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Whether it's current events, politics, entertainment, or sports, please join Sham and Shaka as they share their takes on today's hottest topics.

Whether it's current events, politics, entertainment, or sports, please join Sham and Shaka as they share their takes on today's hottest topics.


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Whether it's current events, politics, entertainment, or sports, please join Sham and Shaka as they share their takes on today's hottest topics.




S04 Ep. 95: Everything’s Colder in Texas

Shaka upgrades and Sham gets an offer; (09:37) 45 gets acquitted again, Rush Limbaugh loses his cancer battle, Texans suffer from climate change while Ted Cruz bounces, pandemic positivity; (37:37) Streaming update and WandaVision discussion, the Best Man returns, Gina Carano is fired, Anne Boleyn gets a new look, Eddie Murphy and Spike Lee take on a D.C. icon; (1:26:21) Osaka vs Williams recap, Super Bowl wrap-up, Vincent Jackson tribute, NFL hot stove, Urban Meyer fumbles again, NBA...


S04 Ep. 94: Spell "District" for Us

Weekly update and snowstorm stories; (09:26) Democrats follow through on their promise, 45’s team folds, the House makes an inside ban, voting machine companies are BIG mad, Axios is back, Uber changes the alcohol game; (46:00) We talk TV and movies and remember two big stars, Nicholas Cannon makes a reconciliation, Disney+ makes a Black Panther announcement, Lil Kim/Foxy Brown Verzuz rumors spark a debate; (1:31:52) Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal headline our NBA discussion, Jared Goff’s...


S04 Ep. 93: Tributes to Excellence

We recap our week and remember a close friend; (17:40) Democrats prepare to steamroll the GOP, the vaccine rollout is still messy, Deborah Birx breaks her silence, 45 prepares for impeachment, GameStop and AMC disrupt the market; (51:32) We honor “Queen” Cicely Tyson, broadcast legend Larry King, and Temple icon John Chaney, recap on current shows and movies, Amanda Gorman continues to shine, more details from the Verzuz fallout, Trey Songz and Tory Lanez make the wrong headlines; (1:33:34)...


S04 Ep. 92: Uncle POTUS

No news is good news so far in this supersized episode; (07:45) The Inauguration dominates the week, Uncle Joe issues orders, Uncle Tony is relieved, MyPillow gets smothered, Instacart drops the hammer, the Capitol Insurrection gets a reckoning; (45:21) Excitement about upcoming shows and movies; the latest “Verzuz” disappoints, Clubhouse stirs controversy, Sex and the City reboot, Power Book II recap; (1:20:05) We remember Hank Aaron, Dan LeBetard’s exit stirs an ESPN shakeup, NCAA...


S04 Ep. 91: An Evening w/Super Bowl Champion Ray Rice

We open the 4th season joined by Super Bowl Champion Ray Rice; (09:25) We reflect on the Capitol insurrection and political landscape while reminiscing on the 90’s; (22:30) Dr. Dre’s recovery inspires an idea about union reps; (33:45) the Kardashian machine stays in the news and we break down some of our favorite TV shows; (47:01) The NBA season has begun, we revisit “The Last Dance”, LBJ vs. MJ, success of the NBA bubble; (1:00:10) the College Football National Championship is upon us and...


S03 Ep. 90: Two Days to Go

In the third season finale, Sham and Shaka reflect on some of their favorite news stories of 2020. FB & IG: thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: @Stop_PlayinPod #StopPlayinandSubscribe


S03 Ep. 89: The Rollout

Intros and holiday shopping discussions; (08:45) Vaccinations are televised, the election is certified and SCOTUS has had enough, Bill Barr resigns, the clock ticks on the stimulus; (27:23) Lil’ Wayne stirs up a debate, Kanye gets sued, Disney+ raises its price, tribute to Tiny “Zeus” Lister; (52:38) Vandy is on the right side of history, the Big Ten makes changes despite Michigan’s efforts, Coach K gets challenged, long-awaited name change in Cleveland, NFL round up, the “Greek Freak” and...


S03 Ep. 88: Aubrey-in-Chief

Thoughts on the holiday season; (9:40) Details emerge on the vaccine rollout, Biden names his Cabinet, a party gets busted in Belgium, another great breakthrough in science; (43:11) Grammy announcements stir controversy, Drake gets a big endorsement, a Baby Yoda reveal, Power Book II is back; (1:15:52) Len Bias is finally recognized, South Carolina Women’s Basketball suffers a loss, Men’s College Basketball breakdown, Harden is a no-show, NFL heads down the final stretch, the US Women’s...


S03 Ep. 87: Vaccination Wars

It’s Shaka’s birthday! We shoutout another local podcast and discuss Hampton connections; (9:45) The vaccine is on the horizon, Hugo Chavez steals the election; (39:51) Bobby Brown suffers another tragedy, Conan calls it quits, Warner Brothers restrategizes, Parler is the new dumpster; (57:40) NBA free agency begins, Klay Thompson's season ends before it starts, Westbrook/Wall trade rumors begin, NFL roundup. FB & IG: @thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: @Stop_PlayinPod...


S03 Ep. 86: Wear the Damn Mask

General updates for the week; (10:25) 45’s conspiracies continue, daily COVID records increase, a vaccine is announced; (41:09) Marvel gives a final word, Wiz Khalifa finds a remedy, 2 Chainz gives up on Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes drops a new album, a surprising “Jeopardy” host is suggested, fall TV is back; (1:12:08) girl power in Miami, drama in Houston and other NBA news, NFL roundup. FB & IG: thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: @Stop_PlayinPod


S03 Ep. 85: Saving the Republic

Sham gives a Starbucks update; (12:40) the Presidential election is finally called, Trump’s campaign storms the Courts; black women receive praise, COVID cases surge, Biden makes a plan; (49:38) Alex Trebek leaves the world mourning, Mo’Nique keeps Oprah’s name in her mouth, Dave Chappelle returns to SNL; (1:14:39) the NBA returns in December, LeBreeze plans to cherry pick, a post-World Series celebration violates COVID protocol, tragedy strikes again in Washington, Drew Brees stakes his...


S03 Ep. 84: It is Time! (w/special guest Councilman Opel Jones)

We open the show reflecting on the upcoming winter months; (3:57) Howard County, Maryland Councilman Opel Jones joins the pod; Deborah Birx is over it, a peculiar lawsuit arises, a Florida man gets a little too close, the black male support myth doesn't fly; (56:04) Audible teams up with Charlamagne and Kevin Hart, Desperate Housewives recollection, Eddie Murphy and Amazon give viewers an early Christmas Gift; (104:07) Trevor Lawrence tests positive for COVID, NFL round-up, the Dodgers win...


S03 Ep. 83: Wind Kills Birds

Sham shares her woes with Lowe’s; (17:55) the debates close, coronavirus numbers resurge, a Colorado landlord intimidates his residents, Jeffrey Toobin rubs one out; (45:00) 50 Cent threatens a move, Shonda Rhimes and Disney bump heads; Quibi takes a final bow; (1:00:50) the Pelicans sign a new coach, NFL round up, the World Series is underway. FB & IG: thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: Stop_PlayinPod


S03 Ep. 82: Walk it Like I Talk it

We start with updates on our increased listenership and share DMV adventures; (15:17) COVID-19 hits the first family and Harris camp, dueling townhalls make airwaves, and two well-known rappers make the news; (55:09) Phil Collins feels something in the air, reality TV roundup; (1:10:27) the Lakers don’t disappoint, several new prospects ride the NBA coaching carousel, positive COVID tests make the NFL scramble, scandal shakes up the Japanese Olympic swimming team. FB & IG:...


S03 Ep. 81: From Gold to Tarnished Brass

We begin the episode by bringing back one of our favorite segments; (16:31) the week is dominated by the President’s Covid-19 announcement and the Vice Presidential debate; (49:43) Eddie Van Halen is remembered, Jaguar Wright continues spilling tea, Fall TV begins in earnest, and “Ghost” has its mid-season finale; (1:26:54) the Lakers are up in the “Bubble” Finals, COVID forces the NFL to shuffle games, the Texans fire Bill O’Brien, Washington continues to feel the “Doug Williams curse.” FB...


S03 Ep. 80: A Different Level of Crazy

We celebrate our 80th episode and continue to chart the show's progress with an announcement; (6:35) the first Presidential Debate is a debacle, the Supreme Court nomination fight begins, Breonna Taylor is denied justice, college students engage in “swatting,” the Vietnamese take recycling to all the wrong levels; (51:52) Chadwick Boseman’s legacy continues to shine, Power Book 2 continues to deliver; (1:22:27) Mark Cuban steps up for Delonté West, the NBA Finals begin with the Lakers...


S03 Ep. 79: Do You Know What Today Is?

It's our anniversary! We reflect on the show's progress and acknowledge and thank our listeners; (8:10) the death of the "Notorious RBG" leaves the nation in mourning, Mitch McConnell teases his next move, a resurgence in COVID cases in Europe puts the world on notice, colleges contradict themselves, COVID surcharges begin in parts of the US; (32:36) The Fresh Prince and Aunt Viv finally reconcile, "Good Times" gets an animated makeover, KUWTK bids us adieu, DWTS comes out swinging, Power...


A Stop Playin' Bonus: The 2020 NFL Preview Episode

NFL Football is finally back! On this SUPERsized bonus episode, we go round robin and discuss the upcoming NFL season. Here's the breakdown: NFC North (6:15); NFC South (33:56); NFC East (58:35); NFC West (1:31:56); AFC North (1:53:37); AFC South (2:09:20); AFC East (2:24:44); and AFC West (2:41:09). IG & FB: thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: @Stop_PlayinPod


S03 Ep. 78: We Never Freeze (w/Get Up DC's Reese Waters)

We start the podcast with an introduction of our guest--television and radio personality--Reese Waters, (12:44) Jacob Blake’s shooting and the Kenosha protests, along with the RNC dominate the week, (54:43) The entire country mourns the sudden death of Chadwick Boseman, NBCNews gives COVID to the wrong celebrity, Cardi B claps back on the GOP, Taylor Swift receives a public apology, and we give our picks in the upcoming Verzuz with Brandy and Monica, (1:28:26) We acknowledge the passing of a...


S03 Ep. 77: Ask and You Shall Receive the Smoke

In a super-sized episode filled with astute observations, (12:59) The DNC dominates the week, 45 tweets in response while another of his cronies gets arrested, a hotel brawl goes viral, and a Florida man thinks outside the box. (1:00:08) Jam Master Jay’s case is FINALLY cracked, Tavis Smiley gets an overdue reckoning, Thundercats returns, Batman joins the “Crisis,” Megan Thee Stallion speaks out, and Aunt Becky finally gets sentenced. (1:34:33) Drama ensues as the playoffs begin in the NBA...