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The Soul Is Prismatic is a podcast hosted by Shanell about the "social culture life", breaking down social, cultural, and life topics.

The Soul Is Prismatic is a podcast hosted by Shanell about the "social culture life", breaking down social, cultural, and life topics.


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The Soul Is Prismatic is a podcast hosted by Shanell about the "social culture life", breaking down social, cultural, and life topics.




Ep. 31: Black Women Are Feminine Too

Why aren't Black women seen as feminine? Is the "strong Black woman" stereotype empowering or harmful? Do we believe in the "I don't need a man" statement? Mass Media Artist Danielle Blaiq, Stylist & Designer Steffany Allen, Marketing & Data Analyst Nanthale, & Your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell answer these questions as well as discuss the adultification of Black girls, breaking out of masculinity, dating & femininity, education/career & feminity, the "Level Up" & "Black Girl Luxury"...


Ep. 30: Morehouse Man

#blackexcellence Your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell had the pleasure of interviewing Morehouse College Alumni (& Atlanta natives) Austin Jeter & Justin Cook, on everything Morehouse College (a historically Black and all male private liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia) & beyond. The men discuss brotherhood amongst Black men, freshman year experiences, academia compared to a PWI (predominantly white institution), stereotypes of Morehouse men, the "Spelhouse" relationship (Spelman...


Ep. 29: 2022 Better Be It!

In this final episode of 2021, 'The Avera-ngers' podcast members Big Nev & Ant, & your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell discuss what to leave in 2021, what stood out in the media in all of 2021 (news/viral stories, music, movies/TV), their personal highs & lows of 2021, & goals for 2022. They also advise you listeners on how to navigate your 2022. P.S. Please stop asking what do men/women bring to the table! _______________________________________________ Guests Info: The Avera-ngers...


Ep. 28: I Beat Breast Cancer

For #breastcancerawarenessmonth , your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell had the pleasure of interviewing Felicia E. (aka "Aunt Felicia") on her battle with breast cancer (now in remission!). Shanell first gives facts & statistics not only about breast cancer in general, but how breast cancer specifically affects Black women. Aunt Felicia discusses life before breast cancer, how she found out she was diagnosed, her breast removal & chemotherapy journey, faith in God, mental health, lifestyle...


Ep. 27: I'm Black & NYPD

Retired NYPD Sergeant Mark E. shares his experiences growing up in Brooklyn, overall 25 year NYPD work experience, & what he witnessed on 9/11. We then discuss the intersectionality of being Black & NYPD by addressing racism in NYPD, police brutality, Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter, & defunding the police. Sergeant E. offers solutions to how civilians and police officers can coexist harmoniously. The show ends with Sergeant E.'s words of advice to aspiring and rookie police...


Ep. 26: Body Image - Men's Edition

In this men's edition of body image, Content Creator Nico, Dancer/Actor/Model Malak Lunsford, & Sneaker Connoisseur/Podcaster Robbie Digital discuss their body image experiences in childhood/adolescence & adulthood, their dating experiences regarding their body images, & share their thoughts on men using enhancements & undergoing plastic surgery to achieve the ideal men's body image. The men end on a positive note by sharing how they personally exhibit positive body image and care for their...


Ep. 25: Dating - What Women Want

In this fifth installment of the "Dating" series, 'Kouples N' Karaoke' Creators Brittany, Danielle, & Bianca, as well as your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell, discuss what they're currently looking for in a man in this tough world of dating (during a pandemic at that!). The ladies discuss deal-breakers, hypergamy, reveal their own toxic traits, give their own definitions of what a "high value man" is, reveal the worst zodiac signs of men (one begins with a 'C'), discuss lessons learned from...


Ep. 24: Reset

To reset is to "set again or differently". It can also mean a state of "zero". Our life experiences, as well as the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic here in 2020 have all caused us to reset in some way. Lashawn aka 'LA' of 'What's A Good Guy?' podcast and your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell discussed how we reset in the following categories: Creativity & Goals, Mental & Physical Health, Love Life (Shanell gets passionate!), and Environment. P.S. Have a safe, blessed, abundant, and Vienna...


Ep. 23: Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop Artists Uni-G, Jazmeyne, Dev Lahday, Mini Rebel, & your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell discuss all things hip-hop! We first get personal with each artist, then we break down hip-hop history, eras, styles, & influences; list our 'Top 5' (to 10) artists, groups/collectives, albums, mixtapes, & producers; discuss the current & future states of hip-hop, & more. Mini Rebel & Jazmeyne also share their thoughts on being women in the hip-hop game. P.S. Is Eminem better than...


Ep. 22: S.A.D./Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) or Seasonal Depression is a mood disorder characterized by depression that occurs at the same time every year (source: Mayo Clinic). In this first mental health awareness installment, Fordham University Social Work Doctoral Candidate Kandra Knowles, Film Producer & Director Cory Hunter, & your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell further break down what S.A.D./seasonal depression is, share their personal experiences with dealing with seasonal depression, &...


Ep. 21: Street Harassment

#StopStreetHarassment Your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely ladies of anti-street harassment organization Catcalls of NYC to discuss street harassment, a bane of many women's (& some men's) existence. We define what street harassment is, discuss where do street harassment & the term "cat-calling" stem from, share our personal (& horrific) experiences with street harassment, & more. Shanell also took it to the streets to get anonymous men's...


Ep. 20: Dating - App/Online Edition

In this fourth and hilarious installment of the "Dating" series, Photographer & Content Creator Jeary Sylves, Registered Nurse Tashia, Podcaster Shane Anthony, & your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell discuss our online dating experiences with Tinder, BLK, Hinge, & more. We discuss why we joined dating apps/sites, give an overview of each app/site we've joined, break down the "do's, don'ts, & foolishness" of dating profiles, & share our online & meeting experiences with matches. Do we have...


Ep. 19: 2020 Vision

In this final episode of 2019, Producer & Podcaster Brittany, Hip-Hop Artist & Comedian David H., 'Mindright Daily' Creator & Motivational Speaker Lindu King, & your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell discuss what stood out in the media in 2019 (music, movies/shows/series, news/politics, social media/viral stories), our personal highs & lows of 2019 (Shanell loves to get deep), & our goals & manifestations for 2020. We also tell you listeners how to navigate your 2020. P.S. The 2010s were...


Ep. 18: Body Image - Women's Edition

In this women's edition of body image, NYC Blogger & Photographer Tyeshea aka 'Afrovocative', Public Relations Agency Founder & Model Bianca Lominy, Fashion/Image Consultant & Blogger Nanthale E. Collins, & your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell define what body image is, discuss our body image experiences in childhood/adolescence & adulthood, answer if culture/ethnicity negatively and/or positively affects body image, discuss our dating experiences regarding our body images, discuss the...


Ep. 17: Martin

We're switching things up this episode as we break down your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell's favorite show of all time, the iconic 'Martin'. Joined with Brandon Collins & Justin Brown of Medium Popcorn Podcast, & the homie Kafaya, we discuss what is 'Martin', break down all 9 characters played by Comedian/Actor Martin Lawrence along with reoccurring characters (Shanell's fav is 'Hustle Man'), share our top 5 episodes & funniest moments, discuss the Martin & Pam rivalry, figure out what...


Ep. 16: What Is The Soul Is Prismatic?

Your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell is solo dolo this episode finally answering a frequently-asked question: What does The Soul Is Prismatic mean? I also break down some details of the creation of the podcast, as well as discuss insecurities, struggles, mental health, and purpose pertaining to both the podcast and life. P.S. I want your check-ins! _________________________________ Production & Editing: Shanell Engineering & Recording: cast Soundlab Photography: Nigel Bradshaw...


Ep. 15: Black Men Relationships

#BlackBoyJoy What is the "traditional" role of the Black man and do most Black men fit this role? Why are more Black men than white men harsher in their judgment of Black men (statistically proven)? Does the role of fathers affect Black men's overall relationships with other Black men? Why do some Black men choose to exclusively associate with non-Black men? What are the causes of the high violence and crime rates amongst Black males? 'SIP Show' Host & Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. Member...


Ep. 14: Black Women Relationships

#BlackGirlMagic There is a stereotype that Black women can't get along with each other. Is there a rift in overall Black women relationships, and if so, where does this rift stem from? Why are Black women competitive with each other? Why do some Black women choose to exclusively associate themselves with non-Black women? Have we've personally been victims and/or perpetrators of meanness, bullying, and violence? Do we feel that social media, reality TV, and the news perpetuate the stereotype...


Ep. 13: Social Media, Mental Breaks, Real Life

What was the 1st social media platform you joined? As a society & as humanity are we connected or disconnected due to social media? Why do people "flex for the gram"? Does social media affect mental health negatively and/or positively? Fashion Stylist Bilen Gaga, Comedian & Actor Trevor Davis, & your Hostess with the Mostest Shanell answer these questions & more, along with breaking down Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, & YouTube (& the foolery that comes with each platform, LORDT!)....


Ep. 12: Black Business

#SupportBlackBusiness Three successful Black business owners, Kimberly Mitchell of Young Professional Staffing Solutions, Brianna Ellis of Mornin' Coffee Clothing, & Mack Graham Jr. of Mack Graham Nonprofit Consulting, discuss their lives before opening their businesses, the inspiration behind their businesses, general challenges of being a business owner, challenges of being a Black business owner, the intersectionality of being Black & male/female (does gender still play a role while...