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160: The Looming Threat From Cyber Crime

As we recognize National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Paul sits down with 2 of our most well respected national cyber security experts to discuss vulnerabilities, solutions and key emerging technologies. #AOK is our close.


159: The Epidemic of Domestic Violence

Paul delivers a powerful message on the behavioral signs of both the Domestic Violence victim and perpetrator as well as the options and resources needed to safely and expeditiously mitigate this horrific threat. Joined by two of our nations leading experts, Paul lays out the epidemic as it truly is and offers all the vital information needed for victims as well as friends/family. A don’t miss.


158: Part Two: The Kavanaugh Confirmation Crisis: A Security Brief Special Report

Part two of this Special Report edition of the Security Brief pulls the curtain back. Paul sits down with nationally renowned trial attorney and former legal counsel for President Trump Stephen Meister as well as Security Brief Legal Analyst Vincent Ancona for a revealing and intense discussion about the realities of what is actually occurring and what we can expect.


157: The Kavanaugh Confirmation Crisis: A Security Brief Special Report

For what is turning out to be more of a three-ring circus than a Congressional confirmation process for a United States Supreme Court Justice, this Special Report edition of the Security Brief pulls the curtain back. Paul sits down with nationally renowned trial attorney and former legal counsel for President Trump Stephen Meister for a revealing and intense discussion about the realities of what is actually occurring and what we can expect. #AOK.


156: Never Forget? Looks Like We Forgot

Paul provides a very rare look at his personal reflections on his post 911 service and his views on how we, as a country, have forgotten.


155: Empowering Our Youth To Live Safer Lives

With breaking stories surrounding youth victimization on cases ranging from school shootings to internet related crimes, Paul assembled an all-star group to discuss the various strategies that can be incorporated to minimize risk. Note to parents, teachers, guardians, police and religious leaders, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.


154: Safeguarding America's Houses of Worship

With the US averaging over 100 acts of violence at houses of worship across the country each year, Paul sits down with nationally recognized expert and author of “Securing The Sacred”, Eric Konohia. Their discussion is invaluable for all those that attend or lead a house of worship regardless of its religious affiliation as they break down assessing the risk and validating the culture-centric security deliverable with balance and clarity of direction.


153: The Weaponization of Social Media

As social media continues to be the breeding ground for nefarious individuals such as terrorists, human traffickers, drug smugglers and the like, Paul sits down with Sen. Michael Balboni to discuss this stark dilemma and the options at hand we will have to choose from if we are to gain control of this blatant breech of national security. This will be a peak under the tent to the speech Senator. Balboni will be delivering in Israel at the world security summit in September 18’.


152: Charlottesville 1 year later and the emergence of Sovereign Citizen

Paul is joined by Sen. Michael Balboni for an in-depth discussion surrounding local and state government’s planning process for the 1 year anniversary of the race riot in Charlottesville, VA as well as an illustrative view of the sovereign citizen movement sweeping across the US.


151: Behind The Trader Joe’s Tragedy

Paul sits down with former Pennsylvania State Police Captain AND swat Team Leader Bill Young to discuss the tragic shooting at Traders Joe’s in LA. From a Police use of force perspective, Bill explains what goes into what is referred to as the Violence Continuum of the non-linear line Police are governed by when it comes to the deployment of any level of force. From training to real life scenarios both Paul and Bill illustrate exactly went was behind this and other related shootings. Good...


150: Behind The Mueller Investigation

For what has matured into one of the most controversial and convoluted government investigations in the US history, Paul provides a clear and concise breakdown of this case from its genesis to the current day. Joined by The Security Briefs Legal Analyst Vincent Ancona and former FBI Supervisory Special Agent (and The Security Briefs Russian Intelligence analyst) Dennis Franks, the gentlemen lay out this case in a manner all can understand as well as illustrate what we can expect moving...


149: The Maria Butina Case

After a plethora of requests from Security Brief fans, Paul reached out to one of our nation’s foremost experts on Russian spying on US soil, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dennis Franks, for an in-depth discussion on how this happened and the probability of incidents like this occurring on a daily basis. To further drill down on the subject, Security Brief Legal Analyst Vincent Ancona lays out the painful truth on what awaits her as well as all those that find themselves entangled...


148: Protecting America from the Active Shooter

Paul sits down with Director of Education & Training for Enterprise Ventures Corp Pat Daugherty to discuss the unique manner in which they are training corporations and schools to survive an active shooter as well as a mass shooting. Also, join us for the launch of our new special program #AOK and one of the most powerful Cheap IS Expensive stories you will ever hear.


147: Protecting Your 4th Amendment Rights

Ensuring privacy in a world plagued with various forms of electronic compromise is both daunting and requisite. Given the plethora of devices available enabling video and audio intercept of your life, Paul reached out to one of our country’s leading experts in the field of Electronic Eavesdropping Detection, Tom Malone, for what turned out to be a powerful and revealing conversation surrounding the depth of risk and more importantly, the countermeasures available to protect your phone,...


Episode 146: Identifying Signs of Suicide Before it Strikes

Given the epidemic of suicides sweeping across our country on a daily basis (123/day), Paul sought the counsel of The Security Brief’s Mental Health Expert Bob VandePol for an illustration of all those behavioral signs that are exhibited prior to someone taking their lives. Please, don’t think this won’t affect your life and listen to this episode. A full description of Bob’s advice is posted The warning signs of suicide D…depression (exhibiting signs of sadness,...


145: The Border Crisis

Amidst yet another national debacle that illustrates the blatant political divide of our country and the overt disregard for the law and the truth, Paul sits down with The Security Brief’s Legal Analyst Vincent Ancona for a passionate and deeply informative conversation about the actual situation at our borders and what truly needs to be done to keep our borders, and the American way of life, safe.


144: Cold Case 18-3

Security Brief listeners, your help is needed! Paul sits down with NYPD Detective Diane Crowley of the Special Victims Division to discuss one of the most heinous cold cases on the books at the NYPD. Her expert insight is only exceeded by the genuine passion she holds for solving this case. In sum, on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, at 6:25 pm, the victim, a 12-year-old girl holding a Princess lunch box and a dinosaur backpack, was abducted and brutally raped while coming home from school and...


143: Russian Spies on American Soil Part II…The follow up Investigation

Based upon the numerous requests we received after airing the inital show, Paul sat down with former Supervisory Special Agent Dennis Franks (FBI) to discuss all of his findings into Russian Spies on US soil. Caution on this one; what you will hear may very well frighten you.


142: Real Estate Buyers… BEWARE

Given the significant uptick in identity fraud cases originating from basic real estate transactions and at the request of our listeners, Paul reached out to prominent real estate attorney Justin Ckezepis for a chat on the subject. If you or someone you know have recently been, are currently in or are contemplating being in the process of buying or selling a home, you need to tune into this.


141: The Truth About Russian Spies on US soil

In one of the most fascinating yet frightening episodes of The Security Brief, Paul sits down with long time colleague and friend Dennis Franks as he shares a behind the scenes look at his upcoming A & E Television special “A Plot against America”. Drawing from his 22 year FBI career, Dennis provides incredible insight into the significant presence of Russian spies on US soil. You will be amazed at the depth of this conversation and how revealing it is into this very dark and dangerous...