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147: Protecting Your 4th Amendment Rights

Ensuring privacy in a world plagued with various forms of electronic compromise is both daunting and requisite. Given the plethora of devices available enabling video and audio intercept of your life, Paul reached out to one of our country’s leading experts in the field of Electronic Eavesdropping Detection, Tom Malone, for what turned out to be a powerful and revealing conversation surrounding the depth of risk and more importantly, the countermeasures available to protect your phone,...


Episode 146: Identifying Signs of Suicide Before it Strikes

Given the epidemic of suicides sweeping across our country on a daily basis (123/day), Paul sought the counsel of The Security Brief’s Mental Health Expert Bob VandePol for an illustration of all those behavioral signs that are exhibited prior to someone taking their lives. Please, don’t think this won’t affect your life and listen to this episode. A full description of Bob’s advice is posted The warning signs of suicide D…depression (exhibiting signs of sadness,...


145: The Border Crisis

Amidst yet another national debacle that illustrates the blatant political divide of our country and the overt disregard for the law and the truth, Paul sits down with The Security Brief’s Legal Analyst Vincent Ancona for a passionate and deeply informative conversation about the actual situation at our borders and what truly needs to be done to keep our borders, and the American way of life, safe.


144: Cold Case 18-3

Security Brief listeners, your help is needed! Paul sits down with NYPD Detective Diane Crowley of the Special Victims Division to discuss one of the most heinous cold cases on the books at the NYPD. Her expert insight is only exceeded by the genuine passion she holds for solving this case. In sum, on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, at 6:25 pm, the victim, a 12-year-old girl holding a Princess lunch box and a dinosaur backpack, was abducted and brutally raped while coming home from school and...


143: Russian Spies on American Soil Part II…The follow up Investigation

Based upon the numerous requests we received after airing the inital show, Paul sat down with former Supervisory Special Agent Dennis Franks (FBI) to discuss all of his findings into Russian Spies on US soil. Caution on this one; what you will hear may very well frighten you.


142: Real Estate Buyers… BEWARE

Given the significant uptick in identity fraud cases originating from basic real estate transactions and at the request of our listeners, Paul reached out to prominent real estate attorney Justin Ckezepis for a chat on the subject. If you or someone you know have recently been, are currently in or are contemplating being in the process of buying or selling a home, you need to tune into this.


141: The Truth About Russian Spies on US soil

In one of the most fascinating yet frightening episodes of The Security Brief, Paul sits down with long time colleague and friend Dennis Franks as he shares a behind the scenes look at his upcoming A & E Television special “A Plot against America”. Drawing from his 22 year FBI career, Dennis provides incredible insight into the significant presence of Russian spies on US soil. You will be amazed at the depth of this conversation and how revealing it is into this very dark and dangerous...


140: Tragedy in Texas

In the wake of yet another mass shooting at a US school, Paul lays out how, once again, this horrific event did not have to happen. With expert views coming from one of the nations leading Crisis Clinicians and a 20 year tenured Teacher, Paul marries behavioral analysis based upon the information we already know and the passionate and profound views of true subject matter experts to deliver the prevention blueprint.


139: Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and the Selection of the New CIA Director

Intelligence gathering has always been and will always be the cornerstone of national security and at times, that means doing what needs to be done to save lives, lots of them. As Congress ponders on whether 33-year CIA veteran Gina Haspel should sit in that seat and grapples with her involvement in, what has become the controversial treatment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Al Qaeda leader and mastermind behind 9/11, Paul and The Security Brief Military Analyst Gen. Dan Goodrich break down...


138: The foresee-ability and aftermath of the Pulse shooting

As so many Hate Crimes are, this mass shooting was entirely foreseeable which begs the question, what have we learned? Paul sits down with a survivor who saw, first hand, the incident unfold and hear his post incident story. Then, Paul analyzes the shooters behavior years prior and breaks down all the events that took place to include the people who knew and did nothing. The importance of listening to this episode far exceeds the security perspective as it lays on the line our need to...


137: Private Chatting...Oxymoron or not

One of the greatest oxymorons of all time is private chat, or is it? Paul sits down with Vaporstream CEO to discuss how this can in fact be possible and how everyone can protect their personal information from being accessed and shared by others unbeknownst to them.


136: The new faces of Stalking

Based on numerous requests to cover this ominous subject, Paul sits down with long time Security Brief friend and national expert Kathleen Baty for a revealing conversation about all the current methods stalkers are using to harass and harm everyday people. Regardless of your age, gender and location of residence, you need top listen to this.


135: Protecting America from Chemical Weapons

In the wake of POTUS’ decision to lead an April 6th air assault on Syria’ chemical weapons depot, Paul breaks down the entire subject from the description of the weapon itself and the history of its use to our strategy for protecting America and the world form such an attack. Joining Paul in the studio is Capt. Jeff Gernand, (USN ret) and Capt. Bill Young (PSP ret) for what turns out to be an incredibly enlightening conversation about how our Military and Law Enforcement community, protect...


134: Understanding the Facebook Debacle

Paul has absorbed all of the information pertaining to the Facebook story with Cambridge Analytica and let's us know how this affects us and what we can do about it!


133: A Security Brief Special Report: The YouTube Shooting and the female active shooter:

Following Paul’s live coverage on CBS Television and News Radio, he breaks down the incident form its inception as well as provides in depth analysis on the disparity of men to women active shooters.


Episode 132: Corporate Espionage and Ransom-ware COUNTERMEASURES

Given the fact that Ransomware attacks were the top cyber concern entering 2018 and corporate espionage continues to grow steadily year by year, today's episode is an exciting one. With the emergence of a solution that will now mitigate these crippling crimes, previously only available to the most robust national intelligence agencies in the world, Paul introduces AGIS. Paul sits down with Bill Crans of Enterprise Ventures Corporation, the developer of Advanced Guard for Information...


Episode 131: Cold Case 18-2/The Batiggi Homicide

Paul sits down with Detective Robert Dewhurst of the NYPD Cold Case Squad to talk through the mysterious homicide of then 41 year old magazine editor William “Bill” Batiggi . On June 19th 1991 Police were called to Battigi’s NYC apartment to find him dead of multiple stab wounds after what appeared to be an apparent struggle. Paul lays out the updated information as well as a call to action to TSB listeners for information needed to solve this crime. A picture of the deceased as well as...


EP 130: The many faces of HATE CRIME

As is the case with so many violent crimes, a deep rooted intrinsic agenda lies at the core of each and every Hate Crime. In true Security Brief form, this episode came at the behest of our listeners who, for the last several months, have been writing to us over concerns of growing hate crimes. In keeping with The Security Brief tradition, Paul sits down with one of our country’s foremost experts on the subject, Ms. Cynthia Deitle, former Unit Chief of the FBI’s Civil Rights Unit for a...


EP 129: Staying in the ZONE

As unfortunate as it is, staying safe when traveling abroad is primarily up to each and everyone of us; a blatant fact that, if ignored, may cause irreversible consequences. With this in mind, Paul sits down with corporate leadership from Zone Intelligence to learn about their new technology that delivers government grade intelligence to the general public and an app that can steer you away from crimes in progress and areas presenting a need for law enforcement surveillance. This is a...


EP 128: “Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio.” Security Brief Cold Case 18-1

As The Security Brief opens up its Cold Case files, Paul examines a case which has seen 6 women disappear from a small geographical region in Ohio within a 2 year period where 4 were found dead and 2, remain missing. This episode focuses on the case of Megan Lancaster, a young Mom who was last seen on April 13, 2013 as she argued with a strange man while in a vehicle that was speeding off. The eye witness, her sister in law, sits with Paul for a one on one chilling interview and a complete...