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Monday Funday 07/09/2018: Best Stadium Food; SKC; All-Star Game

The trio gives kudos to Salvy for his selection to the All-Star team...but how much of an honor is it this year? And is he the most qualified? We talk Sporting KC and the rough patch they've encountered lately. This leads the group to the best stadium food. Pretzels? Peanuts? BBQ? Brats? What food do you like at the ballpark? Finally, the team wraps with some World Cup talk and Mike springs a surprise on us at the end.


Taylor Swift Here And There! Things You Nerd Out Over! Accent Game!

Truta is back to #TheShowKC after being sick last week. We discussed the things that you nerd out over! Truta, Shaylee and Joey attempted some accents in a round of the Accent Game. Baby, let the games begin, this morning we kicked off our contest for you to see Taylor Swift when she plays at Arrowhead Stadium on September 8th AND see her last stop of her US tour as she plays AT&T Stadium in Dallas! Listen to KC 102.1 in the hours of 7 am, 9 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm for your chance to...


#Blessed! Urban Myth! - SHOWcast 07/06/18

Truta is sick, again! But the rest of #TheShowKC is back and finding out how you are #Blessed going into the weekend! We also played a round of Urban Myth and learned more about lightning strikes and Oprah in the process!


Throwback Throwdown! 4th Of July Recap! Man On The Street: Tiny from Xscape Edition! - SHOWcast 07/05/18

Truta is back from being sick, Shaylee is back from the lake and #TheShowKC is back with a brand new show! Jen talks about her 5K from yesterday and Truta mentions his firework show as we find out what happened on the 4th of July! We play Man on the Street with special guest star, Tiny from Xscape! It's Throwback Throwdown day and Truta's pick made Shaylee give him the rap name Casper for when he goes into a rap battle with B. Rabbit!


Vent Line! Google Predicts! - SHOWcast 07/03/18

Truta is still sick, Shaylee is still having fun at the lake, #TheShowKC still goes on. We opened up the Vent Line today! Joey typed some things in Google and had Jen guess in a game of Google Predicts!


Urban Myth! 4th Of July Quiz! SHOWcast 07/02/18

Truta is out with the flu, Shaylee is at the Lake but #TheShowKC must go on! Jen and Joey showed up to work and played a game of Urban Myth! Jen created a quiz about the 4th of July! Jen also stated she has visited the store in Tonganoxie that a winning lottery ticket was sold and Joey wanted to play rec basketball and eat mozzarella sticks with LeBron James!


#Blessed! The Show Plays Oprah! - SHOWcast 06/29/18

It's Friday! #TheShowKC wants to know how you are #Blessed going into the weekend! We had an abundance of riches to giveaway this morning including Styx/Joan Jett tickets, Worlds of Fun tickets, Xscape tickets and Wizard of Oz tickets that #TheShowKC got in touch with our inner Oprah and just wanted to give it away!


AC Temperature! Find Your Xscape! Urban Myth! - SHOWcast 06/28/18

In the immortal words of Rob Thomas, "Man it's a hot one" and #TheShowKC wanted to know what temperature you set your air conditioner, whether that is at home or at work! Truta thinks Jen keeps her home way too hot for the summertime! Our virtual scavenger hunt for Xscape continued! We played a round of Urban Myth and of course on Thursday, we had the Throwback Throwdown!


How Did Your Parents Meet? Find Your Xscape! Gen X vs Millennial! Jen's Upcoming 5k! - SHOWcast 06/27/18

#TheShowKC talked about the stories of how their parents met and wanted to know your parent's story as well! We are looking for Xscape in our virtual scavenger hunt! It's Wednesday and that means Shaylee the Millenial is taking on a member of Generation X in Gen X vs Millennial! Jen will be competing in a 5k on July 4th, we are looking for you to guess her time. The closest time will win 4 tickets to Worlds of Fun and 4 tickets to the Legoland Discovery Center! Click the link below to make...


Vent Line! Find Your Xscape! Apps! - SHOWcast 06/26/18

It's Tuesday on #TheShowKC! Jen believes that Truta and Joey talking about P.O.D. yesterday is why Spotify randomly put P.O.D. on her jogging playlist! That was her vent for the Vent Line today and we wanted to know what your first world problems are and it seems a lot are traffic related! We are looking for a winner in our virtual scavenger hunt for floor tickets and meet and greet passes for Xscape! Our intern James stops by and talks about different apps for your phone that can make...


Monday Funday 06/25/2018: Royal Optimism? Sporting Rocks! World Cuppin'!

We discuss how to be optimistic about the KC Royals. Sporting KC rocks it. Pat Mahomes can do no wrong. World Cuppin' all over the world.


Things You Hate That People Love! Find Your Xscape! Man On The Street! - SHOWcast June 25

#TheShowKC is back for a new week! Jen loves Chris Pratt but a few episodes in, she is not a fan of Parks and Recreation, this still hurts Joey's feelings! #TheShowKC wanted to know what are things that are universally loved that you just do not like! We have a virtual scavenger hunt in Kansas City for floor tickets to see Xscape at the Sprint Center and attend the meet and greet but you have to find where Xscape is (virtually) hiding! At the Just For Her Event over the weekend, Jen asked...


KC Closeup: Fallen Heroes; HPV Vaccinations; KC Taste: 06/24/2018

On today's show: we have teamed up with Fox 4 and the Fox 4 Love Fund for Children to assist in needs for the children and families of the two deputies killed in the line of duty this past week in KCK. Nick Vasos from Fox 4 calls in and tells us how we can get involved. Then, as summer passes quickly and the time to begin thinking of school ramps up, vaccinations will be on some parents' lists. Dr. Josh Mommen of the American Cancer Society joins us to talk about the HPV vaccination - what...


#Blessed! Spin Doctors at KC Taste Announcement! Beat The Buzzer! Mission: Impossible Winner! SHOWcast 06/22/18

#TheShowKC wanted to know how you are #Blessed going into the weekend! #TheShowKC announced that on Saturday August 4th, the Spin Doctors will be headlining KC Taste at Union Station! We play a round of Beat The Buzzer! We called our winner to attend the premiere of Mission: Impossible - Fallout in Paris! We also had maybe our most entertaining read of traffic today!


Getting Hit At A Baseball Game! Beat The Buzzer! Truta Blows The Hits - SHOWcast 06/21/18

It's Throwback Throwdown day on #TheShowKC! A woman at Phillies game got an injury due getting hit with a hot dog, leading to the discussion of accidents that happened at baseball games and even some random odd injuries! We put 30 seconds on the clock for Beat the Buzzer! And Truta brought out his trusty kazoo to blow the hits!


Reoccurring Nightmares! Beat The Buzzer! Gen X vs Millennial! Nick Vasos! - SHOWcast 06/20/18

Today on the #TheShowKC we wanted to know what reoccurring nightmares you have! We put 30 seconds on the clock for a round of Beat the Buzzer! Gen X vs Millennial was played and we stretched the generations a bit by having Shaylee the Millennial play a member of the Silent Generation. Fox 4's Nick Vasos called in today to talk about a partnership that KC 102.1 and Fox 4 have to help the families of fallen Wyandotte County Sheriff Deputies, Deputy Patrick Rohrer and Deputy Theresa King. To...


Vent Line! Beat The Buzzer! Words You Hate! - SHOWcast 06/19/18

#TheShowKC opened vent line today for letting you get those first world problems off your chest! We play a round of Beat the Buzzer, where we try to see if you can answer 5 questions in 30 seconds! Based on an off air conversation of what do you call it, dinner or supper, we learned that one of those words makes Shaylee cringe! We wanted to know what other words you hate and we learned what a group of clowns is called!


Wayna Morris (Boyz II Men); Beat The Buzzer; What Did Your Kid Break: SHOWcast 06/18/18

Happy Monday from #TheShowKC. If you're rested up from Father's Day you're just in time to hear the story of some bratty kid who broke a $132,000 statue in Overland Park, and the city wants his parents to pay for it? Listen as we ask, What did your kid break? Jen and Truta chat with Wayna Morris, the lead singer of Boyz II Men and Dancing With The Stars contestant who will be here with his Boyz, Thursday night for the Rock the Ribbon 3 concert benefiting Susan G. Komen of Greater Kansas...


#Blessed! TV Dads! Mission: Impossible - Fallout in Paris! - SHOWcast 06/15/18

It's finally Friday! #TheShowKC wants to know how you are #Blessed going into this Father's Day weekend! Jen created a game for a listener to challenge Shaylee on naming the TV show after hearing the name of the TV dad! KC 102.1 is wanting to send you to Paris for attend the premiere of Mission: Impossible - Fallout! Listen around 7:30, 9:30, 1:30, 3:30 and 5:30 to qualify!


Throwback Throwdown! I Turned Into My Dad! Truta Kazoos The Hits! - SHOWcast 06/14/18

It's Throwback Throwdown day on #TheShowKC! Father's Day is coming up and we wanted to know the moment you realized that you were turning into your dad! And Truta brings back his trusty kazoo and blows the hits for you!