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017 – Avoca-don't Hurt Our Planet!

Did you know?? It takes 1 gallon of water to make 1 almond? 400 years for plastic to degrade? This Earth Day Dani & Katt are talking about the price we pay for some of the things we use every day...and in pop culture corner- the most bizarre contest of all time...


016 – Won't You Be My Vegan?

This week it's a round table discussion with special guest Rachael Perry about using media as an activist outlet! Dani, Katt, and Rachael discuss celebrities using the spotlight to bring awareness to animal rights, and other social justice issues. They cover everyone from Mr. Rogers to Beyonce, and everyone in-between! Special Guest: Rachael Perry.


015 – Ouch! Conflict stings!

Bee Venom Therapy...The Impossible Burger...Pre-maturely born babies...what do all of these have in common? All of them are surrounded by controversy for various reasons in the animal or human rights industries, and all of them are discussed in this episode. Sometimes even people of the 'same group' have differing opinions, and we're here to explore that with these topics. At the end you decide...where do you stand? **Warning- this episode does contain explicit talk regarding pre-maturely...


014 – Love Trumps Hate

This week Dani and Katt decided to get political and explore a lot of grey area after seeing on social media that someone can not have voted for Trump and be a vegan. It was another case for the vegan police to take away someones vegan card. But can't one separate their moral and political views in such a way that it is two different things for them? Regardless, shouldn't we set differences aside, educate, and accept people to join forces in the fight for animal rights? **Disclaimer- these...


013 – Compassion Fatigue

In this episode Dani and Katt about compassion fatigue. What is that? It’s the end result of moments, experiences- day in and day out that move us and affect us at our cores. They discuss some of the latest (and most upsetting) news stories, and when that’s over- it’s time to discuss how we all get affected by these things, and what we can do to combat it.


012 – Raise the Flag

Join us for another documentary review- this time of 'Folks Over Knives'! We also get in touch with our domestic sides and talk about a little house decoration; curtains, drapes, rugs and flags...or is there more to it than that?? Producers Note: Sorry for the late upload, technical hick-up messed up the auto-post!


011 – #rippleeffect

In this part two of our dish on dairy we're covering it all...a 'myth truths' website, some new companies making waves in the industry and one of our staple replacers who is having a real #rippleeffect on dairy (and our lives!)


010 – #milkfloods

Did you ever wonder what would happen if we didn't milk cows? We're here to tell you how one farmer thinks milk floods would be the result! Careful! (Also did you know cows would obviously take over the world if we didn't kill them for meat?!) This dairy talk followed by details of Danielle's most recent trip to NYC! Because food is life.


009 – A can of Inspiration

From a 5 course vegan dinner for Valentines Day to a trip to Austin, Texas and running errands to pick up more superhero supplies- this week we've done it all! Movies, tv commercials, and more pop culture discussion than ever before await you amidst our tales of our busy weeks- and don't forget more demands for emails! 826 NYC (


008 – It's Not So Great

Not every moment can be the positives...with the light there must always be the dark, and in this episode some of the darker main stream current topics are discussed. When everyones eyes are on the olympics- what is happening a mere 2 hours away? Those donations you gave to The HSUS and felt so good about- who are the people running the organization? Answers to these questions, and a few other topics on Episode 8.


007 – Healthy Innuendo

First and foremost we believe in taking care of yourself, because only you truly know what you need to feel good day in and day out. It's time to hit The V Spot and come join us as we discuss health and protein, throw around a few innuendos, and review 'What The Health' as we take it all in. (That's what she said)


006 – Potpourri

Bullies, food network, and odd hand gestures- what do these things all have in common? This episode of course!! We're all over the place with this one because we have a lot to say, and it appears as though it has little in common. But that's just how we roll!


005 – #20GREATteen

Welcome to 2018, or as we call it 20Great-teen! We're starting the year off with a bang by discussing our respective holiday experiences, the month of Veganuary, while touching briefly on feminism- not to mention just a bit of flirtation that comes up. Our special guest star this episode is 'the post Christmas retail plague'- featured as Katt's sniffling and coughs. #20greatteen #youremytype


004 -What’s Vegan Got to Do With It

Vegan + Non-vegan = ? On this episode you'll find our answer to the equation of relationships between vegans and non vegans, some shout outs to those allies (and just all around good people!) in our lives, some advice on general relationships, and the introduction of Porg. Side note: Go see Star Wars.


003 – You Can Sit With Us

In Episode 3 we ask the important questions...Do you have to break up with your favorite vegan brand if they're bought out by a big omni company? Is Ruffles the new enemy of tofurkey and vegans everywhere? As well as the most important question of all...where is our pumpkin pie? In the end even if you make a decision that's "against the vegan rules"- we support you! You CAN sit with us!


002 – It’s Against the Rules!

Katt and Dani discuss getting their vegan cards revoked, as well as Dani's friend card and Katt's musical card. Shaming, bullying, thrifting, cookies, bivalves, and doing what you can. Also pumpkin pie. Producer's Note: For the record it is 100% my fault this episode didn't go up on Friday. We cooked a lot of food and did a lot of stuff. I'm so sleepy. Sorry folks!


001 – Go There and Bring Food… or Not

The inaugural episode of The V Spot.


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