the same trick whilst applying the bells and whistles of the RE Engine? With emotions running high at REP over Remake 4 itself, will Neptune have a more enjoyable time? Will TheBatMan continue to applaud the changes from Capcom? Has Rombie burnt himself out on the game attempting his Platinum run and will this be the straw that breaks STARS TyranT's back? So strap yourselves in, activate your IRIS and get ready for the last tango in Spain for Luis. Our Separate Ways review starts now!


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Episode 89: Resident Evil Death Island Review

In the latest in what is now a long line of CGI productions, Death Island was perhaps the most anticipated with the return of not only fan favourite Jill Valentine, but the coming together of all four of the series' main protagonists for the very first time. On paper therefore, Death Island ticks a lot of boxes, but how was this film received by the team - can it break free from the usual constraints of these films to tell an important but also enjoyable tale - and can it be done when so many of the on-screen characters are wearing very thick plot armour? Join STARS TyranT, Rombie, Neptune and returning special guest CVXFreak as we lift the lid on The Rock, we mean Death Island!


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Episode 88: Resident Evil Dead Aim Retrospective

Join REP as we celebrate 20 years of Resident Evil: Dead Aim! Yes, Gun Survivor 4 is now 2 decades old and the team come together to take a retrospective look at this pioneering and divisive title. Long time listeners will know that we are quite fond of this quirky spin off, arriving at a time when the future of the series was looking bleak on PlayStation with the major titles finding a new home on Nintendo's purple cube. After a few false starts under the Survivor banner, could Capcom strike gold with new characters and a notable time jump into 2002. In this hybrid retrospective/happy birthday podcast we dive deep into the lore surrounding the locations, characters the B.O.Ws and the rather somewhat convoluted chronology events leading to Morpheus's plan to target the world's cities with the T-Virus. 20 years old where does this game sit in the wider canon? Is it as important as some of the team like to make out? And just why is this not available on digital download! Please enjoy!


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Episode 87: Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Part 3: The Lore Discussion

Welcome to the third and final part of our Remake 4 coverage. We've reviewed it, the community have had their say, now it is time to do a deep dive into the various lore changes and additions this remake has brought about. We discuss in depth the changes to the Plaga, the various creatures, and the enhanced personalities and motivations of the characters. Do the changes to Operation Javier really matter, or can the new simply be stitched on top of the old? We also welcome Albert Wesker into the RE Engine era and speculate what the inevitable Separate Ways will have in store. Finally, does canon really matter anymore? Should it ever have mattered? Please enjoy.


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Episode 86.5: Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Part 2: Community Feedback

Part 2 of our coverage of Resident Evil 4 Remake continues with our community feedback special. As is tradition with our new release coverage, in this podcast we hear from our wonderful listeners with their views and opinions on this latest release. The call out this time saw a wonderful response with a varied collection of experiences and reviews. Join Neptune, theBatman, STARS TyranT, Rombie and George Trevor as we hand the reigns over to you guys! Meanwhile in the news, we reflect on newest trailer releases of Resident Evil Death Island and the upcoming RE movie documentary. Enjoy!


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Episode 86: Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Review

Resident Evil 4 Remake has now seen its official release and our panel have played it extensively. Join Neptune, Batman, STARS_TyranT, Rombie and George Trevor for a very lengthy discussion as we dissect and analyse the whole game from top to bottom. Everything is covered from the re-imagined and remixed locations, the modern take on the characters and B.O.W.s, the soundtrack, and of course the new lore implications. Can George Trevor finally be converted to the modern games? Will this finally be the title that wins over STARS_TyranT to the remakes? And does this title change enough to help Neptune overcome his indifference towards the original game? Join us and find out....


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Episode 85: Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Final Preview

With less than two weeks to go before the highly anticipated release, the REP team sit down to analyse the 'Chainsaw Demo' and discuss their hopes and fears for the final finished product. In the midst of avoiding flying hatchets, burning police officers, and frenzied chainsaws, we discuss what works, what doesn't and speculate on what the full game has in store. But overall the team seem united in their opinion that Remake 4 will be a phenomenal success and potentially become one of the best-selling titles of all time for Capcom. But this poses its own dilemma... Should Capcom press ahead into the unknown with Resident Evil 9 and beyond or is it safer and more financially sound to continue the Remake train with 5, 6 and Code Veronica? In the news, the announcement of Death Island is discussed with the return of Jill and STARS_TyranT offers his thoughts on Resident Evil Village VR. Please enjoy.


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Episode 84: Happy Birthday Resident Evil Zero

Amazingly, another classic Resident Evil title turns 20 years old in all regions as one of the last pre-rendered games hits this milestone. A game originally developed for the N64 before being scrapped and upgraded for the Nintendo GameCube, for many this was the key title in the release schedule. Gone were some of the core components of Biohazard, no longer "restricted" by item boxes, two person exploration and some genuinely creepy environments - surely the pinnacle of survival horror? Many felt these improvements harmed the gameplay and the complicated and somewhat contradictory storyline only added to the frustration. 20 years on REP once again enter the world of survival horror in our new season opener as we play through the title beginning to end, showcasing our own quests on board the Ecliptic Express and then the new mansion and labs. What horrors awaited our panel of Neptune, theBatman, STARS Tyrant and George Trevor? Enjoy our discussions as we play on our tank control experience with some expert guidance from the team - well, most of them - Neptune is still stuck on the train! Happy Birthday Resident Evil Zero!


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Episode 83: Resident Evil 6 Retrospective

It's been 10 years since the biggest and most ambitious Resident Evil game to date graced the world and what better time for the team to look back on this ensemble piece. In our last show of the season, join Batman, STARS TyranT, Rombie and Neptune in this special retrospective podcast as we look to see if time has indeed been a healer for this divisive title. Resident Evil 6 was in fact REP's first new mainline title that we reviewed all the way back in 2012 and at the time, the criticisms were reflective of where the series had come with it's "action trilogy". Have the ambitious and convoluted lore behind Ada, Carla and the C-Virus been remedied with the passage of time or is the Batman still trying to understand what the point of The Family was? Stars Tyrant has often been the lone voice in pointing out the positive aspects of RE6, from character interactions, the return of a certain Sherry Birkin and of course the sliding. Rombie also bravely return to this title, this time giving the multiplayer a spin and perhaps a new appreciation of the global biohazard Capcom were going for. All we know is Neptune still hates cucumbers, but what about Resident Evil 6? Strap yourselves in for this 10 years special!


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REP Presents: Resident Evil Damnation Audio Commentary

After a long absence, we take a pause from our usual podcast schedule to bring you an audio commentary of the CGI film - Resident Evil Damnation. Released just over 10 years ago, this second canonical installment joins agent Leon S. Kennedy as he battles against Lickers, Majini's, a super-cool Tyrant and new character notArk - Buddy! But as Leon is not alone in his battle neither are we. REP is delighted to welcome to this audio commentary as our special guest; actor, Val Tasso, who both voiced and mo-capped the hip-hop loving soldier, J.D! Neptune and STARS TyranT take this opportunity to not only reflect on the film as it plays, but we also get a unique insight into Val's preparation for playing J.D and his love for this project as a whole. So settle down with some popcorn, load up Damnation (or if put the disc in the player if you are like Neptune and still clamber for physical releases!) and join us in this fantastic audio commentary experience!


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Episode 82: Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition Review

Are you ready to delve into the subconscious mind of the REP collective? Well, buckle up as Neptune, theBatman, George Trevor, Rombie and STARS TyranT all take a trip to find that elusive crystal as we review Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition! Once again, we head back to the cursed village via a sample of Megamycete and a lot of strange misgivings along the way! The team will be casting their eye over everything Shadows of Rose and whether this piece of DLC adds to or hinders the story of the Winters's. With everything from gloopy walls, facesuckers, creepy mannequin dolls and theBatman trying to make sense of what the hell the Mold does, does this tale adequately bookend this phase of Biohazard? We also have a nice sub-discussion on the recent trailer of Resident Evil 4 Remake to tease the return of another village! Enjoy!


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Episode 81: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Retrospective

In what has been a delayed podcast, the REP Team celebrate 10 years of this quirky spin off and see if, after a decade, its much maligned status requires a reappraisal? In this recording we look at how well the game holds up with Neptune in particular taking the multiplayer out for a spin for the first time ever! George Trevor also brings his expertise to the table having interviewed the games director Andrew Santos a few years ago and sharing tales of ORC's troubled production. We also take a detailed look at ORC's canonicity in light of the REmakes that have come since. Once brandished as sacrilege for messing up the geography of Birkin's Lab and the Raccoon Hospital when compared to the original titles, does has this burden been lifted with RE2 and RE3 remake? Is it time to embrace Party Girl and Four Eyes? We also have a recap of this summer's news as we build up to the next RE Showcase and we are delighted to be joined by special guest, HappySmelly!


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Episode 80: George A. Romero’s Resident Evil Documentary Interview

Announced today at Creature Feature Weekend, The Resident Evil Podcast are delighted to bring you this exclusive interview with the creators of the upcoming documentary about the lost Resident Evil movie that was to be directed by the grandfather of zombies himself - George A. Romero. The story is one of legend with Romero due to direct the first live action adaptation of Resident Evil following his involvement with the Biohazard 2 commercial. However, it was not to be and the project was removed from the director. This documentary will bring to light what happened by the people that were there at the time. This podcast brings together two of the creators of this documentary - Jason Bareford - George Romero's production assistant who personally worked on many Romero projects including the Biohazard 2 commercial and Brandon Salisbury - writer & filmmaker and the lead on this incredible undertaking. So join the team as we chat with the pair all about how this film came into being, the passion behind all things Romero and Resident Evil and lament what could have been. We also have a sub-discussion on the existing live action RE films, but please note that this podcast was recorded in May 2022 meaning the Netflix show had not yet dropped (nor cancelled!) Please enjoy!


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Episode 79: Resident Evil Netflix Season 1 Review

Coming hot off the heels of the Resident Evil movie reboot, attention now turns to the recently released Netflix adaptation of this popular franchise. Concerns were raised when this show was initially announced and then again when it was marketed as being a continuation of the games storyline up to RE Village anyway. Released last month what are the views on Neptune, [STARS] TyranT, Rombie and George Trevor now the dust has settled and all 8 hours have been consumed and digested? There is plenty to get our teeth into including the split storyline, the portrayals of legacy characters, the Wesker twins, as well as the return of the old (new) Umbrella. So buckle up as we try to flee through the Channel Tunnel is this review podcast. It's not all TV discussion however as we also have a look at the new trailer for the Shadows of Rose RE Village DLC.