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The Roswell Incidental, dissecting TV's Roswell, New Mexico

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Weekly dissections of the CW’s sci-fi drama, Roswell, New Mexico. Hosted by nostalgic fans and New Mexico natives, Tony & Andi.

Weekly dissections of the CW’s sci-fi drama, Roswell, New Mexico. Hosted by nostalgic fans and New Mexico natives, Tony & Andi.


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Weekly dissections of the CW’s sci-fi drama, Roswell, New Mexico. Hosted by nostalgic fans and New Mexico natives, Tony & Andi.






s2e6: Sex and Candy, “Roswell, New Mexico” dissection

Episode 6 is double or nothing. Memory lane becomes a hard road when Max draws a blank, Maria gets the axe and Alex is on point. Tony disses dirt. Andi deals with doubt. It’s a maze of twin powers and triple plays that leaves your hosts with one plea: more alien stuff.


s2e5: I'll Stand by You, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Episode 5 is not for the faint of heart. The pressure is on when Rosa books a trip to the dark side, Michael changes pace, and Isobel picks a fight. Andi gets whiplash. Tony has a gross encounter. It’s a thrilling ride when the beat goes on and the gloves come off.


s2e4: What If God Was One of Us, “Roswell, New Mexico” dissection

Episode 4 is a show of faith. We surrender to a higher power as Isobel lurks miracles, Cam sees the light, and Alex makes a piece offering. Tony gives Kyle a second chance. Andi gives Steph a hard look. Your hosts don’t know what to believe and pod only knows what happens next.


s2e3: Good Mother, “Roswell, New Mexico” dissection

Episode 3 is a blast from the past with a bad Tripp. Your hosts can Behr-ly believe their eyes! The present is tense as Liz calls the shots, Alex pulls rank and files, and Isobel takes control. Tony sticks to his guns. Andi is hungry for more. The future looks bright and we’ve only seen shades of Malex.


s2e2: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, “Roswell, New Mexico” dissection

Episode 2 hits the mother lode of emotion with missing matriarchs, vanishing acts, and reality checks. Rosa rages, Isobel gets fierce, and Michael takes it on the chin. Tony predicts a booze ruse. Andi ponders unlikely pairings. Hold onto your tinfoil hats because we are definitely leaving normal.


s2e1: Stay (I Missed You), "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

The Roswell Incidental stumbles out of the old turquoise mine and into season 2! Episode 1 pulses with heartbreak but the action never skips a beat. Duos, do-overs, and dualities abound. Max is benched, Michael is bruised, and Isobel is bedeviled. Andi is distracted by dresses. Tony accepts no substitutes. It’s a fast-paced, high stakes season opener and your hosts are ready for the ride.


s1e13: Recovering the Satellites, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

It’s a supercharged season finale as alien powers surge, relationships sizzle, and death darkens everyone’s door. Episode 13 left your hosts sifting through their fraudulent forecasts and heaping high praise on a stellar season 1. Max storms in, Noah taps out, and Isobel snaps to. Meanwhile, Liz gets flower power and Michael picks a muse. Is there a season 2 in the stars and will lightning strike twice in Roswell, New Mexico? We want to believe!


s1e12: Creep, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Lockups! Blowups! Closeups! Tony & Andi can’t look away from episode 12! The fate of the fourth hangs in the balance as Max and Noah go head-to-head and Liz and Isobel have a heart-to-heart. Meanwhile, it’s a family affair as Michael and Alex ignite, Kyle adds to his baggage, and Flint puts foes before bros. Tony gets gut-punched by Cam. Andi gets blown away by Malex. The stakes are high and the feelings run deep as we head into the season 1 finale!


s1e11: Champagne Supernova, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Everyone is under the influence when episode 11 pops the cork on celebrations, revelations, and complications. Max and Michael pass out in a fog, the rush goes to Noah’s head, and the ladies bust out the shots. Your hosts bubble over as Tony gets drunk on dresses and Andi gets flushed with feels. It’s going to be one a helluva a hangover now that we know who’s been spiking the drinks!


s1e10: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Tony & Andi trust no one in episode 10. It’s a thriller packed with Magoos, MacGuffins, and maleficence. Noah is in the know. Isobel is seeing double. Alex holds his piece and Maria shuts it down. A fourth alien is on the loose with three episodes left and your two hosts know one thing: they have zero idea what happens next.


s1e9: Songs About Texas, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Tony & Andi have 285 reasons to love episode 9, directed by original Roswell star, Shiri Appleby. They buckle up as the gang races off on road trips, guilt trips, and power trips. Tony accelerates toward Maria. Andi detours into nostalgia. Things speed up when Max and Liz veer down memory lane, Michael and Maria get lost, and Alex makes a U-turn.


s1e8: Barely Breathing, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Tony & Andi hold their breath as Kyle takes a stab at remaining relevant, Michael teams up to race for the cure, and Liz finds the silver lining. Truths are dropped, heads are cracked, and friendships are forged. Aliens and humans agree: Isobel is the ultimate influencer.


s1e7: I Saw The Sign, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Episode 7 is a supernatural cipher. Tony & Andi attempt to crack the code as Liz rages war, Wyatt Long draws conclusions, and Mama DeLuca delivers muddled messages. Andi wonders about Kyle’s whereabouts and Tony demands alien answers. Nothing is certain when Isobel is locked up and Noah is shut out.


s1e6: Smells Like Teen Spirit, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Episode 6 takes a traumatic turn. Tony & Andi attempt to say afloat in a flood of flashbacks, shifting personalities, and problematic prom dresses. Secrets are buried and lines are drawn as Max, Michael, and Isobel collide with their past.


s1e5: Don’t Speak, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Isobel is the new blackout. Kyle and Alex have cabin fever. Max seethes and Liz sees red. Episode 5 is a whiplash ride and your hosts hang on for dear life. Andi has deja vu. Tony says no to Noah. Only one thing is certain: Michael needs more lovin’ and less shovin’.


s1e4: Where Have All The Cowboys Gone, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

The town of Roswell may have gone dark but episode 4 is lit. Tony & Andi strike hot and fast about Liz’s surging Kyle denial, Isobel’s crossed wires with Maria, and Max blowing a fuse. Throughout it all, their guiding mantra is Yes, we Cam!


s1e3: Tearin’ Up My Heart, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Tony & Andi examine episode 3 and find a live specimen teeming with callouts, buddy romps, and head games. Andi searches for proof that Max’s love for Liz has merit. Tony theorizes that Isobel is better than that floral rodeo blouse. Conclusion? Season 1 needs more Maria and shirtless Malex.


s1e2: So Much For The Afterglow, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

Memories! Manipulation! Milkshakes! Episode 2 is a smash cut of smoldering tensions and lukewarm love stories. Tony gets hung up on hemlines. Andi moons over Malex. Together, they sort through Liz’s baggage, Kyle’s meek motivations, and the mysterious effects of nail polish remover.


s1e1: Pilot, "Roswell, New Mexico" dissection

The Roswell Incidental podcast crash lands its first episode! The once serene desert landscape is strewn with debris as hosts Tony & Andi dive headlong into episode 1 of the CW’s Roswell New Mexico. They attempt to pull live bodies from the wreckage while waxing nostalgic for the original series, rejoicing at the real-life New Mexico locations, and shamelessly crushing on the new cast.