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Real conversations with rock stars and music industry professionals.


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Real conversations with rock stars and music industry professionals.




RJP: Ep. 26 - The Black Episode

Where were you when you first heard Enter Sandman? In this episode, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Metallica’s landmark, multi platinum album, “Metallica” (aka The Black Album) Mel shares a few personal stories of meeting the band and behind scenes. Plus, a few listener stories. Strap in and turn it up! News links: Which of the 53 new covers of songs from Metallica’s self-titled Black Album are the...


RJP: Ep. 25 - The Birthday Episode

She’s baaaaack. This time to celebrate the 1yr anniversary of the pod, lay down some music news and a new tune! That and more on this episode of The Rock Junkie Podcast. Music News: STRYPER GUITARIST OZ FOX TO SIT OUT UPCOMING 2021 SHOWS, ANNOUNCES TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT Source: Link to Oz Merch - Listen to Mel interview Oz in 2018 -...


RJP: Ep. 24 - RIP - Remembrance Episode +

In this short episode, Mel remembers and honors a few good souls we lost in May. Plus, thoughts on the sitch with David Ellefson & Megadeth. Intro music by Twisterium. Whitesnake “Is this Love” video: RJP episodes featuring David: Episode 3: Episode 22:...


RJP: Ep.23 - Stacey David Blades - Crashing Wayward

Longtime friend, first time guest of the pod, Stacey David Blades joins Mel on this episode of The Rock Junkie Podcast. You may know Stacey from his 10yr stint in LA Guns or Electric Radio Kings. His new band, Crashing Wayward, is about to take off! And you get in on the ride from the ground floor. 😉 Let's go! Social Media: · Instagram: @ staceydavidblades ; @crashingwayward · Twitter: @CrashingWayward · Facebook: @stacey.blades ; @crashing.wayward · YouTube:...


RJP:Ep.22 – David Ellefson & Drew Fortier - Rock Stars or Hitmen?

David Ellefson of Megadeth and his coconspirator, Drew Fortier, join Mel this week to talk about their latest literary collaboration, Rock Star Hitman. Plus, what other podcast will you hear a reference to the 80’s horror movie, Chud? AND...the power of yes! The Sledge Chronicles: Rock Star Hitman can be ordered here: Ellefson Coffee Co: Social Media: · Instagram: @davidellefsonbass ; @megadeth ; @drew.fortier · Twitter:...


RJP:Ep.21 – Donnie Vie – Enuff Z’Nuff

Donnie Vie, best known as the singer & songwriter for the band Enuff Z'Nuff, joins Mel this week to talk new music, vinyl and the upcoming EnZ box set (links below). He also shares the difficulties of being bipolar and living with anxiety. Plus, music news! Social Media: · Instagram: @kingofpowerpop · Facebook: @DonnieVieOfficial · Twitter: @kingofpowerpop · TikTok: @kingofpowerpop · Website: ENUFF Z’NUFF – PEACH FUZZ (LIMITED EDITION PEACH...


RJP:Ep.20 – Jeff Pilson – Dokken/Foreigner

Though best known for his work as an original member of seminal 80’s rock band Dokken, Jeff has played bass and sung with various groups including Dio and MSG, Jeff is currently the bassist for Foreigner, which he joined in 2004, which keeps him mighty busy. One of his most recent projects with George Lynch from Dokken is The End Machine. We’ll talk about that, as well as another fun project they’ve recently worked on called Heavy Hitters, an entire album of covers. He’ll explain how that...


RJP:Ep.19 – War of the Worlds!

So...this week was a bit of a hot mess for the US. Mel breaks it down and adds a little old timey radio flair. Plus, music news! Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer Sought by Police for Storming the U.S. Capitol Source: Tom Morello and Twitter respond to those people only just realising Rage Against The Machine are political Source :...


RJP:Ep.18 - 2020...It wasn’t ALL Bad

2020...only accurately captured in an emoji. 😬 There were some good stories, though. Really! A Pandemic of Good News: The Top 50 Positive Stories of 2020 Source: Dolly Parton saved her 9-year-old costar from an oncoming car Source: KISS's NYE Pay-Per-View Breaks Guinness Records For Highest Flame Projection + Most Flame Projections In...


RJP:Ep.17 - A Christmas Quickie!

So many questions…and so little time! That’s what a quickie means. What were you thinking? Questions like…were the Scorpions CIA agents with mullets? How is Dave Grohl so freaking cool? What are you getting Mel for Christmas? (hint: sharing the podcast is THE perfect gift for her) Plus, Christmas songs from Mitch Perry Group & Red Voodoo on this episode of The Rock Junkie Podcast. Music News for 12-18-20 Podcast About Whether CIA Wrote SCORPIONS' 'Wind Of Change' Is Being Adapted For...


RJP:Ep.16 – Brian Wheat & His Crazy Life with Tesla

Brian Wheat is best known as the bass guitar player for the multi-platinum rock band, Tesla. While you may not be familiar with him by name, Brian has enjoyed the spoils of success and lived the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. But it came at a cost, one that took years to repair. In his deeply honest and utterly revealing memoir, he sheds light on the many challenges he faces, including bulimia, weight issues, and the crippling anxiety and depression caused by his conditions. In...


RJP:Ep.15 - Andrew Freeman – Long Live Andrew AF!

Andrew Freeman is an American rock vocalist and guitarist who has played in a number of bands including The Offspring, Lynch Mob and is currently the frontman for Last in Line, which features the reunited original members of Dio. Pipes, as they say in the biz, he’s got ‘em. Plus he’s got a new gig in Vegas with all his rock star friends! 😎 That and more on this episode of The Rock Junkie Podcast. Long Live Rock The Show Sat/Sun December 12th & 13th at Notoriety Live in Las Vegas. Head...


RJP:Ep.14 - Turkeys Away!

Duuuuude! It’s Thanksgiving. Gather round, or socially distance, and let the turkeys fly! (or not) Hope you got your fat pants on! The Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati was based on a real turkey giveaway that went horribly wrong. Oh, the humanity,...


RJP:Ep.13 – Britt Pennella – Ultimate Shredder Metal DJ

From the Sunset Strip to Twitch, Britt Pennella has been there done that. And he keeps on doin! Join the convo as Britt and Mel talk about the best heavy metal party on the internet. Plus, let’s talk turkey! That and more on this episode of The Rock Junkie Podcast. Social Media: · Instagram: @brittpennella · Facebook: @blackboardjungleofficial · Twitch: · YouTube: News 11-20-20 Peanuts fans will get...


RJP:Ep.12 – Mitch Perry will make you Believe

After spending decades standing alongside such heavy hitters as Michael Schenker, Cher, Edgar Winter, Lita Ford, Aerosmith and more, legendary guitarist Mitch Perry has formed the Mitch Perry Group. If southern rock and the blues had a baby, this would be it. So strap in and get ready to Believe. Plus, why we don’t ch ch ch, ah ah ah on Friday the 13th and Ticketmaster cares about your health. That and more in this episode of The Rock Junkie Podcast! Social Media: · Instagram:...


RJP:Ep.11 – Rockin Democrazy feat. Todd Kerns & Roxy Gunn

2020 – The dumpster fire that keeps on giving. At the time of recording this episode, we’re 7 months deep in a pandemic, 40 million are people out of work, oh and smack dab in the middle of a highly contentious Presidential election. And it’ can’t be easy, oh no, we’re on day 3 of an election bender right now. No matter which side you’re on, you’re pissed off and can’t understand why it’s so close. And there lies our biggest problem. 🤨 This week I’ve got a little help from my friends. One...


RJP:Ep.10 – Doro Pesch – Queen of Metal

Warlock, Lemmy, KISS and so much more! For almost 40 years, Queen of Metal, Doro Pesch, has seen it all. In this episode, Doro discusses drive in concerts, the new CD set and a touching story on why she is so darn sweet. Get ready to raise your fist! Doro Pesch "Magic Diamonds - Best Of Rock, Ballads & Rare Treasures" available on November 13th. Social Media: · Instagram: @dorometalqueen · Twitter: @DoroOfficial · Facebook: @DoroPeschOfficial · YouTube:...


RJP:Ep. 9 – Alex Grossi - Quiet Riot & Practicing Good Metal Health

Quiet Riot and Hookers & Blow guitarist Alex Grossi talks guitar heroes, losing great friend and bandmate Frankie Banali and Tiger King music. Yes, you read that correctly. PLUS, upcoming show! Social Media: · Instagram: @alexgrossi1976; @ quietriotband; @hnb_official · Twitter: @AlexGrossi ; @Hookers_N_Blow · Facebook: · Website: ; And don't forget to catch Hookers & Blow THIS Saturday night! You can watch the...


RJP:Ep. 8 – Mark Kendall – Great White Axeman

Episode description: Legendary Great White guitarist discusses the ups and downs of the music industry, sobriety, faith and the pandemic blues. Social Media: · Instagram: @mr._greatwhite · Twitter: @MarkKendall_GW · Facebook: ; · Website: · YouTube: Music News for 10-9-20 Eddie Van Halen Thought His Tongue Cancer Was Caused From Putting Guitar...


RJP:Ep. 7 – Lonn Friend – Part Deuce

Aspiring rock journalists….pay attention! Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler...yeah, Lonn’s got stories. Plus, a few life lessons. Mel continues the conversation with Lonn Friend. Part deuce. 😉 Social Media: · Instagram: @instadude74 Books: Buy his books on Amazon: Music News for 10-2-20 IRON MAIDEN To Release a new double live album on November20 Source:...