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The Solid Podcast: Season 2 Episode 2 - An Intelligent Point of Hew

Welcome to The Solid Podcast: Season 2 Episode 2. This week my Guest is Ryan K. Hew, Esq. (@RKHewEsq). Managing partner of HEW & BORDENAVE a Honolulu based law firm doing transactional & commercial litigation services. Ryan is one of my favorite people because he has a genuine energy and absolutely zero filter. In this episode we discuss Trademark, Copyright and some best practices and well as shoot the st because two self diagnosed ADHD people tend to do that. My Pick this week...


The Solid Podcast: Episode 9 - Stand-down & Deliver

show notes will follw later, please check back


The Solid Podcast: Episode 7 - The Spencer Chronicles

In this episode of The Solid Podcast, I spend some time hanging out with my buddy Spencer Toyama catching up and talking over some of the current issues locally and abroad. We discuss Energy, Race, Growing Up, Being Nicer, Traffic (ok not really) and Not being a DICK. Links: Sudokrew A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari Spencer’s Pick of the...


The Solid Podcast: Episode 4 - You Do You Boo

Thanks for downloading The Solid Podcast by Doc Rock Episode 4. in this episode titles “You Do You Boo” I talks about You and what it means to be you. We sped so much time trying to become all we can be but often times we get sent no the wrong journey by outside influences. I talk about finding and dealing those influences, and what it means to “return to self” like “The Prodigal Son” Happy yo announce we finally have our new domain for the post and show notes at Please...


The Solid Podcast: Episode 3 - Not In My Yard

In this edition of The Solid Podcast by Doc Rock, I talk about being a good neighbor and civic responsibilities. I also discuss learning how to better understand and deal with people who have a different point of view from yours. As always I’m curious to know what you think so please if you have a chance drop some feedback let us know how the show is going, tell us if there’s anything I can do to make it better, or just say hello. The Solid Podcast very much depends when your input so...


The Solid Podcast: Episode 2 - Small Changes

Thanks to all the folsk who have supported and subscribed so far. It has been an amazing experience. In this eposide I talk about having success through small changes. Please subscribe to The Solid Podcast on via iTunes and Google Play or directly On Podbean. Thanks to all the stream viewers and for all the support from everyone This episode brought to you by: Landsberg Law Offices and Etched. Before you talk to the police, tell them you need to talk to your lawyer “Marcus Landsberg”...


The Solid Podcast: Episode 1 featuring Lanai

So much fun with my #bestiefromanothatestie @Lanai recording the first episode of @SolidPod. If you missed the live stream I will edit and post it soon this is the audio version. Please subscribe to The Solid Podcast on via iTunes and Google Play or directly On Podbean. Thanks to all the stream viewers and for all the support from everyone. Show Notes:


Welcome to the Solid Podcast hosted by Doc Rock

Place holder text will be here but for now I haven’t had time to write it. This teaser episode is really just here to get iTunes properly setup.


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