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EP 134 Handlin Business with Ganja Mann!!! Featuring...Ganja Mann

J Hill pulled up to power 104.4 to kick shit with the one and only @Ganja_Mann1 This dope brotha had a lot to say about music, business, and life in general. I love talking to forward thinking brothas from different backgrounds. We talked hemp, we talked aliens, we talked music, we talked about fucking midgets and everything in between hahaha Special shout out to the shooter @Chuckstarfilms and @kazarent Don't get Ready, Stay Ready! #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball...


Empire 45 King of the Mic Meet and Greet PART 3- Featuring BD da Mic Snatcher

In this 3rd installation of the Empire 45 King of the mIc Meet and Greet we kick shit with BD da Mic Snatcher, hailing all the way from Haiti!!!! You know I had to pick his brain about his homeland, colorist on the island, United states ignorance, and MUCH MORE! Truly dope brotha, so much so that I went ahead and gave him his own episode. Dope music and greet conversation in this one! Don't Get ready, Stay Ready #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball #blackpodcastnetwork...


Henny and Koke Exclusive- Featuring The PlayazcirclePod

J Hill pulled up to the Henny and Koke day party at Rooftop 210 in Charlotte, NC to hang out a lil bit, take some pics and kick some shit! We had the honor of having a couple members of @playazcirclepod and a High school football coach! Dope interviews and dope music in this one..male sure you check out The PLayaz Circle Podcast on soundcloud and youtube! Don't Get Ready, Stay Ready! #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball #blackpodcastnetwork #blackpodcasters...


Empire45 King Of The Mic PART 2!! 704 Baggz, Cityman Pedro!, Grind Gang, Lamar Dream and MORE!!!!

Big Stay Ready pulled up to the private King of The mIc event by Empire 45!! shit was lit, We got so much audio I had to put it in 3 intstallments! Enjoy these dope interviews from some of the regions hottest talent!! AND I put some bangers on here in-between Dont Get Ready, Stay Ready! #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball #blackpodcastnetwork #blackpodcasters #podcastsincolor #urbanpodcast #podernfamily #podsquad #trypod #stayready #stayreadypod #podcast #podcasts...


Empire 45 Meet and Greet Exclusive PART 1- Featuring Ricco Barrino, Sayless and more

Stay Ready had all access to the Empire 45 labor day festivities and it was lit! Shoutout to Ricco Barrino for hanging out under the tent for a bit! Enjoy part 1 of this dope ass interview extravaganza, of course I gave yall some fire ass music too! Dont Get Ready, Stay Ready!


DJ ESUDD Media Run @ Artifact CLT- Interviews, Music + the return of the Sniper

@suddsuddsudd had a dope ass media run at @artifactclt and you already know @iamstayready and @g00d_luckchuck had to pop out and do some Stayready shit 😤 Dope interviews from @motownsilas @quanthatguy @therealyungin1 @iolagangmusic @beauxisaac @scrill_lovert @brysonxstilwell @juice_9dime and more 🔥🔥🔥 PLUS we had to hit you with some dope music from @sauxe_paxk @jaegee3gm @hotboy_lilshaq @pfrank626 @motownsilas & @lukenasty Out now on Apple Podcasts, Google play, SoundCloud, Stitcher,...


Ep 133 A couple slices of Kiwi Featuring...Kiwi hahaha

New @stayreadypod featuring @kiwithebrand 🥝🥝🥝 If you know, you know 🤣 and that means you know exactly how unpredictable this ep was. The ever opinionated Miss Kiwi and @iamstayready had some spirited debates about life, love, cucumbers and homosexuality..🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 She definitely didn’t disappoint! This episode features dope beats by @iamslimhood and crazy new tracks from @jaegee3m @hotboy_lilshaq and @pfranklin626 YAKWTFGO wit Stay Ready 🤷🏾‍♂️ Make sure you nominate us for “Podcast of...


Stayready Exclusive- MFGD aka MotherFucka Goddamn!!

New @Stayreadypod featuring exclusive audio from MFGD!! Shoutout @farragami and @kidemo_radio for the invite! We got dope interviews from @_siriusb_ @allamuto @zel2official @truedreamsradio and more!!! You already know I gave you guys some 🔥music to listen to as well! Don’t get ready, Stayready #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball #blackpodcastnetwork #blackpodcasters #podcastsincolor #urbanpodcast #podernfamily #podsquad #trypod #stayready #stayreadypod #podcast...


NEW CHARLOTTE FEST PART 2- Featuring ItsPunkinBitch, iamakevius, Offtop K Trill, and MANY MORE!

Stay Ready pulled up to The Whitehouse nightclub for NEW CHARLOTTE FEST!! You already know we got exclusive live audio from the artists, DJ's and influencers! We got so much audio that we had to make it 2 episodes! ALSO we've got exclusive NEW MUSIC from SAUXE PAXK, JAEGEE, and JAYWAYSOSA! Dont get ready, STAY READY! #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball #blackpodcastnetwork #blackpodcasters #podcastsincolor #urbanpodcast #podernfamily #podsquad #trypod #stayready...


New Charlotte Fest PART 1 featuring OG BossTec, DJ LSD YoungLegend, GARY B, Billionaire Rob

Stay Ready pulled up to The Whitehouse nightclub for NEW CHARLOTTE FEST!! You already know we got exclusive live audio from the artists, DJ's and influencers! We got so much audio that we had to make it 2 episodes! ALSO we've got exclusive NEW MUSIC from SAUXE PAXK, JAEGEE, and JAYWAYSOSA! Dont get ready, STAY READY! #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball #blackpodcastnetwork #blackpodcasters #podcastsincolor #urbanpodcast #podernfamily #podsquad #trypod #stayready...


Ep 132- Spit ya game, Talk ya shit- Featuring ZAY the Battle Rapper

Zay the Battle Rapper pulled up on Unfair Printing aka Stay Ready Studios West to kick shit with J Hill and introduce the family to the bets battle rapper in the city! He is currently undefeated sitting at 11-0 and is sponsored by Unfair Apparel so this brotha has plenty to brag about, and yet..he's as humble and insightful as can be. Check out this dope interview as we pull the curtain back on the rap battle scene, discover some of his local favorites, we also find out which mainstream...


STAY READY EXCLUSIVE- Featuring DJ ESudd and Sauce Paxk PLUS Jaegee, 704 Baggz, and more!

After the show its the after party I Guess haha bc that's exactly what we did after NEW CHARLOTTE FEST! As if pulling up and taking over the main event wasn't good enough, we had to go ahead and get some exclusive content at UNFAIR PRINTING & PLATINUM PLUS RECORDINGS!! We talked to world famous DJ ESudd and met his dope ass new artist Sauxe Paxk!! PLUS Stay Ready All star Jaegee debuts a brand new BANGER!! You already know what the fuck goes on over here man hahaha DON'T GET READY, STAY...



Make sure you check out this exclusive look at one of North Carolinas brightest stars Ricco Barrino! He chopped it up with Stay Ready about his life, his music, his passion for sports and MUCH MORE! You already know how we're coming with the rawness, the realness, real Stay Ready shit haha His new song "Baby" is OUT NOW produced by 20, make sure you guys check that out as well...Dont Get Ready, Stay Ready! #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball #blackpodcastnetwork...


2019 Fleet DJ's Conference Exclusive

NEW exclusive @Stayreadypod audio from the 2019 @fleetdjmusicconference featuring @djstretchomatic @parisamorofficial @iam_devans @iamkidfresh_ @kidemo_radio & @slient_sweep You know technically no one asked me to set up and record..nor did I ask for permission..but we just wouldn’t be Stay Ready if we didn’t do Stay Ready Shit every once in a while! Enjoy these dope ass organic looks at some very intriguing people in the entertainment industry..OH BTW you already know I hit y’all in the...


EP 131- 2 Blunts and some Patron feat- The Photofalcon

NEW STAY READY featuring @thephotofalcon 🦅🦅🦅 @iamstayready made his way back to the Falcons lair at the top of the city to kick shit with the one and only PhotoFalcon 🦅 We pay our respect and give honor to Sadie Roberts-Joesph the slain community leader in Baton Rouge 🤞🏾🙏🏿 We talk Area 51, drawing guns on cops 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️, legionaries in ATLANTA, colored white people 🤣, and R Kelly! Also...fuck them kids 🤷🏾‍♂️, we’re all Russian now 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣, the cucumber challenge 🥒, city boys vs...


EP 130- Fuck Them Girl Scout Cookies..and that new Bravo too FEATURING The Photofalcon

NEW STAY READY featuring @thephotofalcon 🦅🦅🦅 @iamstayready trekked to the Falcons lair overlooking our fine metropolis to kick shit with the hottest mf photographer in captivity 🤷🏾‍♂️ 📸 We talk Ramadan, play black white or other, and of course I gave y’all some dope ass music and background beats by @iamslimhood 👌🏾🔥 In this ep we ask... Would you play spin the bottle (henny) at a pool party? Who’s killing mfs in DR? Fuck them Girl Scout ALSO J.HILL HAS A SPECIAL...


Kandid Cannasation Exclusive- "Kreative Kush" feat Keri-Ann Evans

Stayready was pleased to welcome Kreative Kush founder Keri Evans for a Kandid Cannasation! We talk cannabis culture, history, and legislation in Jamaica as well as getting to know one of the hottest cannabis accessory brands out here "Kreative Kush". Don't Get Ready, Stay Ready!



THE INDIEPENDENCE CONCERT Hosted by @maestrotheguru & @s_2da of @themackkrew with @djdivein on deck 🌊 and special guest @stayreadypod Showtime Sunday June 30th 6:00 PM EST New Era Music House 2848 Queen City Drive, Suite J Charlotte, NC $10 admission. Shouts to our supporters. @themackkrew @vuulm @stayreadypod @weloveoshun @queencitypoppin Don’t get ready Stay Ready! #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball #blackpodcastnetwork #blackpodcasters #podcastsincolor...


True Connections showcase + pop up! Interviews and dope music

🚨🚨TONIGHT AT 6PM 🚨🚨 Tonight on @truedreamsradio catch a brand new @stayreadypod featuring interviews from TRUE CONNECTIONS 🔥🎙🔥🎙 We’ve got interviews from @thereal_klive @cxrnbreadjxnes @dukesta25 @minnasota_artist @hername.hazel AND dope music from @jaywaysosa @gauxstman @jxhines @hotboy_lilshaq and @ihatetang Don’t get ready Stay Ready! #apodconnectionclt #podexcellenceweekend #podexcellenceball #blackpodcastnetwork #blackpodcasters #podcastsincolor #urbanpodcast #podernfamily...


EP 129- Stop fuckin with the outbreak Monkey!!! feat Brazy

🚨🚨STAYREADY EXCLUSIVE🚨🚨 There are some ppl in this world that some people just LOVE to HATE..and there are some people in this world that make themselves easy targets. I haven’t quite decided where exactly @babib93 sits on that spectrum BUT I will definitely say that there is never a dull moment with this snowflake 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️ ❄️❄️❄️ Apparently she went viral on #facebook for some ignorant shit (again 🤣) and wanted a chance to clear the air without interruption..enter @iamstayready 🎙 You...