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An unofficial Coronation Street catch-up podcast

An unofficial Coronation Street catch-up podcast
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An unofficial Coronation Street catch-up podcast




April 19, 2019 - Nut Juice

In an underwhelming week, Imran shouts at a health and safety official and then conducts a business meeting in a restaurant despite having a perfectly good office while a jam-smeared Gary does Irish Tina a turn and pirouettes a female debt collector into a wardrobe. Meanwhile, Dev takes a whole day off work to play with a blood pressure monitor at the cab office, as a supposedly busy Kev apparently wanders into the barber’s to play table football with David, Robert has a friend who requires...


April 12, 2019 - Polished The Weasel

It’s another tough week for Carla given she doesn’t know if she’s Zola Budd or Doctor John Nash from one day to the next. One minute she’s leaving a bloody trail along the Cobbles from her battered bare feet, the next she’s solving complicated mathematical problems with a marker on Ken’s wallpaper while thinking the crossword is speaking to her. Meanwhile, Sarah’s pleasant, helpful attitude to a request from the police may well be enough to ensure Nick and David end up in jail for Easter,...


April 5, 2019 - Cheesy Balls

It’s Ranamorial in an eight episode Coronation Street spectacular. This gives Peter his cue to insist to Carla that everything is going to be fine and then go behind her back to get everyone to cover for her. He gets short thrift from everyone and so jumps to his regular plan B; head for the coast. A confession kinda spoils the mood in the Community Garden. The Rage of the Knickerpeople continues to brew. Elsewhere, a slightly less coked-up Natalie manages to secure work at the barber’s and...


March 29, 2019 - Suez!

In the aftermath of Rana’s death, there’s an awful lot of people shouting at other people. A letter from Kate melts Saira’s heart but not enough to do any permanent damage. Gary contemplates Peter’s offer despite Sarah insisting that if he accepts it, he won’t be getting his hole any time soon. Bertie comes home and sleeps his way through that storyline — good baby. Meanwhile, Wayne steals Brian’s thunder and after inspecting Roy’s Mum’s ring, reckons that the answer may lie in Egypt, and on...


March 20, 2019 - End in Disaster

It’s one of those event weeks on Corrie, and in one of the worst kept secrets, something falls on something and the something it falls on winds up being the something you assumed it was going to be ages ago. Beth’s early morning rendition of Edge of Glory in the factory is enough to wake up Gail, but not Gary. A coked-up Natalie is back on the scene taking selfies with Audrey while her hair is inadequately cut and then looking to play table football with Nick for her future. The real reasons...


March 15, 2019 - David Scissorhands

Carla speaking Mandarin was the strangest moment of the week until it turned out that Kirk can also speak Mandarin, Michelle takes a football to the boobs and decides she definitely doesn’t want to have a baby. Elsewhere, Evelyn is back and ends up paying off her debt at the garage by polishing windows with knickers that don’t belong to the mother of twins, and Eileen tempts fate by dating another builder. Meanwhile, Lolly goes psycho, Mary’s planning a one-woman show, Gary is so angry he...


March 8, 2019 - Paris Hilton of the Cobbles

Shona runs out of the Junkie Paddington House and then runs straight back into it because she forgot to stab her son and then later, a stuffed weasel and a conned grandmother will save the day. Meanwhile, a miscommunicated note leads Seb to see half of Sarah’s bits and pieces and then he has to endure the worst 18th birthday party in the world, Lolly continues to ruffle the feathers of Kate and Rana and has all the eligible bachelors on the street polishing pennies, and Tim’s Dad is a dick...


March 1, 2019 - Claudia McClaudiface

We're not sure if he mentioned it or not this week, but if Clayton goes back to prison, he thinks he’ll wind up dead, so he skips through a graveyard at his old man’s funeral and then eats some Jammy Dodgers. Meanwhile, the prospect of a halfway house cropping up in the area is enough to make Claudia get somewhere to the right of Enoch Powell, and Seb is one angry son too many this week. Elsewhere, the one time someone has any liquid in a cup this week, it pours all over Daniel’s laptop,...


February 22, 2019 - Sex Boob

In a condensed week, the mystery of the whereabouts of Roy’s slippers and jacket is finally solved with ramifications for Abi, Peter, Carla and an elderly police constable. Bethany is there to help Amy make up her mind about the baby, which is the cue for Steve and Tracy to get the baby fever. Kev is in the habit of accepting packages that are addressed to other people, Kate’s annoying friend Lolly shows up, and Mary isn’t against the idea of procreating with Tyrone but suspects she wouldn’t...


February 15, 2019 - Eggy Pie

Poor Peter will soon be returning his Captain Haddock outfit to his unintelligibly Welsh friend when the boat he’s been working on for the last few weeks turns out to be highly flammable. Irish Tina is back with a recipe for morning sickness and a plan to get herself, and an unsuspecting Tyler, into Amy’s baby’s life. Meanwhile, the show insists that we care about Clayton getting his head kicked in by a bloke covered in pen. Elsewhere, Chesney and Gemma’s pursuit of their hole runs close to...


February 8, 2019 - Shut the Front Door

If you’re one of those people who’ve been sitting at home on tenterhooks for Chesney and Gemma to finally get it on then this is the week for you. For everyone else; not so much. Brian and Cathy’s plans to eventually put in an offer on every commercial building on the street takes another step forward when the Kabin suddenly becomes up for grabs, but how will Rita, who spends all week screaming at people, feel about this development? Elsewhere, Nick and David’s sudden misogyny is only...


February 1, 2019 - Pythagoras in Clogs

It’s been a Polar Vortex week which has seen Hell freeze over and Peter get his unmentionables of off Abi, who uses him to good effect to ignore everything else crappy going on in her life at the moment. Steve and Tracy come up with a flawless plan to deal with the Amy Situation, a returning Irish Tina is, very briefly, in the market for a DNA test, and the truth is extracted from Evelyn just before she disappears on her holibobs with that guy from last week. Meanwhile, Mary, when she’s not...


January 25, 2019 - Big Ginger Stud

If there was a question on the lips of the soap-loving nation this week it was surely this: so is Bethany going out with Ryan or what? Aside from that, there was relative intrigue around the mystery father of Amy’s baby and poor Simon, despite his highly-publicized virgin status, seems the most likely candidate. In other news, after three nights on a lilo, Sarah would give her kingdom for a futon or perhaps one half of Adam’s waterbed. Meanwhile, Roy’s mum’s dead, Bertie’s bowels are better,...


January 18, 2019 - Hashtag Pray for Duncan

If we ever required proof of how small a world it’s becoming, look no further than Duncan’s dead / not really dead wife, May, who flicks the Vickies at the logistic and financial nightmare of getting from Costa Rica to Weatherfield, and turns up at Weathy General in under 24 hours. And it wasn’t even worth the complimentary peanuts. Sally has problems adjusting to life back on the street and jousts Gina with an estate agent sign, as you do. Elsewhere, there’s baby talk between Steve and...


January 11, 2019 - Footprints on Uranus

This week’s Corrie requested a lot of blind eye turning from its viewing several. Gina somehow managed to extract an international telephone number from a payphone despite there being no real means for her to do so, and then Nick deposited 30 grand cash into Underworld’s account without raising the suspicions of the bank’s Money Laundering Officer. The Chesney / Gemma storyline refuses to die no matter how gloriously delightful Emma is, Brian sets his sights low for his next job opportunity,...


January 4, 2019 - Fancy Coat and Ethics

It’s a bumper week of festive Corrie episodes to ring in the New Year. Peter and Carla team up as Scooby Doo villains to scare the bejesus out of Kirk and Dev in a story that ends up with Carla buying Peter a boat. As you do. Meanwhile, Kate and Rana cry their way back into each others’ arms, Kirky has a surplus of non-alcoholic Hungarian lager, and a chirpy stranger with a connection or two to the street shows up and gets Izzy’s wheels a-spinning. Elsewhere, Gina insults Imran’s coat and...


Common Language Sampler - New Year's Eve or Hogmanay

Hey! Give us a break! How Stuff Works pull this kind of stunt all the time! Okay, so it's not a Corrie episode -- we didn't get to recording one of those this week -- but we did do a new episode of our sister podcast, Common Language, where we take a topic and examine the similarities and differences between the US and UK. So rather than post nothing this week, here's what we have to say about New Year's Eve in the US, and Hogmanay in Scotland. We hope you enjoy, and if so, please subscribe...


December 21, 2018 - Conversational Spanish (Feliz Navidad)

Ho ho ho! Festive greetings to fellow Corrie fans and to those who can’t quite bring themselves to pull the plug on it. This week, when Rana and Kate aren’t crying, they’re about to cry. No one can think that Jenny has been handling the post-Johnny-Liz thing all that well and few could predict that the situation finds a new rock bottom. In other news, Phil literally hangs Brian out to dry but will it prove to backfire on the odious wee POS, and Seb is convinced living with him and Eileen is...


December 14, 2018, Kebab-Shop-Owning Robots

It’s a bad week for fans of alternative therapies and non-fans of vaccinations, and fans of coherent storytelling. Otherwise the Sinead and Daniel storyline didn’t really advance all that much despite the power of thievery that was going on thanks to Beth’s bright ideas. Roy seems to be the only resident capable of tracking down a missing greyhound, Archie Shuttleworth is dead for some reason, and Brian may well lose his job thanks to that wanker Phil. Elsewhere, Kate’s eyes, Michelle’s...


December 7, 2018 - Angry Badgers

Sinead finally begins to doubt the affects of a healthy diet, lots of vegetables and crossing her fingers is going to have on her cervical cancer, but has she waited too long? Meanwhile, Leanne and Toyah’s balcony has never seen so many concurrently untrousered gentleman visitors, Brian’s on the Pro Plus, and Fiz leaves for Birmingham five minutes before giving birth to a baby that her storyline would have us believe doesn’t exist. Elsewhere, Tracy’s ready to burn that stupid contract on the...