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Episode 26: Beating the Winter Blahs

Happy December, Sapiophiles! Are you an elf who lives for the snow and the Christmas trees, or does winter make want to curl up and hibernate? Whatever your nature is this time of year, we share our favorite tips for keeping your energy up and staying active in the winter. Whether you're out on the ski slopes every morning or seasonal depression hits you hard, there's something here for everyone to have their happiest, healthiest, most active winter yet!


Episode 25: An Attitude of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving, Sapiophiles!! This week, we take a look into Thanksgiving-- why we celebrate, what we often forget, and reasons why we should all remember to be grateful-- no matter your current circumstances. We break down the unfortunate paradox of Black Friday encroaching on Thanksgiving, and give you a look into consumerism in America. While you're enjoying your turkey, celebrate with us and share your gratitude! Check out Caela's favorite way to give back here:...


Episode 24: She's Got a Way With Words

Hello, Sapiophiles! This week, we take a look at our favorite words--- words with interesting meanings, sounds and uses. How do the words we say affect the way people perceive us? Join us for a whole array of linguistic adventures and expand your vocabulary!!


Episode 23: The Truth About Millennials

It's been six months! Welcome to Season Two of the Sapio Files!! We told you we'd give you our takes on life as millennials, and we're ready to deliver. Why do people have such strong opinions on our generation? What are some misconceptions that people have? What is a millennial, and what do we want you to know about us? In what ways to people confuse us with our younger friends, the iGens? Find out our takes on being part of this generation here!


Episode 22: This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Sapiophiles! Halloween is seen as one of the lighter and sillier holidays in our culture, but it actually has a surprisingly rich history. Join Caela and Chelsea as they nerd out on the history of Halloween-- including its roots in the Catholic Church, Medieval Festivals, Irish Traditions, Mexican Celebrations, New Years Celebrations, Harvest Festivals, and folklore. Find out why we dress in costumes, why death imagery is so prevalent, why we say "trick or treat", and other...


Episode 21: Friends in Fiction

You've heard us talk books before... but why is it that certain characters in fiction touch us more than others? What's the common thread? This week, we reveal our picks for the most powerful and inspirational fictional characters that have affected our lives. Whether these characters shaped our youth or simply taught us valuable life lessons, each one is worth a closer look.


Episode 20: What's Your Type? (MBTI Type Personalities)

What's your type? According to psychologists Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs- Myers, people can be divided into sixteen personality types that help them embrace their best qualities and minimize their worst. Join us this week as we reveal our types, break apart the unique personalities of each type, and give some fun facts that tell us more about all the personalities! Join us this week on the Sapio Files! Find your type:


Episode 19: All The Fall Things

Fall is here!!! Whether you love fall or hate it, it has somehow become a polarizing season in our culture. Why is it that we refer to women who love the stereotypical things about fall as "basic b******"? What would be a more appropriate way to refer to the fall traditions? What can you do if fall feels like an omen for winter depression? And finally, what are our favorite things about the season and ways that you can enjoy every moment? Find out this week on The Sapio Files! Some of our...


Episode 18: The Right/Left Brain Dichotomy

Are you right brained or left brained? What does that even mean? Do we really favor one side over the other? This week, we break down the way that your brain processes information, the two entities that exist within your head, traditionally right and left brained activities and careers, and what happens when the connection between the hemispheres is severed. Join us for another fun and interesting episode this week! Check out "A Whole New Mind", on the power of the right brain:...


Episode 17: The Trouble with the Friend Zone

Ahhh... the friend zone. Does it really exist? Is it merely an excuse for heartbroken people? How can we define the friend zone? What can you do if you find yourself in that place? We tackle all these difficult questions this week on the show. Find out how we define the friend zone, how the term has been misused, advice for those who find themselves in the friend zone, and our favorite fictional friendzoned couples!


Episode 16: Does your Favorite Movie Pass the Test?

This week on The Sapio Files, we take a look at diversity in movies by breaking down our favorites according to three tests: The Bechel Test (analyzing representation of women in films), The DuVernay Test (people of color) and the Vitto Russo Test (Perceptions of the LGBTQ community). Do your favorites pass? Are these fair metrics for measuring films? Find out this week!


Episode 15: Why do I Have to Learn This? (Education in America)

How did our education set us up for success? How did it fail us? This week, we answer that all important question: Why do we have to learn this? We break down what our education did right, what the real lessons are, and what we wish we learned in school. It's all here this week!


Episode 14: Gender Norms, Feminism, and Other Such Things

This week, Caela and Chelsea tackle that polarizing term-- Feminism. What does it mean to us as women? How can we help make society aware of the gender norms that affect not only us, but the men in our lives? In what ways do gender politics actually work in reverse-- creating disadvantages for men? What steps still need to be taken? It's all here this week on the Sapio Files!! Edit: We apologize for the technical difficulties that caused the poor audio quality in this episode. However, a...


Episode 13: Stress-Free Living

Are you stressed? If you're like most people, the answer is a resounding YES! This week, Chelsea and Caela break down the science of stress and offer advice for ways to naturally combat stress. Relax with us! Looking for a stress relief product we mentioned? Find them in the links below: *Purchases you make through these links support the podcast as part of the Amazon Affiliates Program* escue Remedy Tablets: Lavender Essential Oil: Essential...


Episode 12: Are we REALLY all winners?

This week, Marissa is back, guest star JoJo is back, and we are ready to dig into the psychology of participation trophies!


Episode 11: The Friends We Keep

This week, we analyze Robin Dunbar's 150 friends theory, debate the question of how many friends humans can truly connect with, and add insight into how you can improve your ability to make and maintain friendships as an adult. Check out this book on Robin Dunbar's Number: *A portion of the proceeds supports our podcast*


Episode Ten: Summer Reading List

Chelsea is flying solo today... but has no shortage of suggestions to make your beach reading time the best it can be! Check out these suggestions of favorite beach reads for all readers, how to engage your teen or child reader on the beach, and a sneak peak of Caela's novel, Someone Else's Shoes!! Looking for a book we mentioned? Find them all, plus our associate links to buy them, here: Find...


Bonus Minisode (9.5): What Not to Say

Check out this deleted content from our pride month episode last week. Our special guest Kayla-with-a-K helps you ask the right questions to learn more about those who are different from you by sharing some personal anecdotes of the worst ones. We'll be back next week with an all new full- length episode!!


Episode Nine: Celebrate Pride!

June is LGBTQAA Pride Month! Join as as we talk to three members of this community about the importance of the celebrations, what challenges they face, and what they want YOU, their straight allies, to know. You don't want to miss it!!


Episode Eight: A Leap of Faith

Caela joins the conversation from Ireland this week, as we discuss stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking a leap of faith, and defeating the paralysis that comes from imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and anxiety.