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We focus on video gaming news, developers, and reviews. It's filled with irreverent humor and community engagement!

We focus on video gaming news, developers, and reviews. It's filled with irreverent humor and community engagement!
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We focus on video gaming news, developers, and reviews. It's filled with irreverent humor and community engagement!






Episode 42: Harry Potter and the Console Wars

The Save Room is back giving you that big Friday Mood. This week on The Save Room, the boys are back on their long-form bullshit. We talk more Hollow Knight, Kevin's Assassin's Creed Odyssey impressions and why Daniel always keeps five guns in his inventory slots. We also talk the future of the console space: with Xbox moving towards a stream-only initiative and Sony's announcement that PS5 was happening, it will be interesting to see where these platforms take gaming in the next...


Quick Save # 1: Little Shop of Venoms

What's up, Save Roommates, today we're bringing you a new series under the Save Room house called Quick Save! Whereas our regular episodes are winding, haphazard hour-long rides--Quick Save will be exactly as it sounds: quick episodes about a singular topic (well, at least quick for us). On the inaugural episode of Quick Save, we're talking Sony's newest cinematic comic book venture: Venom. It wasn't bad, buuut it wasn't great. Amidst it's 2 hour and 20 minute runtime, there are at least...


Episode 41: Layden's Law of Exchange

Praise the gaming gods, Shawn Layden and Shuhei finally gave cross-play to all of the screaming fans. But Layden giveth and Layden taketh as it was also announced that we would not be getting the annual Playstation Experience this year. This week, Roommates, it's Layden's Law of Equivalent Exchange. We also follow up to last week's discussion on Telltale Games studio closure, talk Assassin's Creed Origins and our hype for AC Odyssey, dive hard into some Hollow Knight impressions, and...


The Save Room Reviews: Marvel's Spider-Man

Look out, Save Roommates--it's your Neighborhood Spidercast! That's right, this week we're going all in for Save Room Reviews and reviewing Marvel's Spider-Man for the Playstation 4. This is a game that we've been looking forward to playing for years now and we can easily say that within minutes of controlling Spider-Man, this game was well worth the wait. If you're new around here, you should know that our review episodes have a different flow to them (that is to say, almost no coherent...


Episode 40: Farewell, Telltale, And Thank You For Everything

This week's episode of The Save Room is indeed a sad one. We mourn the loss of not only Capcom Vancouver, who brought us Dead Rising, but we also say a heavy goodbye to Telltale Games. In a very unexpected turn of events this past weekend, Telltale laid off 250 of its employees without notice, effectively shutting the studio down and cancelling all projects except one. 250 of the industry's top talent lost their jobs, benefits, and are without severance pay. It is a deeply sad situation and...


Episode 39: Luigi Lives! (And Other Nintendo Direct News)

Save Roommates, welcome back! A new week means another episode from your favorite soft boys. (Damn, we're getting pretty consistent now, huh?) This week we go BTS with our workout routines, talk more Spidey, and Kevin goes Total Eclipse of the Tomb with his impressions on Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We also talk about the announced Alan Wake series and dish on Yakuza Studios' newest voyeuristic PI beat down, Judge Eyes (which we're absolutely here for). We round the episode off with a...


Episode 38: What Would Spider-Punk Do?

Save Roommates, welcome back! This week on The Save Room we've got a lot of that there gaming talk for you. Need a quick rundown? Kevin went to PAX West! Your boys sunk an entire city with holes in Donut County! Henry Cavill is Geralt! THQ Nordic is buying up a puzzling amount of games! And...Kevin is Spider-Punk? And after years of hype, September 7th has finally graced us with Insomniac's Spider-Man game for the PS4. Your boys put a heavy dent in the game and for our topic this week we...


Episode 37: All These Upcoming Games Are Sure to Punish Our Wallets

Welcome back Save Roommates, good to see you again. This week's episode covers a lot of hot hot games coming out! Streets of Rage 4. Resident Evil 2. Cyberpunk 2077. Life is Strange 2. DMC 5! SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE!! We're losing our heads over all of these promising titles and crying for how bad our wallets are going to be punished. We couldn't be more excited though. Additionally, to open this week's episode Kevin and Daniel wanted to first address the shooting at the GLHF Game Bar in...


The Blood Boys Bloodcast: A Bloodborne Dissection

You've heard it's murmurings and felt it in your blood and it's finally here! This week the Save Room proudly presents Bloodboys--a Bloodborne dissection. If you're wondering why we're talking about a 3 year old game for an entire episode in 2018--well don't. 1). It's Backlog season and 2). It's a damn good game. In this episode we go deep into our time with Bloodborne discussing gameplay mechanics, our best strategies, our favorite boss moments, and go mad over the game's deeply...


Episode 33: The ArenaNet Firings and the Power of Community

Episode 33: The ArenaNet Firings and the Power of Community by The Save Room


Episode 32: Pixel Litigations

Episode 32: Pixel Litigations by The Save Room


Episode 31: The E3 Breakdown (2018 Become As Gods GOTY Definitive Edition)

Todd Howard. Female Protagonists. Lesbian Protagonists. Remakes. Todd Howard's Tunnel Snake. All the Smash. Plus: samurai, sharks, supernatural horror, Elijah Wood, and all new IP. This year's E3 had a little bit of everything for everyone... if "everything" means corporate approved marketing. This week we're doing a comprehensive rundown of all that E3 2018 had to offer from every conference to damn near every game announced. While it was a roller coaster of a show, one thing is for sure:...


Episode 30: Detroit: Still Not Quite Human and Our E3 2018 Dreams

This week The Save Room celebrates its Dirty 30! That's right, The Save Room is officially as old as Daniel. This week we dish on our time with Detroit: Become Human, Hyrule Warriors, and Dark Souls: Remastered. We also speculate about the new Assassin's Creed and Fallout 76, discuss why people are upset about a female soldier on the cover of Battlefield V, and in a fit of Sonic mania we even cast our perfect live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film. All of that topped off with our wildest E3...


The Save Room Reviews: God of War

It's the Dad of War Parentcast! Yep, you read that right, boy. On this week's episode, your Save Room Boys are back discussing Sony Santa Monica's God of War. In typical Save Room Reviews fashion, we will discuss our impressions of the game and what we thought before diving into heavy spoiler territory. If you loved the game as much as we did, then get your leviathan axe ready because you'll want to tear into this one. We hope you'll enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed recording it. And as...


The Save Room Reviews: Avengers: Infinity War

Your favorite Save Room boys are back and this week we're joining up with our favorite heroes to stop Thanos in a brand new Save Room Reviews for Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. 10 years of world building and character arcs all masterfully come together in this epic climax of Marvel's Infinity War saga. We laughed, we cried, but mostly we were an anxious gut-punched mess as the Russo Brothers and company deliver yet another cinematic show-stopper. Be forewarned as there are as many spoilers...


Episode 29: Getting Lost in Monster Hunter: World

Save Roommates, rejoice! If you were wondering where your trustworthy Save Room boys have been the past 5 months, well, we've been recording this whole time so shame on you for not keeping up. In our first episode since October, we're bringing you a heaping canteen plate's worth of content. This week we're covering what has kept our thumbs sore since we put down Destiny 2, as well as all the news you might have somehow forgot to keep up on since. We dish on the inevitable release of Black...


Episode 28: Destiny Boys

Episode 28: Destiny Boys by The Save Room


Episode 27: Let's Settle a Debate: Is It SNES or S-N-E-S?

--------------------------- 8-bit version of "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" courtesy of Federico Villasanti and Brand New.


Episode 26: Once Again, We Have To Talk About Harassment in the Industry

This week, The Save Room presents our first ever Battle Royale! We invited a few close friends on to talk about the recent allegations surrounding Nick Robinson and discuss harassment in the industry, how it is for women on a regular basis, and what we can do to be a better influence in our industry. It's a hefty, yet important one. We also dish on Nintendo's commercial success with the Switch, talk Mayo vs Ketchup, getting back together with the boys in Final Fantasy 15: Comrades, and why...


Episode 25: The Nintendo Vorecast (Ft. Trevor of Coconut Arcade)

Episode 25: The Nintendo Vorecast (Ft. Trevor of Coconut Arcade) by The Save Room